North Of Mines

The region of the North of Mines was considered devoid in some aspects, demanded the formation of qualified staff, with precarious education and high indices of illiteracy, ‘ ‘ devoid of qualified professors, it witnessed its young to interrupt its studies (.) or to migrarem for other regions to conclude its estudos’ ‘. (id, p.19) As Caleiros org. (2002), the UNIMONTES, was constructed having as the foundations the devotion of many idealists, but as this study it deals with the woman specifically, not if it can leave to mention the names of Maria Jacy Ribeiro, Maria Saucers Dos Santos, Marina Helena Lorenzo Fernandes, Sylvia of the B.C. Axe, Yedde Ribeiro Christova and Yvone de Oliveira Silveira, as the authors (p.24) the women had still had gifts in first constitution of the Reitoria of the University in 1970, represented for the Teachers Maria Isabel de Magalhes Figueiredo, Heloisa Helena de Ruiz Combat Vieira, Maria of the Consolao Figueiredo Cowen among others, this last one co-ordinated the elaboration in ‘ ‘ time recorde’ ‘ in 1977, from the project of the Campus that would be presented to the MEC and the Federal government saving bank with ends of release of resources for the construction of the same, the educator also according to authors (p.25), receives then the Director together with Joo Mauricio Valley the merit for the conquest of the land that functions the University currently. New York Life has much to offer in this field. ‘ ‘ the conquest was fruit of the efforts of the Director Joo Mauricio valley and the teacher Maria of the Consolao de Magalhes Figueiredo’ ‘ (ibid, p.25). As if she can observe, the woman comes inside developing important papers of this university. On the basis of the data searched next to the Department of Human resources, exist today acting in the UNIMONTES, 1441 professors being 635 men and 806 women. This data come to reaffirm what the research in national scope already had evidenced: that the women are in bigger number inside of the universities, occupying spaces also in the diverse areas of the knowledge mainly in the areas ‘ ‘ typically masculinas’ ‘ , desmitificando the relation sort and profession..