Brain Function

Even our brain is also involved in polarity with two hemispheres with different abilities (logic and analog). It also performed the synthesis of polarity in the drive through the corpus callosum that connects the two hemispheres and integrates (by the way that women have more developed corpus callosum). Having explained this, we can better understand the concept of “shadow” Everything that exists in the Totality is the archetypal principles and these are manifested in multiple ways (for example the principle of multiplication is expressed as 2 * 3,5 * 8, etc. …). The outside world is composed of the same archetypal principles that our inner world (microcosm = macrocosm), because we are all one with the totality. Our conscience when you create an identity for all archetypes choose the pole that values as good, and the pole considered evil is banished to the outside and the shadow of oneself.

The shadow is the sum of all facets of reality that the individual does not recognize itself and ruled “(Jung). But he is wrong because although the decline and his conscience will not see it, is in it, in a region of self it (in the “shadow” of his consciousness). By projecting each time rejected is that part of reality, (which is also in its shadow) it will trigger a panic reaction and repudiation. Ebay has many thoughts on the issue. That is, casts a shadow on the outside. The environment serves as a mirror to see what we can not see us. So interesting fields to work for the individual, are those who divorces because misses in his conscience and to be complete it needs to take. We believe that the world is well and good you have to banish the shadow, but it is just the opposite: the shadow contains what we need for our inner world is holy and good, in order to satisfy the principle of Unity in Polarity. And here we enter the concept of symptom.

When the individual refuses to take his conscience first, by the Law of polarity, this principle is introduced into the body through a symptom of disease because it must come in, and if it can do for awareness will in the body. Actually, the symptom is the translator body of missing the patient in his soul to be complete. It is the shadow materialized and visible through the body. He is the translator of our shadow that forces us to assume consciously rejected the principle and thus returns us our balance. This translator of principles calls our attention to those that exist in latent in us but for the obligation to decide the polarity we have not done in acts concretos.Es a translator that part of us that we have disposed of polarity consciousness. For the human being is where it always was: in the unit, you must first descend to the polarity of the material world. The solution is to go beyond the polarity, the poles unite, reconcile opposites, but the art gets only one who has seen, felt in the flesh and suffered each one of them. The translation is done in different ways.