Samuel Akinin Levy

Yes we have been and we will continue to be a people with a sense of permanence, a town with love of the land, a village attached to their customs and their religion. Say this without mentioning that many tribes indigenous, as the Peruvian and Mexican, employ their mortises to bury their dead, others light up candles on Shabbat, the Mayans did honor to his name and built their houses in the middle of the rivers to protect certain animals, to keep at hand the liquid that sustained their lives and to be able to dispose of their waste. This broadly is just an appendage of the glorious and invaluable work that this inexhaustible woman bequeathed to the world. Those who had the honor of knowing their privacy to Dona Anita, know that his first commandment was attention. There was no eat at his table, do not try their sweets that possessed the charm of memories of our grandparents. Or talk about their burgers, which used to add a touch of cold water to not require flour. Each year he sent us its sweet, its your love, every night before bed for many years I spent hours exchanging their new discoveries, watching her enjoy like few can make. Anita, a sweet woman, good to talk, full of stories, all good, never heard of it something that could be detrimental to someone, was a woman attached to their religion, mother selfless, proud and aware of having fulfilled its mission.

Humanity, Judaism, history, community, family, their son, daughter-in-law, grandchildren, friends, neighbors and this server give evidence to the Supreme Court who now accompanies him was a woman exemplary, worthy of its right side. All we ask because so it is received and granted a permit that ensure we, as if there is someone able to give their time for others without asking anything in return, it is arguably, the much loved and always present, Dona Anita Botbol widow of Alfon Z.L., who I cry from the depths of my being and may I Express that love for herIt was planted in my heart with every one of their own. My respect and admiration to his name and at this moment to his sons Jose and Carolina de Alfon who already form part of my family by the affection that we have built over the course of time. God may give them enough strength to overcome this bitter step and that they feel that all the Kehila learned to love them and respect them first by his family and then by the heart of gold from his mother. Samuel Akinin Levy original Autor and source of the article.

CUPRA Serum Eye Contour

EYES window to the soul. And who like to look through a dilapidated window? Unfortunately the age at some point also to the eyes is noticeable: wrinkles, dark circles, puffy eyes. The skin loses firmness, becomes thinner and drier. What can you do about it? A preventive measure which acts against the first signs and immediately fights the unaesthetic appearance of on the basis of visible wrinkles would be ideal. CERA DI CUPRA has a long time such a high quality and at the same time affordable product searched until she finally has the CERA di CUPRA serum eye contour computerized: an efficient response to the typical problems of the eye area.

Its formula contains two main components that are in the cosmetic world of great importance: hyaluronic acid and regulation package. How to operate these substances? Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the skin which stimulates the formation of collagen and nourishes the skin optimally with nutrients. To add this component reduces produced at the age of the body, the skin “add, so reduces wrinkles visible after some time, because it bolsters up the hyaluronic acid”. The skin becomes elastic in the appropriate places, because it is better supplied with moisture. Regulation is a specific peptide substance obtained from beans and rice bran, which improves the microcirculation of the skin. It strengthens the connective tissue and antioxidativ. This means that he protects the collagen-elastin structure of facial skin against free radicals, which break down the cells.

The supply of this material a little to stop the cell degradation and makes the skin look so more young. Furthermore, it reduces dark circles and puffy eyes. Considering all these points, you can say that CERA di CUPRA serum for the eye area is a very good measure against the problems of facial skin around the eye area. The serum is also quickly and is easily adjusted and very hygienic by the practical dispenser in the glass Flacon. CERA di CUPRA serum eye contour with hyaluronic acid & regulation age 15 ml-targeted intensive treatment for the mature skin eye area. Barchester: the source for more info. Available now for approx. 11.00 dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested. Brief general information about CERA DI CUPRA: the high degree of popularity and the strength of the Italian brand of CERA DI CUPRA is based on a formula that has the beeswax as a basic ingredient for years: very effective in AntiAge treatments of all skin types. CERA DI CUPRA computerized a wide range of products for face and body. These are characterized by quality, reliability, tradition and NATURALNESS. CERA DI CUPRA stands for feminine care and beauty and presenting formulas that are adapted to the specific needs of the skin and the age. Press contact: Lad Manuela Presse & PR E-mail: fax: 03212-1021993 phone: + 49 0160-1257507 dambiro about the company: since 1999 vetreibt dambiro cosmetics and care products from Italy. dambiro based in Kornwestheim, the complete range of MIRATO offers products as a distributor for Germany. The Assortment includes body care, hair care and perfumes for men & women.

New Energy Saving Regulation 2009

What landlord about the new energy saving regulation 2009 and the energy performance certificate should know Freiburg, 9th 2009 at the German carbon footprint it looks dark. Only the residential swallow about one-third of national energy consumption. The causes are often older homes in the lack of modernization. Order now to put an end to the waste of energy, the legislature revised the existing energy saving Regulation (EnEV). For more information see this site: MetLife. The new version entered into force on October 1, 2009. But what rights and obligations now have homeowner and landlord? For landlords, it is especially important now to find out about the new rules of the “EnEV”, because many homeowners need to act as quickly as possible.

