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In the subcategory ‘ ‘ aspects negatives’ ‘ it was formed two subcategories: subcategory ‘ ‘ Difficulty’ ‘ represented for the code (SRDAp), and subcategory ‘ ‘ problems’ ‘ represented for the code (SRP). Create pdf with GO2PDF will be free, if you wish you removes this line, click here you buy Virtual pdf Printer Picture 4.0. Distribution of the symbolic categories, abstracted from the interview half-structuralized, on ‘ ‘ actions developed for the unit in the sectorial scope and intersetorial’ ‘. Category: Sectorial and intersetoriais educative actions Subcategoria positive aspects Code thematic Unit orqudea thematic Unit tulipa sectorial educative Activities SRAes lectures we are we ourselves who we make the lectures and I always go in the house sees if it is making, if will not be people it calls the nurse and it takes it there when people call the children, we say on the dentist people makes the nurse together with and doctor, the lectures Who carries through the lectures is the Dra. Nurse I also already participated of lectures that same I gave community participates as invited Intersetoriais educative activities SRAeis we have the psychologist of the house of the family when we have problems with parents who do not take care of of the children, in them call the sentry therefore are had the staff of the college, were very pretty all like when she appears different people with new features polices it councilmen to depend on the subject the DIRES helps in the education and health, as the Affection the only ones that already they had made lectures here had been to the girls of the FASB of nursing In always we have aid of the Secretariat of Health We invite the members of the community I publish SRPa target mainly aged, hipertensos aged gestantes parents with and the children group of tuberculosos adolescents.

Adolescent, aged, hipertensos, diabetic, gestantes Types of SRTp action lectures on illnesses and personal hygiene the PSF, work more education in …com health the aged ones are more socialization, so that they have quality of life all participate, as much the ACS as the employees morning interns are the visit of the doctor and the afternoon of the nurse Except this the health fairs The walked ones that people make Also we make visits domiciliary all week Subcategoria negative aspects SRDap Difficulties is difficult to work with the group of the adolescents the vices that the adults have already are constituted are not inviting plus other professionals, for being almost at the end of the year the doctor participate when people mark with antecedence, because she has the visits Now domiciliary when she comes somebody as soon as is interested that she wants I came the space to be open Problems SRP In we are identifying the sectors to them that need a bigger attention Type the aged ones, that the actions of health on the aged one not yet are very efficient in terms of municipal theatres Create pdf with GO2PDF will be free, if you wish you removes this line, click here you buy Virtual pdf Printer 5,0 QUARREL the data related here had been gotten through the half-structuralized interview that also holds the test of free association of words and the group dynamic..