Yota Netbook

If anyone is wondering what is a netbook, we offer a look at this model. Perhaps, it can be called at least one of the most typical representatives of the tribe. A feeling that the creators of the netbook Acer AOD250-0br not even going to highlight some of its unrealistic chips. It is not fanciful to find technologies like facial recognition or opportunities for rapid system start in 'Internet Only'. No, it is not built on some heavy-duty modern platform. None. But do not think that this is totally nondescript animal. For their very little money, he will offer you a complete set of tools for life.

Yes, he's created for you to live, and he performed all the small puzzles, from time to time arise in each. It built the module Wimax (or 4G, how do you like more?), Which enables you to connect to today's popular Internet service provider Yota. In AOD250-0br absolutely standard netbook set 'CPU / memory / hard drive. " The same set, which enables you to work in office applications, the same set, which will store a huge amount of documents. Just do not forget from time to time to organize, but the practice shows that the more space on your hard drive, the more likely that after a while you can not find anything there. After all, we think about the order of only when everywhere is a mess.

Or is it about you? The design had such suit that someone you like. Especially good is this – AOD250-0br – in red. He is not flashy, but not quite normal. Especially glass on the sides. Important moment – it has 6-cell battery high capacity, thanks to which you are provided with 6 hours of continuous operation.