The Wheel Competition

The magazine "The Wheel", at the initiative of the edge of Ear Altynova Ivan, dared to step brash – to repeat, and possibly make an annual, patriotic contest, "Our cause is just. The enemy will be defeated. Victory will be ours. "The very idea of competition appeared in our minds long before the events in South Ossetia. But they only confirmed our hopes for the competition.

In 2008, thanks to our prize winners: Farid Gareyev, Alexei Ivakina, Alevtina Nemerovoy, our readers have seen very good things. This year, we will not allocate space among our winners, and let them call themselves – to introduce three equal prizes of 1000 rubles – "For an invaluable contribution to Russian literature." The magazine "The Wheel" announces 24 August 2009 – the opening day of competition, "Our cause is just. The enemy will be defeated. Victory will be ours. "- 2009 The purpose of the competition – to wake, to implant and to glorify the great sense of patriotism, to honor the memory of all those who gave their lives for Homeland.

Conditions of the competition – take all literary works, in whom there is a spirit of patriotism. Sent work, satisfying the conditions of competition are published on the journal's website as they become available. Work accepted 24 August 2009 to December 31, 2009 at marked "Our cause is just." Prizes will be sent on "Information for Authors – royalties". List of works submitted for the competition (on 5/9/09) "Our cause is just. Enemy will be broken. Victory will be ours. "- 2009 Rasul Yagudin /" My name is Jack … "- the story Andrey Efremov /" needs "- the story Andrey Efremov /" Cop partisan "- a story Yuri Panchenko / A" pure heart "- the story, Yuri Panchenko /" When we became generals "- the story Vitaliy Molchanov Mitrofanovich /" Where the forest … "- Alexey Somov poem / Two poems from the series" Once upon a Frankenstein, "Alexey Somov /" Flashbacks Private Lazarev "- an essay Alexander Baltin /" K 60th Anniversary of Victory "- a poem Boris Nikitenko /" special detachment "- the story Leonid L. Shimko /" RUSSIA "- a poem Tatiana Belova /" Where the impotence of the gods weep … "- a poem Shnyakin Tatiana /" It's is and it was "- the story Rodion Heather /" Muscovite "- Vladimir Morgan story /" Surrender, Rus! "- All the best story, editors of" The Wheel "