Rules Advanced For A Proper Brushing

Rules Advanced for a proper brushing a good tooth brushing is necessary for a proper oral health although able to carry it out is not easy. To assist in this process I propose that the following points are followed: 1st look for a manual toothbrush that is soft, separate plumes, with the tips of the strands or rounded bristles (Vitis Perio type) and renuevelo every month. 2Nd put a little toothpaste with fluoride of amines (as Elmex toothpaste toothpaste ) in general, except that your dentist in Madrid recommending any specific for you 3rd. apply the brush with the edge of the bristles facing Groove where just the gum and the teeth begin. 4Th push, with a circular or vibratory motion, enough so that they penetrate between teeth bristles and you can feel its end with the language at points where you know that there are openings (there are areas where are so closed that it is impossible, but the pressure should be similar) 5th when get this penetration, proceeds a sweeping motion away from the gums (down (in maxillary arch and upwards in the mandible) to remove plaque and food debris.

6 Th steps 3, 4 and 5 must be ordered, from left to right, tooth by tooth, without forgetting anyone, in both maxilla and mandible and exactly the same on the inside by the gumline of the palate and the gum line of the mandible in contact with the tongue. 7 There are special points to be taken into account: to) the back part of the last wheel up and down left and right. (Occasionally up is better keeping your mouth closed). (B) the posterior region of the lower (in contact with the tongue) incisors, which must seek special attention because they are frequently inaccessible to the brush in a horizontal position and needs to be then placed the brush vertically and carrying out the pressure and movements previously described in paragraphs 3, 4 and 5 using in previous sense.

Social Networks

I always say that companies and brands, especially those recognised, are on social networks. It is not possible to choose not be, simply you are in social networks, users and Internet users say about you, your actions and your products. So for all those entrepreneurs who still have doubts about whether to be or not be, plantead them they are doing the wrong question. Marks are on the internet want to or not the direction of the company. I mention this because as marketing agency online that we are we are with this type of approaches every day in many companies. I always say that the question should make all marketiniano and the managers of these companies is we will have a proactive policy of the management of our brand on the internet or leave it fallow? And this is thus not not we engallemos us. Another common point, and by which contact me today asking me a company web design in Vigo is how they could manage for some customers comments negative that there are in social networks.

Well, this is a interesting point and I think that many of us know cases of bad management. I would give two tips, the first is that if it’s a troll, from someone who simply wants to touch brand, the best thing you can do to delete those comments. Now, if it’s a reasoned complaint must see it as an opportunity for improvement and learning for enterprise (this is another thing that social networks are worth). In this sense I think that the best thing is always a few public apologies, and from there we have two alternatives, the first contact with him in private and the second is a semi-public debate where we discuss the aspect in question. He opt for an alternative or another will largely depend on the possibilities of game than the topic. In any case, if this process is quite likely a loyalty customer and positive comments by the same and the community. I hope they serve you these tips