Thanks Teofilo

By this humble village, certainly very few would pass, the presence of an outsider always arouses curiosity, is always a good excuse to showcase our skills, the quality of our care and civility, but that Jesus possessed something, the heart of Mary perceived it and because of this sat at their feet. Thanks Teofilo, thank you for having motivated with your qualities, these tales of Luke, thanks for letting us get to know you and share what you as a precious treasure beam received by people who fleetingly come alive and remain through time with the freshness of its authenticity. This reflection has been extended a bit, reading might be interesting, at least that is the intention of who writes them, but not always the amount of words ensures the richness of the story, is why I now wish to refer to the last character that I extract from the writings of Lucas to Eutychus. Paul and his entourage had arrived in Troas, sailing by five days from Philippi and stayed there for seven days, Luke’s account is quite eloquent: the first day of the week, the disciples gathered together to break bread, Paul taught, having come out the next day; and he lengthened the speech until midnight. And there were many lights in the upper chamber where they were gathered; A young man named Eutychus, who was sitting in the window, surrendered a deep sleep as Paul at length, disertaba defeated sleep fell from the third floor down, and it was lifted up dead.

Then descended Pablo and fell on him, and embracing him, said: you do not alarmeis, because he is alive. After uploaded, and broken bread and eaten, he spoke at length until dawn; and so it went. They carried the young live, and were largely comforted. Acts 20: 6 – 12 A Eutychus know you by his dream and his hang from three floors, we don’t know if he really knew what had happened to him, tiredness, sleep, together with his youth, could not resist the long hours of preaching, as the youth of today, their interests are not always understood by adults, perhaps if someone had been attentive to their needs, will surely not be would have precipitated vacuumalways asked myself that had happened if it was not Paul, how they would feel his parents before his death, many tragic consequences have occurred and continue to occur, simply because we neglect, Paul’s words during those long hours, by valuable they were, they could not be understood by a young man as Eutychus, what the needed was a place to rest, everyone there, as happens with so many young people today, not had time to interpret for you, or help you. The miracle of the reanimation, as far as is concerned the story, did not result in further comment, everything continued as if nothing had happened. Eutychus and his great fright, us leave a picture for meditation at the end of this article, others be say that this banned asleep before finishing. Hugo W. Arostegui original Autor and source of the article.