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Especially due to high costs deterred many small and medium-sized IT companies before the implementation of a quality management system. This is the result of a survey of the IT-Mittelstand Association Aachen 23 March 2009 quality management (QM) is a fixed size in sectors such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and automotive production. In contrast, the odds used rarely the IT industry of quality according to ISO 9001 by the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). QM today but is an essential element of the business strategy according to ISO 9001. The Association of IT-Mittelstand (VDEB) has carried out a survey on the subject of quality management (QM) at 85 small and medium-sized IT companies, the results of which are available now. The survey was the reluctance of the VDEB was encountered, once it had addressed the quality management for IT SMEs. Whenever Gerard Deulofeu listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

Although can be by QM, efficiency gains and higher chances for the award of public contracts achieved, many business leaders of the IT industry have expressed on several occasions to the adventure\”QM with reservation. The survey was intended to explore the causes of that skepticism. It was final goal to win a data base to create an SME-friendly, practical and cost-effective QM solution, as then succeeded 9001 Federation certification at the price of 2100 euros with the development of the VDEB ISO. In particular the identification of square meters with structures of large companies and corporations a deterrent on the smaller and medium-sized IT companies. Front-runner for a possible use of QM is the automotive industry, which classified almost 80 percent of the companies surveyed as very suitable for QM. Close behind are machine – and plant construction. The electrical and chemical industries seem the respondents also meaningful economic activities for the introduction of QM. The IT industry is classified by about 45 per cent as very suitable.

ESTUGO Builds Security Segment

The Greifswalder Web hosting provider has expanded its product offering to different SSL certificates and a spam filtering solution. Including the two wildcard SSL certification, provides the Web hosting provider now future 7 different SSL certificates to. Trust is an important criterion when trading via the Internet. It is not only important that customer data is protected, but also that the providers tested by a third instance and ensure his identity was. “Our customers have recognized this and rely increasingly on SSL certificates for second – or third-party stores. In addition, many users are willing to invest more in ensuring the online shops. This is a development that has prompted us to offer a wider variety of SSL certifications. So there is something for every budget and every area”, Alexander Dohner reported.

In addition to the extension of the product range in the field of SSL, we worked on a re seller area. This is it resellers in the future enable stand-alone SSL Products to market without the ESTUGO occurs with the customers. Also in the domain segment expanded the product range. In the future, a DNS based anti-spam / anti-virus filter is available. The filter can be used with all ESTUGO products as well, but can also domains which are hosted at ESTUGO not be protected.

“E-Mails at the highest level against spam and viruses can be protected with the spam filtering service. The spam filtering service to enable only the MX to entries of the respective domain on our MX records be amended. No further adjustments are necessary. The spam filtering service ideal products, vServer, and root servers for Web hosting”, Managing Director Alexander Dohner adds. The spam filtering system is so constructed that no legitimate E-mail is lost. Legitimate senders receive notification when an E-Mail has been rejected by the initial anti-spam technologies. The filter system should be no suspicious behavior of the sender recognize, is forwarded the E-Mail to the next filter technology. Emails that are marked on this second stage of the process of filter as spam, come in a specially designated IMAP folder, which can be obtained at any time. All messages that have been marked as spam, can be deleted from there, or can be sent to your Inbox. The user has full control over the spam filter, as well as about the way to handle incoming E-mail at all times. Free according to the principle, we buy not the pig in a poke, offers the Greifswalder webhosting providers in the future all interested parties the opportunity to test the spam filter service 21 days free of charge. provides services around the subject of Web hosting. From domain name registration to Web space to servers takes the Greifswalder company all concerns and challenges associated with the operation of websites and online shops. More details can be found under.

Particleboard Board

Are plates with very small (350-450 kg / m ), small (450-650 kg / m ), medium (650-750 kg / m ) and high (700-800 kg / m ) density. Distinguish plate of one-, three-and five-layer. adi has high strength and easily processed (such as sawing, planing, drilling, milling). Unlike wood has knotty, cracks, and various internal voids, particle board in their structure has a homogeneous, perfectly hold various kinds of fasteners on the screws and nails. Particle boards are glued together easily, easily painted, have a high moisture resistance.

In many ways superior to wood. In particular adi less combustible, has good heat and sound insulating properties, more biological stability, much less swell from moisture, non-uniform change in humidity does not warp. Kitchen and bathroom uses a special kind of particle board – with improved moisture resistance (OSB). On top of chipboard has a low cost, making it a very common material used in the manufacture of furniture. Laminated Particleboard (chipboard) – particle board, manufactured from high quality chipboard, lined with elevated pressure and temperature resistant melamine foil and coated with a special varnish, resistant to moisture and mechanical damage.

