My Car Does Not Work When Carrying Vanilla Ice Cream

This story begins when a division of the United States GM Pontiac cars received a curious customer complaint, a complaint by a customer dissatisfied with his car, which ensured that it was not working when carrying one or several ice cream of vanilla, instead, with other flavors, the car functioned without any problems. This is the claim expressed by the client: this is the second time that I send them a letter, and do not blame them for not answering. I can seem crazy, but the truth is that we have a tradition in our family that is taking ice cream after dinner. We repeat this habit every night, just by varying the flavor of ice cream; and I am commissioned to go buy them. Recently I bought a new Pontiac and, since then, the trips to the ice cream shop has become a problem. Whenever I buy vanilla ice cream, when I prepare to return home, the car doesn’t work. If I buy any other flavor, the car runs normally. They will think that I am really crazy and no matter how silly that you can seem my claim, but the fact is that I’m upset with my model 99 Pontiac.

This so curious claim made is awakened doubt in the company, and the director ordered a technician to check if this was true. Both client and technician went to an ice cream shop and as always, stopped working mysteriously found the vanilla ice cream, car. The problem ended up becoming an obsession for the engineer, who ended up doing daily experiments, scoring all the details possible. After two weeks arrived in the first great discovery: when it chose vanilla, the buyer was you served ice cream in less time because that flavor of ice cream was in front of the counter. To examine the vehicle, the engineer made a new discovery: as the time of purchase was small if you choose the flavor of vanilla, as compared to the time of purchase of other flavors, motor did not cool down. Thus, the fuel vapors is not disipaban, which prevented the engine to start instantly. Starting at that episode, the Pontiac changed the fuel supply system and introduced a modification on all their models from the 1999 line. The complainant obtained a new car, as well as arrangement of which did not work with vanilla ice cream. GM distributed an internal statement, demanding that employees take is seriously until the claims more strange, because it can be a great innovation resides behind a vanilla ice cream. He said the release of GM.