The professional choice is product of a long process that depends on the adequate stimulation. It is essential that a exploratrio climate is created that allows an evaluation for the proper individual, of its potential level and its conditions of adaptability to one determined work or the certain occupation (2). An adolescent search in its experiences, in the environment where it lives, the family and the society the references for professional choice, however for this being a question that not yet is ripened can find some problems as: Its proper problematic one of adolescent; The lack of information on the work market and professions; The fear of the unemployment; Disconnection of the college; To enter the work world; To enter the university world; In accordance with Saints (2) the professional decision is a complex process subject to some factors: Occupational chances offered by the work market? Interests that the individual develops as product of its personal and social growth? Barriers of economic and social order, that vary since the familiar politics until the geographic and financial limitations that the individual will have to face to conciliate the problems of studies. The professional choice will determine the future of this adolescent, who most of the time meets disoriented in way to as much options, thus being function of the psychologists to present them briefly a little more and to guide them how much to the profession to be followed, therefore the work dignifies the man. In accordance with Weil (3) the time of the great decisions happens between the 12 and 18 years, thus not being able to be charged of a child of eight years the same comprometimento, therefore in the same way that cognitiva and motor maturity exists, it also has vocational maturity. Other factors to be considered influence are it cultural and social.