Western Economic Country

But it is there, rotten petroleum, and is apparent and hypocritical that she not mind another wonder than its oil. It must be said. As Iraq or Egypt, war for oil or in the midst of conventional social crisis of third world countries but not subtracted from its economic importance of oil, respectively, Venezuela is a country absolutely monitored on the map of the world war by hydrocarbons and positioning geostrategic military powers, especially those no longer hydrocarbons (or not enough with which you have) and seek him with deadly anxiety. Of form that you can say is never that country inside, fortuitous or innocently, happen you things, little things, problems, glitches, as to say that it is unstable economic or politically because groups or organizations complain daily of restrictions on private property or freedom; that is terrorist, guerrilla or drug trafficker, beyond mote of Communist or Zappala, argumental-imperial relic that is swallowed times. As well as in Egypt details like those mentioned are obliterarian (as it was in fact done) by being an ally country of the Western powers, in Venezuela are fostered, more so if the country proclaims its economic, social and political independence of the colonialist trick. To sample the strand: behind the scenes, USA supported the 2002 coup d ‘ etat in Venezuela, the hustle and bustle in the plaza Altamira, the oil strike, all apparent acts of destabilization in a third world country; nothing serious, a simple country with social problems. The other side of the coin is the anxiety for its deposits of hydrocarbons, geostrategy which would provide the subjugation of Venezuela and the discomfort of outmoded communism (as they say) of Hugo Chavez. In fact, and by the way, the oil strike inflated prices of a barrel of oil in his time, theme of which you speak and with which ended. I could say the people on the street, derogatory or thankfully, depending on your political inclination: Ese Chavez if he is lucky, always saves him the rising prices of oil, realizing that the country’s economy is based on the health of the oil as a commodity.