Enterprise Association

The Enterprise Association of the Hotel trade of Madrid the Vine has created a vestibule of specialized use to which companies and workers of the guest house sector can resort to interchange supplies and demands of use. The vestibule, that takes working some weeks of official form, has been to assets several months and all that one that wants can abrir a card and hang its curriculum vitae with the aim of finding a job in the sector of the Madrilenian hotel trade. In the vestibule some of the first supplies, as those of mess attendant are hung or, ordered of restaurant or director of the restaurant of a hotel. The initiative is abierta and that one can be registered all wishes that it. The industralist, according to has explained to Europe Press sources of the association, can choose the possibility by itself of managing the supplies that hang in the vestibule. Web can be acceded to this page of job created by the Vine through its page:www.hosteleriamadrid.com. In which it goes of year, a twenty of supplies of work has been published in the Web in which they have register 174 plaintiffs of Are gratuitous, preferably for unemployed and she is distributed in Buitrago de Lozoya and she begins the 13 of October. Office of use of San Sebastan of the Kings.Objectives:The accomplishment of the course allows to improve the techniques and abilities of communication and attention to the client, that are of application in the uses related to the hotel trade and the tourism.Content:1.

To apply to techniques and abilities of communication and attention to the client of use common in tourist establishments, in order to satisfy its expectations and to materialize future stays. The equipment of the School of Kitchen OF LICIUS is formed by professionals, as much of the technical scope, like of the formative one. His expanded experience in gastronomical centers of high level, it assures a high technical standard in the factories kitchen. This fact, together with the extensive formative trajectory like educational, contributes quality, proximity and an excellent pedagogical and motivating contribution in the teaching of the courses. We have been many years forming professional qualified for the every more demanding day centers the Madrid hotel trade. And, now, we overturned all that masters in our factories, with the aim of transmitting to know how/to do, besides the passion by the gastronomical world to adults and children. It provides the service of Employment agency with very excellent data of insertion, among them we emphasized: More than 1,500 supplies of use managed and a total of 236 positionings.It serves as Manager of formation of recycling and improvement for professionals of the hotel trade. In this point it is possible to emphasize that in 2011 it managed for his associate courses in collaboration with other institutions of great relevance in the sector.

Transaction Contract

The contract Once made the reserve, the following step is the transaction contract inside the terms stipulated in the Reserve. One is a document in which describes clearly the house and by means of which the salesman commits to his delivery and the buyer to pay by her a price. It is possible to be orchestrated by means of a deprived contract between the parts, that are binding and valid among them, but is recommendable that rises to public writing, that is to say that subscribes a notarial document and that register in the Registry of the Property. Notarial Scripture and registry. The formal act of the transaction is realised by means of a contract signed before Notary who denominates public writing. This writing, after eliminating the corresponding expenses and taxes takes to the Registry of the Property. To the Registry public writings and other documents of judicial or administrative character only can accede, but never a private contract.

For that reason it is important that the transaction is realised in notarial public writing. In the writing they are detailed perfectly: the situation, adjacent, bordering characteristics, spaces, surface, price, referring mode of payment and all the conditions to the possible postponements of payment and conditions, there are if them. The procedure of documents before the Notary, the corresponding payment of the taxes and expenses, as well as later the previous managements and, usually are carried out by an administrative manager whom the correct accomplishment assures and in the legal terms of all the proceedings. The original one of the deed of sale, once eliminated the expenses and registered, will be for the buyer. For the day of the company/signature of the public writing before Notary is very important that we found early contributed to the Notary’s office all the necessary documentation for the correct identification of buyer, salesman and the situation of the house to buy, for the elaboration of the public writing although some can be contributed to the same day dela company/signature. The necessary documents are: On the part of the salesman: – National Document of Identity in force – Scripture of property of the house – Certificate to be to the current in the payment of the I.B.I. – Certificate to be to the current in the payment of receipts of the community – Certificate of cancellation of the mortgage, if so. On the part of the buyer: – National Document of Identity in force – Bank check for the payment of the house and voucher of payments against the account in case of having them. Original author and source of the article.


Because the human being is a social being, to have a full life of peace and harmony, as much between the people as between the nations, he is required to maintain excellent relations between the people, since they are the people those that handle the relations between nations. When the nations maintain excellent relations, then the commerce blooms, the cooperation increases and the costs associated with the development (infrastructure investigation, development, etc.) share. This produces prosperity and peace for the inhabitants of the nations and development for the societies. In the personal field, good relations with the relatives, the partners, the fellow workers, the neighbors and all the people produce inner peace, businesses of gaining to win, growth, happiness, security, etc. Despite history sample that in the relations, even in the best ones, from time to time appears some tensions that harm these relations.

When these tensions take place is necessary to approach these subjects of very careful form, since any false step could harm, even more, the relations. The best form to improve bad relations is avoiding that these are deteriorated. That is to say, it would have to be avoided to create situations that damage the relations. If the relations already are complicated then, in the majority of the cases, the first serious step to resort to the diplomacy. An opportune word attracts and disarms any person. If it can speak, and, speaking the problem is solved, then to speak would be the solution.

Lamentably in some cases, it is not possible to speak with the other people. For being too much I inconvenience or not as much because it is impossible, but rather painful. What to do when the other person does not wish to speak, is not close for speaking or simply it is difficult to speak for whatever reason with her? Andrew Corentt says that if you wish to improve the relations with the others, it is not obligatory to speak, it is not required to demand to them or to ask to them.