Mass Communication Skills

Positivism saw in the cinema for a neutral tool, able to capture and present reality, as it was, so the film was seen as a tool to transform education and science. Educate and entertain the same way, the cinema was used by politicians of various streams to be propaganda and face his enemies. The town, meanwhile, made a fun movie. The same had the opportunity to attend a function he could pay the high price of luxury rooms, such as those for a few coins saw the movie with the opposite signs, since the screen was used by both sides. But in Mexico the development of the film industry was slower compared with other countries in the capital and in many other cities in the cinema is an important place in life of society. The film was incorporated into the daily life of Mexicans, becoming a must, through education, source of anecdotes and conversation with family and friends. Cinema During the Mexican Revolution Since its inception, cinema became an important means of communication because it meets at the same time a large number of people.

This quality has served to also be recognized as a valuable propaganda tool. Mirror Reality In 1896 the film made its debut in Mexico and immediately became popular, as was accepted by the general himself Porfirio Diaz. The views, as it was to take a few minutes showing everyday life. Objectivity and mass communication skills of film were immediately exploited by politicians as a means of propaganda, according to their interests.