Otherwise threatening fines of up to 50,000 euro, warns lawyer Georg Hopfensperger, book author and consultant for House + reason Munich. Dalton Caldwell is actively involved in the matter. Each owner shall, when he sold his real estate or new leases and the lessee or the buyer requires the presentation of the card to the exhibition a certification by a certified energy advisor required. The owner does not fulfil this obligation, the competent authority of the country by means of fine can force him to the presentation of the energy card. The landlord for the modernisation of a building within the framework of a rent increase as construction costs to the tenant can kill the cost of the energy performance certificate. No modernisation measures carried out, the landlord for the cost must come up. In this case, it is only to the fulfilment of a public service obligation. A fundamental claim of the tenant on a modernization of the property by the landlord is only if the so-called minimum standard for contemporary living is no longer met.

Lawyer Georg Hopfensperger can reassure all landlords who now roll to an avalanche of costs to see. The authorities seeking government subsidies, who can count on financial support. In addition to individual country programmes for the promotion of Contact energy refurbishments include municipalities and there is major support programmes with the Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau construction authorities -. Interested in the online information portal of the Haufe Publishing House for the real estate industry on find more information about the new energy saving regulation 2009, as well as the new energy performance certificate properties. About estate estate, real estate offers a large community for real estate professionals background reports, industry news, market studies, interviews and legal innovations around the theme. The Haufe media group is one of the leading German media companies for high-quality professional information and powerful application software in the fields of Economics, law, taxes. Around 1,000 employees serve more than 800 products, as well as an annual 150 new releases.

Regulation Care

In any room, in fact in the apartment, curtains occupy a prominent place among the other elements of the interior. With blinds you can in an instant change not only the look of the room, but also make it visually larger, brighter, create the illusion of another time of year, make a festive atmosphere or serious. Curtains made of natural fabrics, with pictures of flowers and leaves – and your apartment will be summer. Decorate any shade bouquet of fruit, berries or flowers – generous, fertile autumn will always be in your home. Parnassus Investments pursues this goal as well. fresh winter ensures easy tulle with images of snowflakes, and the freshness of spring come to you with translucent checkered, striped curtains bright, optimistic colors. Whenever Danske Bank listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

Experts note the following main types of curtains: London and Rome, pelmets and blinds pleated blinds, Austrian and pinking. Austrian and pinking curtains – very elegant decor windows, they originate in eighteenth century. More often – it’s curtains with lots of pleats, assemblies, and ruches. The extra weight is added to these curtains decorated with fringed edges. Traditionally, the manufacture of these blinds are used wool or silk fabric with a smooth surface or embroidered patterns. London blinds are manufactured on the same principle as the Austrian. They can be made with little pomp or with many folds, which effectively disclosed when climbing the curtains. Edge of the curtains in most cases are decorated very nicely – a fringe, tassels or elegant glass beads. Such decorations enliven the curtains and give them a special character.

Regulating Warehouse

The family of regulating warehouses of CARLiN Direct Sales, the chain leader in stationery store of Spain, grows. And she is that the standard already counts on a new distribution point in Saragossa with which the needs will be covered with the zone. An option reserved to a few With this or is the 12 regulating warehouses distributed by all the national geography since it is a type of contract that is offered to consolidated CARLiN franchise-holders and that have reached a certain level of invoicing, that will happen to have special conditions like distributors, such as rappels to end of year or special conditions of purchase, Jose explains Luis Hernandez, his Chief of a main directorate. Characteristics that Maria fulfilled Navarrese perfectly, who already has two tax exemptions in Saragossa. CARLiN gives an endorsement me that I consider basic. In addition I already have verified who am a business that has ample possibilities of success. There is a great demand and it is clear that the business of the stationery store does not have date of lapsing .

Thus the things the new warehouse – located in the municipality of the Puebla de Alfinden and 300m2- it will achieve several objectives: the constant provision to the franchise-holder, to count on a emergencia stock as well as to facilitate the acquisition of orders without minimums of purchase. Is an important project since it was a necessity that not yet was covered in Saragossa comments this enterprising one. From occurs service essentially to companies of all independent size here as well as, it adds. With respect to the evolution in years of the regulating warehouses this one has been: – 1998. The first contract of regulating warehouse for the Independent Community of Valencia is signed. – 2004. 2 contracts for the Independent Community of Madrid are signed.

