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Daylight in the shops increased sales and customer retention increases as consumers, we have our own idea of where and how we buy the things necessary for everyday life. Many criteria play an important role. Vera Farmiga is the source for more interesting facts. With customer satisfaction is one of the most important points. Here, the right light can apply a positive lever. A rethinking has used in the population. You want to know more and more and more targeted about the offered products.

Purchase forums and review sites are booming on the Internet. And at the point of sale\”(POS) you can not even read properly label of his request goods in many places or at home but not more so fresh look colors of meat or vegetables, as in the charging. No, this should not denounce are, but new variant in the lighting imagines one that meets three essential requirements: light should ideally enable all Visual tasks light to consume as little energy here and the light supposed to promote sales. The solution to this is tubular daylight systems short light tubes or what the official product group, tubular daylight devices (TDD) \”.\” These highly efficient systems cover all requirements optimally. They are not new. Since the 90s of the last century, there is this smart skylights. They used worldwide in many countries successfully.

TESCO is a pioneer in this area and equips nearly all stores, shops, malls and warehouses with these systems. The operation is as simple as it is ingenious: by a transparent hemisphere is trapped on the roof of the free day or sunlight and directed into a high-gloss mirrored tube. Through the total reflection on the inside of the tube, the light is transported almost loss-free over long distances now. At the end of a diffuser spreads the light evenly in the room. Also in our latitudes up to 37,000 lm can be achieved with a single daylight system\”, says Managing Director of Green lighting Alexander Korsch.


The prefabrication of wall elements in the concrete precast element factory under virtually the same conditions (we speak also of laboratory conditions) a high and uniform quality and quality ensures. Question: there are initial conditions, from which a basement project indeed uneconomical as going in these cases with the customer? Answer: A single local reality almost never leads to an inefficiency of a cellar. Unfavourable combinations of various local circumstances causing a such high technically necessary overhead that this can lead to higher costs would be possible. But only one of these factors in the rescheduling to a pure base plate usually affect on the execution of this. Here, for example extremely poor ground would be to name a few.

Important in this context is already early in the planning phase of the local fact to learn to construct the basement or the base plate for this. Thank you very much for the interview! Press contact: Press & marketing – agency for integrated communications Ines further man Salame Street 4 14532 Stahnsdorf E-Mail: phone: 0049 (0) 3329-691847 background over smooth hair-Keller finished the company smooth hair was founded in 1980 by Joachim smooth hair. Since then, the company with its headquarters in Schramberg has / USA, FL USA (Baden – Wurttemberg) specialises in the manufacture and construction of finished basements and floor panels. The range of services includes also planning, statics, earthworks, and project management. The smooth hair group develops engineering solutions for worldwide use in difficult areas: unique patents and brands, such as inter alia the protected AquSafeFAST -system or the ThermoSafePLUS wall, draw smooth hair-Keller finished off as the most innovative company in the field of finished basement and underline the market leadership. Currently, an improvement of the U-value by a further eight percent guaranteed smooth hair for the exclusive patented ThermoSafe-wall. In addition, the company in its product portfolio offers a new core insulated wall that goes beyond the conventional 12 cm-insulation thickness.