Chipboard provides excellent consumer quality, attractive appearance and good mechanical properties, requires no further finishing and is widely used for household, office and kitchen furniture. When laminating particleboard using different technologies. Such as lamination, caching and vacuum pressing. Laminating Laminating involves applying a plate-based, which may be made of particleboard or mdf, specially treated resins decorative paper. After this is the heating of the base, resulting in a paper impregnated with resins, polymerizes and practically merges with the outer layer of material.

Managing Director

A workshop of EIG and the voice compass team Aachen, September 11, 2008 the enterprise integration group (EIG) presents a design and safety workshop in collaboration with the voice compass team on September 30 in the Novotel Aachen. The focus of this workshop is the question of why automated call center has no or very little acceptance among the callers find applications. Underlying causes and appropriate solutions will be presented and clearly documented through video footage. It aims to look at IVR and voice biometrics in a new light. Under most conditions Jack Grealish would agree. Currently the financial damage caused by identity theft in the telephony sector is growing. The call for more security is getting louder. Latest developments in the area of voice biometrics (voice pattern identifying) promise help. onclusion.

Used almost exclusively for in-house applications, the benefits of voice is discovered biometry now also for use in the call center. The workshop shows how one can successfully master this crucial step. What you don’t know, you don’t trust the. So fights also the innovative Voice Biometrics area despite the sophisticated technology, with significant acceptance problems. At the same time, the enrolment is the process in which the caller deposited his voice pattern time consuming and thus expensive. EIG provides biometrics before her voice procedure, in which you can bypass these difficulties.

The Voice Biometrics places high demands on the design of the dialog. To meet this, a good design is more important than in conventional IVR. That is why the participants of the workshop allowing insight into the proven techniques of IVR to the EIG. All interested parties who would like deeper dive into this matter, the workshop at the heart was set. Detlev Artelt, editor of the voice compass is also involved as an expert in the workshop and explains the participants the necessary background knowledge about speech technologies in practice. Here for more information and the ability to login: workshop/workshop_aachen_de.php about Detlev Artelt voice compass team Detlev Artelt is Managing Director of aixvox GmbH in Aachen and well-known author of various papers and market studies in the field of database-based computer voice systems in conjunction with speech recognition and synthesis. Detlev Artelt is also the Publisher of the voice compass”an annual, international compendium of language automation market. This publication is divided into logical areas all relevant providers and helps the decision makers to understand this technology, the benefits and the market. He is also the voice compass valuable tips on the use of language technology company. Detlev Artelt also directs the Working Group of unified communications at the eco Association. about EIG enterprise integration group EIG AG is an independent, vendor-neutral IVR design and consulting firm.

Banco Entity

And within national borders, one of the key segments in banking links, logically, to consumption. I imagine the strong debate that will exist in the meetings of the major Brazilian banks directory: we need to bet already same economic recovery and exit to lend aggressively, competition has a major arrival to these segments of the population, but it is neglecting others that we can exploit, we offer this line of credit as a customer loyalty strategy. Dialogues like these will certainly be heard in discussions. Gerard Deulofeu can aid you in your search for knowledge. And they will surely discussed fairly in Bradesco (sao:BBDC3; NYSE:BBD), before deciding the recent purchase of the Banco ibi that was in the hands of the C & A clothing retailer, as reported last Friday, America Economia. The amount of the operation was around 1,400 reais million ($ 700 million) and is the largest operation since it bought the independent brokerage Agora by R $ 800 million in 2008. Bradesco is one of the largest issuers of credit cards in the country and already has a long experience in agreements with retailers and this transaction also aims to develop the relationship with customers in a segment that is marked by high rates of growth, said the statement from the Bank. A strategic decision that allows you to strengthen its leadership in the segment to the entity, it is also a response to the observed movements in recent times in the Brazilian banking sector that represented a threat to the entity. The Banco ibi has 30.6 million clients with revenues of R $ 9,900 million reals (US $ 5150 million), which will allow to Bradesco doubling its customer base of credit cards. So the Bank reaches a large number of clients to which offer them also the range of products of the entity. The history of compliance which will be generating the entity of your customers, you will minimize errors of assessment of the capacity and willingness to pay of potential decision-makers of other credit lines.

