Average Age

It is mesmoplausvel that to such had motivated it questions, even so has not left in seusescritos a systematic and definitive reply. This aspect of its workmanship acaboudando edge the multiple interpretations. Treating experimental science and ocapitalismo as the main axle to values of modernity, on the other hand, and rational areligio and its teodicias as the valorativa matrix of ‘ ‘ Mdia age; ‘ of ‘ ‘ tradio’ ‘ interpretation, had read Weber understanding that, for it, in this direction, had a profundaoposio, typical of the Iluminismo, between faith and reason; epgonos of one outracorrente, more recently, maneiraessencialmente interpret the workmanship of Weber of a distinct e, at least, not less reasonable. Although partidrioinequvoco of science, for such chain the workmanship of Weber does not establish absolute umaoposio between the religious rationalism and the scientific rationalism, but, very differently, admits a scale of gradual differentiation of umapara the other. is therefore that, the spite of its partidarismo in favorda science, Weber felt safe to affirm that ' ' but one delgadssimo fiode hair separates faith of cincia' '.

For the eyes of this chain, if cinciamoderna the service of the capitalism and the same capitalism celebrate both the vitriado scientific rationalism on the religious rationalism, this do not make deambos an opposition. One is not the opposite of the other. The workmanship of today seno in a period subsequent to modernity, pelomenos in one more ripened reflexivamente in relation to its problemascentrais -, abstracting from all shout and order of war against the Average Age, without the subtility of this revenge that if express in ‘ ‘ castigos’ ‘ existence queterminou left; of our time, for our time, it does not matter to proclaim to ereafirmar the modern newness on the medieval caducity: it imports maisreavaliar and to look for with suspicion in the modern if not fomosenganados the beddings of, to look for what in them still it persists of old, of medieval, detradicional, and same what only thanks to this it can blossom.