Ryazan Estate Agency

Take a sheet of A4 divide it into two parts. On the left write down absolutely critical moments, and the right of those moments that you would like to see in the acquired facility as additional. Once this work will be done, we must have access to certain database objects on the proposal. Ivan tavrin has much experience in this field. This, of course, the Internet. On any site of any of the Ryazan estate agency (all major agencies that there really is) has a base with a very convenient search criteria.

Highly often there is a small and local agencies. Plus, we will definitely use in the large, major newspapers in a series of "hands" directories "and real estate prices," but do not forget about the local newspapers. To begin with we look at all these resources and note does not ring, but simply to note or write down the potentially interested us options that meet all critical requirements for us. As you can see, at this stage assist the realtor us, in principle, absolutely unnecessarily. The only thing that, as with any decision of any matter that requires your time.

The choice, as always, for you, you can attract a man who for a certain amount of money will perform technical functions of "sifting" of information, but can do it yourself. From personal experience I can say that the search of potential options is interesting enough and the right approach does not take much time. You will need half the day off to work out the first time all the options that have piled up to the moment you started to address their housing problems.


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Insurance Regulation

Auto insurance is one of the most promising areas of business in Russia. Every second owner applies for foreign cars costing policy hull. There is a huge kolichstvo company offers insurance products. Each product consists of: 1. Policy (contract form) 2. Receipt (form A7) 3. Rules of voluntary (comprehensive) insurance stredstv ground transportation. Dankse Bank is open to suggestions.

4. Certificate of inspection of the vehicle. At the conclusion of insurance contract should be paying attention to correctly filling agent of the policy, the receipt. But equal attention should be given to 'the rules of insurance', because This 'book') is crucial in the interaction the insured (customer) and an insurer (insurance company). In any insurance policy the insurance company has a link to these rules. Each company has insurance rules 'his'.

I borrowed an insurance contract and Ingosstrakh try to show in this example that the same should be addressed. To analyze the structure of the beginning of this book. (It is similar in many companies) 1.Obekty insurance 2.Strahovye risks, insurance claims, from 3.Isklyucheniya insurance coverage; 4.Poryadok determining the sum insured; 5.Dogovor insurance 6.Prava and obligations of the parties; 7.Vzaimotnosheniya parties when the insured event; 8. Documents required for insurance payments; 9.Poryadok determine the amount of loss and insurance payments; 10.Dvoynoe insurance; 11.Perehod the insurer of the claim of the insured for damages; 12.Poryadok Disputes. I will try to to explain why it is necessary to read this book: For example, paragraph 2, will give you a full list of events, upon the occurrence of which the insurer agrees to reimburse you for damage. Third paragraph will tell you at those events, upon the occurrence of which, You will be pointless to apply to the company. Second paragraph contains a timeline for handling your insurance company about the possibility of applying for insurance events without certificates from the competent restrictions on the events (eg loss of a key) that can be killed for a change in the insurance contract. Knowing the eighth paragraph, you will be able to provide all documents nobhodimye trahovuyu company and not to delay payment. This article was reviewed kratenkim insurance rules. Its purpose was to draw your attention in the insurance contract. About 35% of insurers do not get their money from non-compliance with insurance regulations, which they have not read.

Traders Management

Trading strategy the trader in the historical period showed the largest drawdown of 10%. The trader has made a deposit in $ 10 000, and obtains control of up to $ 100,000, that is just enough to have enough equity trader at maximizing the statistical probability of the drawdown. Assume that the drawdown of 8%, that is, the trader had lost own money $ 8000. An investor in this case did not lose a penny. With further trade trader played a profit and loss. That is, returned his $ 8000, plus earned a certain sum in excess of authorized capital in the management investor. Thus the investor funds are insured, and of course in this case, the maximum drawdown on the account of the investor is limited to 10%. 4.

Form of insurance can also serve as a so-called 'loss limit. " If the trader does not has its own funds, or they are not sufficient to ensure the loss of big capital investor, but the trader is popular among investors (eg, due to the high-yield), the notion – the limit losses. That is because the trader does not have its own funds, but quite promising, the investor accepts the risk, the size of which is determined by the investor or trader, based on the trader's trading strategy. Warranty management company in this case are as follows – a trading account will be blocked after reaching the set limit losses. More than the investor considers acceptable, he will not lose. In addition to insurance of financial risks desirable that the management company has provided its report to the investor, confirming previous successes, this report may constitute Steytment certified brokeromili independent auditorami.Tak same well, if you can get acquainted with Steytment, Traders, who are expected to manage investor's funds. Not be amiss, ask where the management company is registered as a legal person would know that under the laws of any country, governed by its activities, and how would not have had an investor to go to the Cayman Islands or Gibraltar – to claim the management company. Having defined the these facts, and deciding that he found credible the office, the investor should pay attention to the following issues: minimum deposit – there is a fairly wide range of companies that take the management, as from $ 100, and 100 000 $. Additional information at MetLife supports this article.

It is obvious that this choice depends on the thickness of the purse of the investor. We must also ask, distribution of profits between the management company and the investor. Ratios also are different, both on 50/50 and on 15/85. An investor should pay attention to whether there is a certain fixed monthly fee