Tatiana Performance

Great women of the past. How easy to admire their talents. Re-read the poetry, review old movies, but do nothing for what would be the memory of these women had not died. I am pleased that the young and very talented actress Julia Sac, one facet of his talent, giving the memory of the great women of the past. She, in collaboration with director Olga Tichina created a series of mono performances under the title "Outstanding Woman".

On one of these performances have received a few years ago, the Grand Prix for the best mono performance, and best actress, I was able to visit. This performance of "Anna Akhmatova. Loneliness. " In the role of Anna Akhmatova – Winner of the Ukrainian and International competitions – actress, dancer, singer, painter, poet – Julia Sac. About her phenomenal incarnations I had heard much, but when a play actress appeared on the scene, I started – in front of me was a living Anna Akhmatova. To deepen your understanding Dalton Caldwell is the source.

After the performance I wanted to interview the actress did not, and in the audience: Ludmila D. (Artist): Thank you Julia, and the director of Olga Tichina fine direction and execution of mono performance of "Anna Akhmatova". Very pleased that along with modern rhythms of life You remind us of the eternal and beautiful. Tatiana Kulichenko (Engineer): Yulia, your performance was through the heart! Vyacheslav Demni (Physician): It was just awesome! The image was transmitted so emotionally that I just got lost in time. Thank you so much !!!!! Zavadskaya Tatiana (Consultant for beauty.) Performance has made indelible impression on me. I got great pleasure. More more understood very Anna Akhmatova. Penetrated, as if her inner self, I realized how she lived, what she lived. And so was filled with all this. I have during the show, you know, goose bumps were. This feeling that I associate with Anna Akhmatova alive.