The Habit

Sometimes we blame everything that happens to our around, with our children, friends, couple, work. Actually it is not blame, but understand the mistakes and learn from them.The only way to change the course of our lives is assuming the leadership of it and assume your own changes, so that it will change our life we must change ourselves, not the world. Because the only change that is in my hands is the own mine, it is possible that the change of one produce others to our around at the same time, as domino effect. The purpose of our life, in many ways, is to make peace with our darkness to live in our light. (2) With the greatest of ease we can forgive a child who’s afraid of the dark. An adult theme light is the true tragedy of the (Platon) life are here to transform darkness into light (Zohar 1: 4) understand our limitations, defects, living and working them in our greater possibility.We are what we repeatedly do (Aristotle). It is therefore important that we achieve what we are capable of being and not settle for what we actually are, trying to get the best out of each one of us.We must stop deal both in you and start devoting more time to be, that ended up occupying the time consuming increasingly more things and less interact with children, couples, friends and yourself, with our essence. This also happens when, from small, began to include our children in multiple activities, both sporting and intellectual nature, when the need for basic at that age would be wonderful if we were sharing with them, reading a book, walking, playing, hugging them, wanting them, kissing them and telling them that you love them. But love him not only is to embrace it, that is very importantly, we also do feel loved and care, that feels protected, who share time together, you know that they are there when you need them, that them give presents (gifts), but more important give you presence.Another important point is to forge the habit of you focus on what is positive.Negative people, wretched and resentful tends to make assumptions, without having sufficient evidence to know if they are true or not.