Outside World Part 2

In the article world indoor exterior-Mundo spoke of how both are affected among if. We talk about the subjective experience of the individual and how this influences their way of interpreting the world and life. With regard to that is that I want to deepen this time. The way we see life and the world are maps that we have in our minds and that influence us. When an individual is front some circumstance there are many things that are going through his mind before this Act, although most of the time makes it fast because as we said in the first part the mind learns fast and operates automatically. Let’s see how is the process that passes the mind until it produces the behavior. First, as we said in the first part that we connect with our 5 senses to the outside world (life and their circumstances), while this happens to process information through a few filters we all (that each of us is different) which are called beliefs, values, habits and meta-programas. These are followed by what we call meta-modelos which are the generalization (tend to generalize everything), omission (we tend to ignore what does not suit us) and distortion (tend to distort information to our benefit).

After that is that we create a map of reality that we see but going through that process, interpret it based on those filters and meta-modelos and create our individual subjective experience. By that map you’ve created in your mind is that finally born behavior. People have different maps of reality since each has different filters and meta-modelos different. So in the example we gave in the first part of 2 boys the same one woman come the ugly looks and the other linda, sees her because the filters and meta-modelos are different in both. What plays an American of beauty and that interprets a latino is not the same (although sometimes resemble). Finally, the important thing about this is to be aware of the filters, beliefs, habits, meta-programas and meta-modelos that we have and if there is one that affects us negatively our mental maps we have to modify it to act in the correct way. Original author and source of the article.