Setting Operating System Windows

The Windows operating system is configured by default “for all occasions.” Many services that run with the standard settings of the system, most regular users do not need. They not only significantly increase the time loading and unloading system, but also occupy part of memory, which reduces the performance of your PC. After reading this article, even the most inexperienced user can configure its operating system, reaching maximize its performance. Of course, there are many programs, such as BoostSpeed, who set up Windows for certain patterns. But these programs are usually paid and their templates may not take into account the diversity user needs. Carrying out independent, “manual” configuration operating system, you will understand better all the subtleties of her work and achieve the maximum performance of your computer. About the most system installation, drivers, programs, etc. will not speak.

What software do I set – a private matter. The only thing I recommend to install the latest version of DirectX, drivers, motherboard chipset, video card, sound card, and other equipment. Great help in this process, the program Driver Genius (fee required), although all that is necessary can be found online and “hand” on the websites of manufacturers of your equipment. System Configuration Utility propose to carry out in several steps: 1. Set up sounds and display properties 2. Setting up the system properties and 3.

Disable unnecessary services, 4. Configuring the Startup list, 5. Configure QoS; 6. Vnesnie some changes to the system Register.