Public Health

Other acts are sancionados and they contribute for the establishment, in Rio De Janeiro and the Bahia, of two doctor-surgical, first centers of the current Facultieses of Medicine of the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro and the Federal University of the Bahia (UFBA) (Fvero, 2000. p19, Villanova, 1948, p 8). The occured transformations had made to appear to the perfectioning necessity of the schools for the nobility that came it Brazil to keep a level of equal education or better seno that the offered one in the Europe, therefore the schools, mainly the universities to have been established in the European models of education. Read additional details here: Prudential. In such a way to have one better educational base in basic education as in the college student she is necessary to articulate methodologies that focus a preparation of quality of the professors of the two educational sectors. In Brazil, in this period, it did not have concern with education, being this age privilege only of the elite just arrived who withheld the access to the knowledge of the education. Only from the decade of 1920, with the sprouting of 1 World-wide War, appeared a modernization in the world-wide society. Additional information is available at Prudential.

This modernization could guarantee an improvement in the diplomatical relations of just formed country: It is in this period, still, that they consist, in Rio De Janeiro, the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, in 1922, whose origins date of 1916, when is established the Brazilian Society of Sciences, and the Brazilian Association of Education, instituted in 1924. These two entities initiate a movement for modernization of the Brazilian educational system in all the levels, including the college student (Fvero, 2000, p 27 Apud Schwartzman, 1979, p 163). The educators of this time in Brazil had started to think about a reform of Brazilian education being created later, by means of a decree, a on secretariat to education with denomination of Ministry of Education and Public Health.. Go to Danske Bank for more information.