In his hands he had tight something that couldn’t recognize. They seemed like thermometers.- but, that would make Sophie with a few few thermometers in your hand?-. Sophie showed him his closed fists that hugged the four pregnancy kits. -That you are not able to guess what this is? had told him with a special smile. Pete saw the eyes of Sophie had a special glow. Was so long that I didn’t see that shine that both the He had characterized in his childhood and adolescence! -No – replied Pete – I have no idea. What is it? Thermometers – they seem.

Slowly, Sophie opened fists and laid bare the 4 positive kits that Pete was immediately recognized. -Sophie, said you no me…say that-… -If – Sophie replied. -The highly improbable has become an absolute reality. I’m pregnant-.

Pete hugged her more tenderly if that was possible, than usual. He kissed her repeatedly. Sophie responded to his caresses as he had not ever made. At that moment he knew that she was in love with Pete, and that his blindness had not allowed him to realize, until that moment, that by magic, had achieved that she should take conscience of that love. -Miracles happen daily – he said Sophie-only that human beings do not know see them because we consider it normal, but every birth is a miracle and this pregnancy is nothing more than one of them. They threw over the carpet and made love until exhaustion. Pete did not return to the Office that day neither nor responded to calls that repeatedly had made him his Secretary. -If you thought Sophie my life is now complete-. But the life that never stops, never stops moving the pieces of the puzzle to your own liking.