Where science is the only discourse that must be taken into account and societies evolve in a progressive sense. (Note how this conception of human dependently we will fly straight to the conception of society). Then we see the conception of man (and society) from a Eurocentric view and at the same time, racist. If the West has evolved, its state of superiority becomes better than Western men. In the case of a Paseo by Londresa is similar, and not studied the cultural a otroa, but the other a otroa in the same culture. He no longer speaks of evolution or progress, but with an air more enlightened, are the terms of freedom, justice and equality first ideals that pop up to the fore, but focusing specifically on women.

We no longer see a conception of man, but a conception of gender, Men and women separately, making distinctions, like the woman has been dominated, scorned and censured, and demanding women. The innovation of the time Flora was his perception of women, thanks to his qualities which are peculiar, can play an important role in social progress in France and abroad. Is aware that you can not compete with men in the domain of science, but she can in retaliation to contribute to the progress of society with regard to customs and morals. For the same design, Tristan will do everything in his work to bring out the woman of his pariah status and involve them into active life in the evolution of society.