Receptional Methods

To follow it is presented, sucintamente, the five stages of the method of the related authors, taken here as methodology for the application of the project that if it describes. 3,1 Determination of the horizon of expectations In this first stage of the Recepcional Method it fits to the professor to determine which are horizontes of expectations of its group so that it can elaborate strategies of rupture and transformation of these horizontes. This procedure will indicate the success to be reached with this method. The professor must consider, in this stage, the values prezados for the pupils, its preferences and behaviors. this can be detected by means of informal colloquies with pupils, comment of behaviors in room and types of trick in the hour of the interval, interviews, questionnaires and others. 3,2 Attendance of the horizon of expectations Having detected the aspirations of the pupils, the professor must, then, take care of to these interests considering two important aspects: in the first o professor he must offer, to the pupils, texts that correspond to the waited one for them; in as must organize strategies of education that are of the knowledge of the pupils for, to the few, to add new elements in the developed activities.

3,3 Rupture of the horizon of expectations Duly taken care of the horizon of expectations of the group, the professor must initiate this third stage foreseen in the method. For in such a way, it must introduce texts and activities that shake the certezas and customs of the pupils, but this rupture does not have to give in all the elements of one alone time. The paper of the professor, here, is to give conditions so that the proper pupils even perceive that he has something of stranger, new, in the way proceeding in, then, known. The rupture must be given in balanced way so that the pupils do not reject the experience new.

Registry Telematic Invoices

In this first part we went into a brief definition of telematics and explain what the telematic register of documents. The second part will describe that relationship between invoice telematics and electronic signature. And in the last part we will give an example of how a company can benefit of the telematic register of bills. Telematics: A brief definition is considered that telematics is a scientific and technological discipline given that arises from the evolution and merger of Telecom with information technology. The scientific and technological field that covers the telematics is very wide, starting from the study, design, management and implementation of networks and communications, for transport services, storage and processing of any type of information, as well as the analysis and design of switching systems and technologies.

Also includes other services such as electronic commerce (e-commerce), e-learning (e-learning), or the eGovernment (or e-Government), Web, digital TV an example of specific application of telematics services are in education. Educational telematics develops the use of telematics resources for training; including interactive communication, distribution of information and the pedagogical use of services, etc. Thereafter we will concentrate on its application for the telematic register of documents and invoices. How to define the telematic register of documents? In its definition broader, the telematic register of documents allows us to transmit and record / stored on a remote server or local electronic all kinds of document versions. A good example is public administration, every day more, offers telematic registration of administrative documents in their work to the citizen. In this case, if you had to go personally to the Office before forms were filled and signed paper documents, is today accessed to specific applications on the Internet from home or the Office.

Media Recognition

The degree of legitimacy of an institution, in one determined social space, depends on the degree of this recognition. The legitimacy if of the one for the internal recognition, the members of the institution, as well as of that it not pertencem' '. Extending this reasoning, one becomes necessary to add that in search of this recognition to the institutions they appeal to the celebrity ' ' Religioso&#039 marketing; ' losing its process of secularizao, and constructing one dominant representation of the social world, many times if opposing the other dominant opinions through the medias. ' ' The proper object of the religious activity consists of prescribed the relations of the supernatural forces with homens' ' (In: MARTINO, 2003, P. 27).

The searching Luis Mauro Martino (2003), in its book ' ' Media and power simblico' ' they intitle as ' ' religion fast-food' ' the new religious profiles that are appearing; they are priests singers who celebrate ' ' showmissas' ' , evanglicos leaders who also sing and use themselves of the media for opening of other businesses, as temples, sites, reviewed etc. and thus lose the old ones estimated; as for example: ' ' The especificidade of any religious institution is the definition of what it must be understood as sacred. When the fidiciary offices are born, already they find the practical beliefs and of its religious life done (DURKHEIM, 1995 p.02). 3.Cd? s, Dvd? s and other products that they stimulate to the consumption. It has more than three centuries the capitalism comes modifying everything to our redor, and the incessant search for money comes if becoming a race without end. Modern authors as Linhares and Pereira (2006), if dirigem to the consumption as ' ' cura' ' the diverse types of presented reactions. One perceives that the consumption culture produces a vast variety of signs, images and symbols.

Rules Advanced For A Proper Brushing

Rules Advanced for a proper brushing a good tooth brushing is necessary for a proper oral health although able to carry it out is not easy. To assist in this process I propose that the following points are followed: 1st look for a manual toothbrush that is soft, separate plumes, with the tips of the strands or rounded bristles (Vitis Perio type) and renuevelo every month. 2Nd put a little toothpaste with fluoride of amines (as Elmex toothpaste toothpaste ) in general, except that your dentist in Madrid recommending any specific for you 3rd. apply the brush with the edge of the bristles facing Groove where just the gum and the teeth begin. 4Th push, with a circular or vibratory motion, enough so that they penetrate between teeth bristles and you can feel its end with the language at points where you know that there are openings (there are areas where are so closed that it is impossible, but the pressure should be similar) 5th when get this penetration, proceeds a sweeping motion away from the gums (down (in maxillary arch and upwards in the mandible) to remove plaque and food debris.

6 Th steps 3, 4 and 5 must be ordered, from left to right, tooth by tooth, without forgetting anyone, in both maxilla and mandible and exactly the same on the inside by the gumline of the palate and the gum line of the mandible in contact with the tongue. 7 There are special points to be taken into account: to) the back part of the last wheel up and down left and right. (Occasionally up is better keeping your mouth closed). (B) the posterior region of the lower (in contact with the tongue) incisors, which must seek special attention because they are frequently inaccessible to the brush in a horizontal position and needs to be then placed the brush vertically and carrying out the pressure and movements previously described in paragraphs 3, 4 and 5 using in previous sense.

Economic Development

Considering as definition of that the growth of a economy can be mensurado by the increase of some factors as force of work, national prescription saved and onslaught (capital reserve), and technological perfectioning, or of a simpler and quantitative form, for the addition of goods and services produced for a nation and divided by the total of inhabitants. On the other hand economic development has as characteristic more qualitative, therefore it is the form that the income of a nation is distributed between its inhabitants, that is, the way as the produced resources return the society are in form of basic services as health, education, job, or generating the welfare as increase of the income, reduction of the hunger, poverty, amongst other things. This is the great challenge of the capitalism, a time that I eat we can see has an enormous precipice separating growth and development and an enormous inaquality in the income distribution, therefore bigger part of the gotten resources is concentrated with few, if we divided the south world in two parts and north, the first one would be with 80% of the financial resources, being inhabited for only 20% of the total population of the planet while second she would be proportionally inverse, must stand out that in comparison the other times it had a same improvement that little significant in the distribution of income, but in comparison with the growth of the nations still is very little. We conclude that growth is something quantitative, related with the capacity of production of a nation, whereas development is something more qualitative, on to the way as the income is distributed enters the inhabitants generating welfare, however we must stand out that a nation can grow and economically not be developed, but it does not obtain to develop itself without growing evidencing the existing dependence between as and the first one..

Christian Louboutin

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