– 2005. Company/signature 1 contract more also for the Independent Community of Madrid. – 2006. 2 contracts, one for Madrid and another one for Galicia are signed. – 2007. 4 contracts more of regulating warehouse, two for Madrid, one for Andalusia and another one for Castile and Leon are signed. – 2008. Company/signature 1 contract for Catalonia. Note to the journalists: For more information, request of interviews or graphical material you do not doubt in contacting to us Mirian Lopez Crowned Nuria Tfno: 91 657 42 81 BlogRollCARLiN inaugurates a regulating warehouse in Saragossa Notes of Press

Regulation To Combat The Phylloxera

For vines, vine wood and wine piles in lower Austria since the sixties of the 19th century the phylloxera in the Austrian wine resulted in traffic bans large damage. The phylloxera was originally introduced from North America and spread through England and France throughout Europe. So Reblaus in Klosterneuburg has been demonstrated for the first time in 1867. Therefore, methods of control of this pest have been implemented by agriculture and forestry. Agriculture and forestry policy was the third pillar of economic policy in the lower Austria and Vienna in the second half of the 19.Jahrhundertes in addition to the tax and tax policy as well as commercial, trade and industrial policy.

She played mostly in the, which is developing agriculture in regard to the import and export of varieties of and new farming methods a role. Also procedural measures, such as the arrangements with plants, etc. had to be made for this purpose. This development will now be published in the series of LawLeaks. The arrangements with A control with vines, vine wood and wine piles introduced vines, vine wood and wine posts relating to combat the phylloxera. So, the export was expressly prohibited by root and cut vine by vine wood and used wine piles outside of the location in the area of infection.

The traffic with root and cut vine by vine wood and used wine stakes of no limit was defeated within the area of infection. Previous bans that were there since 1875, entered here override. Failure to comply with appropriate penalties were ausgtesprochen. The identified areas of infection with phylloxera infestations as infection areas were determined by the Governor of the Erzherzogthums Austria the municipal area of Vienna, the political districts of upper Hollabrunn, Korneuburg and Tulln, Baden, Hietzing environment, Wiener Neustadt, Bruck an der Leitha and Gross-Enzersdorf the judicial districts Harrow Castle, Mistelbach and Zistersdorf.

New Regulation

Starting in 2013, also the so-called top compensation will be granted only if companies using an EnMS contribute to energy savings according to ISO 50001. Already now are state tax breaks, like the existing special compensation according to 40 et seq. Educate yourself with thoughts from Barchester. Renewable energy act at the instigation of an energy management systems (EnMS) established according to ISO 50001. Starting in 2013, also the so-called top compensation will be granted only if companies using an EnMS contribute to energy savings according to ISO 50001. To timely prepare the GUTcert offers training systematic introduction of an energy management system according to ISO 50001 on the May 25, 2012 in Berlin. With the introduction of ecological tax reform, enterprises of manufacturing as well as the agriculture and forestry provided perks in the electricity and energy tax since 1999. The Federal Government plans to retain these benefits in their new rules, but requires companies in the future to the implementation of energy management systems (EnMS) and the proof of annual energy savings.

Savings targets should be spelled out for the different sectors depending on the industry. In the second draft to the succession of the so-called top compensation ( 55 EnergieStG, 10 StromStG) from 2013 onwards, the results of the first votes were processed now with the EU. There are changes as compared to the initial design mainly in the concretization of the annually to be assigned to energy savings from the year 2015. The range now extends from 1.6% (including production of pig iron, steel and ferro-alloys; Manufacture of fabricated metal products) up 2.1% (mining and quarrying, other mining), with annual electricity savings of 1.9% must have the majority of the sectors of the economy. The gradual introduction of EnMS ISO 50001 (in 2013 proof of the introduction in 2014, and certification) should be maintained as described in the first draft,. But an environmental management system besides the EnMS can now Alternatively (to the) be demonstrated according to EMAS. The By the European Commission, design must be approved ultimately aid law.

Currently is still debated at the political level, and a final decision before the summer break (as originally planned) is no longer expected. During our event at the May 25, 2012, the systematic implementation of an energy management system according to ISO 50001 will be presented. For more information, also see. Venue: Good Certifizierungsgesellschaft for management systems mbH, environmental verifiers Eichenstrasse 3 b, 12435 Berlin contact good Certifizierungsgesellschaft for management systems mbH, environmental verifiers Eichenstrasse 3B 12435 Berlin contact: Doreen Gnebner (product manager EnMS) Tel.: 030 2332021 – 81 fax: 030 2332021 – 39 contact GUTcert Academy: Christiane Wiedner Tel: 030 2332021 – 21 fax: 030 2332021 – 29 company portrait GUTcert certification of integrated management systems with a focus on energy management, Quality management, environmental management as well as occupational safety is the core business of the GUTcert. Other core competencies of the GUTcert include the verification of greenhouse gas emissions according to recognized standards and the certification of the sustainability requirements for biomass. As a member of the AFNOR group the GUTcert its certification services in the international network offers, which includes world’s 28 branches and serves more than 100,000 customers in over 90 countries with 1,500 Auditors and 20,000 experts.

