Western Psychology

Stanislav Grof noted with much interest the recurring experiences of his patients, as the memory of past lives, feelings of union with the cosmos, the memories of reincarnation as animals and detailed knowledge of places had never been before. The man, since remote times has experienced the expansion of consciousness beyond the personal, experiencing a connection with another full and invisible, reality which has enabled it to Intuit the meaning of his existence. These intuitions correspond to the mystical revelations experienced by the ancient prophets, interpreted as voices or interior guides which subsequently were the source of the religions transpersonal psychology considers topics as: experiences summits (which according to the American psychologist Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) are States of interconnection and spiritual unification); Mystic experiences; systemic trances and metaphysical experiences of life. While several (depending on the psychological and spiritual concepts that integrate) are the paths that can be taken from this synthesis, the main objective of the transpersonal psychology would be that human beings transcend the sense of themselves, to achieve identified with a greater awareness. Transpersonal Psychology considers the psyche multidimencional. There are different levels of consciousness and each has different characteristics and is governed by different laws. Such as holding Stanislav Grof, the biggest problem of Western psychotherapy seems to be the fact of that, for various reasons, each researcher has primarily fixed his attention on a certain level of awareness and widespread his discoveries to the totality of the human psyche.

The origins of this current take shape at the end of the 1960s and that, despite having brilliant exponents such as Abraham Maslow, Stanislav Grof, Ken Wilber, and has been systematically ignored in the academic field of psychology. Not taught practically in any University despite being, probably, the most comprehensive psychological power of all. Of course that this is a debatable point and I propose this written as a contribution to the debate.