Alexander Amenbar

” They mainly buy to the film understood it in cinema and the majority of them they know, and they share the opinion, that is a version of the Spanish film Out to sea ” , Amij commented Frog, one of the employees of Rhythm & Blues, establishment located in the south of New Delhi. At no moment, as much in the promotion of Guzaarish, like in its page official Web or the numerous extras that contain the DVD with commentaries of the director and the actors, rrencia becomes some to the film of Alexander Amenbar. The original producer of Out to sea, Sogecine, were acquired by Enrique Cherry tree Productions and spokesmen of that company could not need if the Indian producer of the film had acquired the right ones on the Spanish tape. The imitadora anxiety of Bollywood does not have limits and the case of the Spanish film is one between hundreds.

The creativity in Bollywood is problema” , it affirmed the important Hindu The newspaper in one of his articles recently, where it emphasized that the Indian industry is excused in the lack of good scriptwriters to choose to copy arguments and personages of the western cinema. ” When you initiate an artistic work you look for your inspiration around, something that you wish imitar” , it justified to the Indian newspaper the director of cinema Vikram Bhatt, famous in this country by its versions of films of Hollywood. In Internet interminable listings with titles of western films with their corresponding ” can be found; versiones” Indians: Dharmatma (1975)/the Godfather (1972), Agneepath (1990)/Scarface (1983), Bichhoo (2000)/Leon, the professional (1994), Kaante (2002)/Reservoir Dogs (1992) Either is not the first occasion that in India leaves a clone to him to a Spanish film; the tape of Pedro Almodvar tremulous Meat, of 1997, was ” versionada” in India in 2006 under the name of You go Ek Pale (Only a little while). Source of the news: Bollywood dares to adapt ‘ Out to sea ‘ , the Iscariot film of Alexander Amen bar.