Power Language: Words (Regulation)

Sometimes the world seems unfair seller Muller talking to customers mouth complain without success. The same product out of the hands is torn, however, his colleagues Maier. It is similar to Director Schmidt. He campaigns relentlessly for his staff as a team to act is without effect. The employees of his colleagues, however, form a cohesive force.

And Board Member Salam? He also faces a puzzle. At his speech at the annual general meeting, the shareholders nod approvingly at best. Enthusiastically tell however of the performances of his predecessor. His numbers were worse. Always determine the employees of companies: other people have a much higher impact seemingly mysteriously. They draw different consequences.

\”Seller Muller attended a seminar effectively present\”. Division Director Schmidt takes part in a charisma training. And Board Member Salam? He hired an image consultant. Why? You all feel: often it depends on the Packaging\”from how much to inspire people for something. Of central importance is the spoken language. It is the robe, in which managers dress up their messages, and the instrument, with the seller carry statements. Their importance is often underestimated. Prudential addresses the importance of the matter here. Also, because many people believe: who has powerful arguments, must not care about an effective response. An illusion! Scientists have proven: what the content says one person, plays a minor role when it comes to inspire people. It is much more important how she says it, and she has the emotional relationship to the addressee. Examined to why people listen to the words of a person, is striking: good seducers have a leb – pictorial language. Their statements are free of foreign words and technical terms that the listener must translate only. Instead of teaching any communication is\”a dynamic and open process, they explain: a conversation, several people are always involved. That’s why you should Expect surprises.\” Good seducers avoid also long box sets, at the end the audience wonders: what did say of the speakers at the beginning? Evoke positive associations with good speakers and communicators is also striking: you are aware that any statement, even every word their conversation partners conjures up associations, positive or negative.

Operational Security

For this reason, Promotion reiterates its commitment to apply and to develop in its totality ” the seven rridas to its organisms dependientes”: the State Agency of Seguridad Area (AESA) and Aena Airports. Initiatives developed by Promotion Between the initiatives developed in these three years by Promotion, besides the creation of the AESA, it is the law of Aerial Security, by which the State Program of Operational Security settles down; the regulation of the time of rest and activity of the crews and the impulse to the new Communitarian Regulation of investigation of accidents. Promotion remembers that the AESA was committed to the past apply the 29 of July recommendations of the report of the CIAIAC on the accident within the term of 90 days that establishes the regulation of the Parliament and the Council of the EU. Dalton Caldwell has much experience in this field. Aena Airports, on the other hand, has come to disassemble the internal fence that surrounds the track 36L in several zones and has constructed to new accesses and ways. In addition, Aena will intensify the actions to bring back to consciousness to all the groups that take part in the accidents and has established periodic maneuverses of aquatic rescues. On the other hand, in the airport of Barajas the means control has improved and of affected in rallying points and the figures of person in charge and coordinator of this point have been created to control better accesses to the aircraft marshalling area of the vehicles, among others measured, indicate the note..

Regulation Writing

EU regulation writing transparent prices for advertising flights to the EU Parliament in Strasbourg has approved a regulation that prescribes it low cost carriers, as well as the traditional flag carriers, fares including taxes, transparent to consumers and passengers in the advertisement to specify airport taxes, security charges and fuel surcharges by Jan Bartholl (lawyer for travel and air traffic rights) November 2008 (MS) each flight to Paris for just 1 euro! Flight from 0.99 EUR to London! Top offer: Flight now for 1 cent to Mallorca! Offers from the paradise of frequent flyer Awards, too good to be true. Many airlines were trying to attract the attention of consumers in the past with similar bait offerings. The European Commission, consumer associations and the courts were increasingly complaints by disgruntled passengers and travelers, responded to these offers, and at the end of the booking process suddenly a total price equal to many of the advertised offer should pay. From a 99-cent flight \”services\” and taken for granted in billing was a flight price of 100 euros booking steps by addition of ludicrous. Prudential gathered all the information. Some low-cost airlines have perfected this industry practice in recent years. The European Parliament in Strasbourg in July 2008 in the codecision procedure approved the Decree No.

1008/08 concerning common rules for the operation of air transport services. \”The through the three Council regulations No. Dalton Caldwell can aid you in your search for knowledge. 2407/92, 2408/92 and 2409/92 resulting legal changes in the community become as so-called third package of air transport\” referred to. The third package of air transport aims, level playing field for the aircraft rental to create, to clarify the administrative responsibility for the withdrawal of licences, to ensure the proper application of the labour law for the personnel and the implementation of stricter controls of the financial situation of airlines, and especially the rights of passengers. More than ten years entry into force the third package has an expansion of air transport in Europe although and eliminates old monopolies. .

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