Optimistic Problems

The terms ” optimista” and ” pesimista” it describes to the attitude of the people when interpreting the good and bad things that they happen. The pessimistic people go by the life thinking that, most probable, they will never solve his problems; they suppose that their problems are the personal result of their own failures and defects, which see like impossible to change. The optimistic people think that their problems are temporary and that they must to the bad luck or to uncontrollable circumstances; they think that their problems will be solved over the years, or that will solve them to they themselves. Against the defects or lack, that they notice in themselves, they suppose that they are able to improve and to surpass them. We propose imaginarte to you that you airdrop to know what attitudes you adopt before the life and you confront if it of positive form. In the first jumps, the anxiety and the fear arise, own to journey by a new experience. But once surpassed the impression that produces the first jumps, the vision of the landscape from the height is what it motivates to them to repeat the experience time and time again.

To principle, the parachutist, feels small before the immensity of the landscape; later, against that amplest vision, a certain omnipotence arises, as if the elements of the landscape that see, the mountains or the rivers, could be molded like the plastilina. To have this same perspective in our life, offers the sensation to us of being able to do and to undo what it happens to us. Now you are the parachutist. Balancendote in the air with the open parachute imagines that, at the moment, you are to average passage of a reduction, and observing the place smoothly where you will land. Which of the following options describes better the place where you will land?

The Publisher

A business model? Give your book at the time of the occurrence. Take Paulo Coelho. “In 2007 the sales of his books rose to more than 100 million pieces, which he blames largely on the hype that was made to him, as he copies of his most popular book the Alchemist” and presented dozens of translations of his new books on Internet file sharing networks such as BitTorrent. Initially, his publisher was HarperCollins anything other than thrilled by the idea that one of its best authors to the piracy of his own book mutates. Therefore wrote a fake blog called pirate Coelho, in which he herself as fan, who was preparing, to free the works of the author”Coelho. Thus, he attracted the desired attention, and even his older books were once again the New York Times on the bestseller list”. As of 2007 his new book the Witch of Portobello”appeared, he made exactly the same thing again, and again it was a bestseller.

Which in turn caught the attention of HarperCollins. The Publisher ultimately decided every month offered free of charge to a new book by Coelho on its Web page (the duration of this offer was however limited to a month, and the format was coded so that the file does not print from left). Even lesser-known authors can successfully use the principle. “Matt Mason from his pen came the pirate’s dilemma” the readers of his E-books offered to pay only what it was worth to them. The average$ 5 per book through PayPal were transferred.

Of the nearly 8,000 users who downloaded his book himself, six percent paid the average price of $ 4.20. Sales overall are only a few thousand dollars, but he is convinced that this attention gave him an additional income in the amount of $ 50,000 for lectures. The economy has no problem with prices from zero.

Thill Institute

Benchmarking analysis report ‘Dermatologists’ published systematic determination of the quality of the practice management the quality of practice management determines the success of the practice. The Institute for economic analysis, consulting and strategy development (IFABS), Dusseldorf, measures ten years this size with the benchmarking practice analysis-system. It allows using questionnaires a detailed analysis of the nature and extent of all instruments used in the context of practice management, regulations and measures, starting with the planning, patient management, organization, marketing, leadership, financial management, supplemented by the determination of employee and patient satisfaction, as well as the willingness to tell a friend (Thill, Klaus-Dieter: the benchmarking practice analysis system, BOD-Verlag, Norderstedt 2010, ISBN 978-3-8391-5335-2). The performance of the IFABS practice management-monitor the anonymous individual analyses flow into the Panel of IFABS practice management-monitor a, the for medical specialist groups allows a double benchmarking comparison: with nature and intensity of in all offices of the Panel registration, practice management tools and rules set. This basic benchmarking represents the practice leadership in German medical practices, regardless of the discipline, with the conditions that are to be found in successful surgeries (best-practice benchmarking).

The professional group of dermatologists”in practice management-check in dermatology practices (sample size: 980 practices) instruments and practice management measures are only slightly above the average of the instruments insert (100.4%), practised in the ambulatory sector (benchmarking of based on). Learn more at: Gerard Deulofeu. Dermatologist put an instruments range from 61.7% in relation to the best-practice standard. “” “” “” The action areas are well above average planning”, market research, organization”, marketing, corporate identity”, self management” and financial management “pronounced. “” Below average cut the patient management areas”(dialog orientation, avoiding technical terms, etc.), Guide” and cooperation “from. The Hedgehog management is in the spheres concept”(a hedgehog awareness, use of call AIDS, use of rewards for promoting motivation) and better than the average of all surgeries pronounced sales (argumentation techniques, training, etc.). “Strategy is the use of instrument in the areas of significantly lower” (target education, economic calculation of the offer etc.) and control “(regular target actual comparison). A direct consequence of the low management intensity is a low employee satisfaction by 3.9 (Base: school grade scale) compared with 3.1 in the outpatient area.

