Mendoza Plaza Shopping

For any inhabitant of argentina Guaymallen is synonym of “alfajores”. Sweets flavored with children whose wrapper we referred to an unmistakable Cuyo, with mountains, burrito and child with poncho included. Bad news for children who we were: alfajores Guaymallen are no longer made in that Department, but even in Mendoza. Guaymallen, however, has everything you need to convert our vacation in Mendoza in perfect and unforgettable, thanks to a cocktail of beautiful landscapes, modern shopping malls, renowned wine cellars and hospitality at very high level. Where shall we start? There are a myriad of wineries with accommodation, sophisticated options that include category, regional cuisine, lodging in Guaymallen walks and countryside excursions and, logically, tastings and wine tastings.

Staying inside a cellar allows the illusion of a journey to the secrets hidden in the Alchemy that gives life to the wine and old. Live the process from inside enriches the experience with an air of different magic and particle. They can continuing with the airs of field, nothing better for an afternoon in family who visit any of the varied educational farms in the area, where the little ones enjoy between adorable animals that often only known through the cartoons. For adults, delicious roasts, preserves and traditional field bites of these establishments. But perhaps the most attractive of the Guaymallen Department is its charming mix of modernity and tradition. In the city, one of the oldest in the province of Cuyo, the old mansions of 19th century coexist in perfect harmony with the large shopping centres such as the Mendoza Plaza Shopping. An invitation to Crown a trip into the past through the Molina Pico Museum, located in the oldest House in the city, built in 1780, with a fun afternoon of cinema and shopping.

And all this within the framework of a beautiful mountainous landscape identical to the wrapping of the gingerbread, with donkeys and everything. Lot of heat? Nothing better than diving, literally, in the amazing complex of pools of Guaymallen, a must-see in the area where you can not only swim or sunbathe, but which also dictate kinds of diving. Very far from the sea, this delightful city promises to become expert divers.One of the many peculiarities make holidays in Mendoza a keepsake to treasure forever.