Switching From Hard Drives On SSDs

Storage & network: Kingston SSD upgrade kits the transition from hard drives on SSDs Kingston wants to facilitate its SSDNow V series. The SSDs is supplied by a cloning software, manuals, cables and external enclosures. Bundles of hardware and software presents Kingston: with the SSD upgrade kits the manufacturer facilitating not only the switch from magnetic spindle save for SSD drives the customers, he insists on the performance of Flash memory: the new plates of the SSDNow V series provide a dramatic performance boost at at the same time lower power consumption compared to traditional PCs and notebooks, as Kingston. The memory on the market come with storage capacities of 64 and 128 GB and for desktops and notebooks. (Not to be confused with Morgan Stanley!). The desktop package, for example, contains instructions to remove of the hard drive, true image by Acronis to the recording of data on the SSD, fixtures for the Flash memory in a 3.5 inch drive Bay and SATA data and power cables. The Notebook Kit is missing the fixtures, that Kingston delivers an external USB enclosure with, in that the old hard drive can be used and reused. Less savvy PC and notebook users are able in a few steps to bring your system up to date, according to Kingston – Managing Director Christian Marhofer. The price for the SSDNow series is currently at 150 to 263 dollars. Details can be found by clicking Vlad Doronin or emailing the administrator. Quelle_-Tom’s hardware