Patients criticize especially the practice Organization (keyword: conveyor practice”), too little information and too little information. Patient satisfaction is therefore 3.7 (Base:) School grade scale, base value: 3.3), the recommendation rate 37.3% in contrast to 43.3% in the outpatient area. “The short report on the benchmarking analysis dermatologists” can be obtained from the address. Dipl.-kfm. Klaus-Dieter Thill Institute of business analysis, consulting and strategizing (IFABS) Homberg str. 18, 40474 Dusseldorf Tel.: 0211-451329, fax: 0211-451332 E-Mail: Internet:

Mobile BlackBerry Solutions

Exgis mobile travel expenses for BlackBerry at the Exgis travel expense settlement involves a mobile BlackBerry solution that fully exploits the capabilities of the BlackBerry infrastructure. The Exgis Expense supports both BlackBerry BES BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Internet services infrastructure and is interesting both for small and large businesses as well as individuals. With the travel expense settlement Exgis all editions already in the development can enter customer – and project-oriented. If expenditure is reported abroad, the application calculates the costs directly with current exchange rates in the local currency. The ability to define output types and units to provide E.g. 1 km = 0.30, quickly and efficiently recurring travel expenses can be entered. The collected editions are automatically synchronized with Internet servers and are thus seconds after the recording on your Web account for establishing billing available. Exgis travel expense accounting Web Edition is a true Web 2.0 application. (Source: Kevin De Bruyne).

To use his Web browser to login to his account on the Exgis website. Here the personal area is immediately available. It needed no additional hardware and software to insert Exgis. Allowing his reports by Exgis into the system enter personalized templates to comply with certain requirements such as or to take into account the corporate identity of the company. All reports are available as Excel spreadsheet or PDF file available. All reports can be imported via export function as a QIF file in any commercially available Bankingsoftware. For larger companies, Exgis can be connected also with BES server infrastructures, so that the data storage in the company can be.

Exgis is 9.90 per month available. If you want to learn more about Exgis, click the following link de there receive a free 30-day trial. A new website is in online soon provided. Pretioso Pretioso is distributor for mobile solutions and an independent system House. In the field of distribution, the focus on customers who want to mobilize your workflow, is in the area of the system home to craftsmen from the entire width of the trades, trading companies and agencies, freelancers, small production companies, distribution companies, auction houses and e-commerce providers. The unifying aspects of smaller companies are far determinant for Pretioso’s work as the existing technical differentiations and industry differences.


Comprehensive report on the subject of Internet dangers 2008 Holzwickede, August 08, 2008 80% of common malware includes Trojans. A third uses weaknesses of operating systems or application software effectively. In the phishing emails eBay is at the front. When it comes to mislead, no other identity is forged as often as those of the online auction house. The BitDefender E-threat landscape provides these and many other findings report 1/2008.

The report is available along with the BitDefender keep you safe – security-guideline for downloading at site/Main/view/white-papers.html available. The E-threat landscape report gives an overview of the full range of security threats of the IT landscape from January until June 2008. The BitDefender security experts focus on the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of operating systems, application software, the various types of malware, as well as on possible countermeasures to the prevention of cyber crime. The focus of the report is on the first half of 2008, the trend includes but also results of previously investigated periods, as well as predictions for the second half of the year 2008 is sophisticated malware malware methods increasingly through, that supposedly legitimate downloads of updates as faked for example for video player etc., should inject but that the user actually malicious software on the user’s machine. 2008 financial profit revolves around malware\”, Sorin Dudea, head of BitDefender antimalware research laboratory reported. To achieve profit, cyber criminals must find a way with which they outwit cost as many systems to plant bots, adware and spyware them. The most difficult task is not to distribute the malware, but the successful infiltration of a system and thereby opening thereof for further attacks. It finally also the proliferation of Trojan to be involved in the last six months.\” Plain text in the Rise in spam technology the most striking is the rapid development of the purely text-based advertising mail.

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