Interview Techniques

A case to consider: A young designer was hired to work as a clerk. Six months after her boss was in charge of a team of six people and asked him to design a wardrobe sports complex for the season to fall. She was angry, had given all that, extra responsibility and we were paying the same. “I’m going to ask me double the salary or resign.” Shouted one day to another di experienced senator. Luckily this companion persuaded him to stay a few months to acquire the precious experience. After that could earn a salary much higher.

Do not lie if he was fired from a job in which only worked for one or two months, you can not put it on your resume. But if he was fired from a job that interested him mentioned. BE HONEST. People interviewed generally consult with previous employers. If you discover that you lied considered unreliable and could fire him even after taking it.

Interview the interviewer An interview should not be unilateral. To find out if you really want the job to ask questions. Ask what happened to the person who held that position before, if it amounted to a better job, or is a new post, it means There are opportunities for progress. If the previous person left employment, you may ask why?. Make sure that your questions convey their wishes and interests. End the interview refreshingly not delay in the door, trying to find one last reason why you should get that job. Neither takes a peek at the office after leaving to say, “Oh, I forgot something else …”, if you remember something I should have mentioned and let you write the note the next day the person who was his interviewer. Send a thank you note Most people do not, therefore it would make you to stand out from the crowd. Thank the person who interviewed you for your time and then comment on how much you want to get that job. Keep looking permanently not walk around your home hoping the phone rings. The accumulated anxiety tion will consume all your energy for the search. Even after receiving a verbal compliance, if able to continue Cando bus, go to more interviews. One girl thought I had finally been hired for a junior secretarial job in a medium sized company. When left to do (as she understood) the incorporation papers, learned he would nuevamen I interviewed, this time by the Director General. If this does not work, do not blame may not be your fault. A serious study done by a dedicated Busi sa Occupational Psychology found that getting a job or not depends in large measure as “fell” to the person who interviewed you. Perhaps you remember him do his worst enemy, or an old girlfriend. Or it may be that the post was the grandchild of the Director of the Company. So if you could not get the job you want, take new – mind the classifieds and start over again. There will always be another chance to get a decent job, perhaps better than the last opportunity lost. And with the experience you have in interviews, surely you will be hired for a good job soon.