The Great Wall

Time, location, urgency, more or less smooth blackmail, threat, concealment of the truth or manipulation will always be detected! It is better to engage in a sincere, human and mutually beneficial to always obtain the greatest benefit of a negotiation. Also, the exciting feeling of triumph should not exist in a negotiation because there is always a feeling of humiliation on the other side and this is always unacceptable. If you think that the other party does not see all the positive possibilities for him, let him do with elegance. The maxim of a negotiation is that the success of the other part is our success. However, pressure tactics are? Wear: It means to cling to one's position without making any concessions in order to exhaust the other hand until it subsides. It is also known as the tactic of "The Great Wall." Attack: Understanding by such intimidation, the rejection of any attempt by the other party to calm things down. The real objective is to intimidate.

Do not offend or humiliate. The recess: That is to postpone the negotiations to save time, analyze the situation and break the negotiation opponent. The scam: In order to mislead or lure to persuade the other party to yield to our demands. Others would also be the ultimatum, the increasing demands, pressures demanding a higher authority, the good man, inconvenience to the opposing party by choosing locations that make you feel undervalued (in this tactic include the continuous interruption of the negotiation with phone calls …) playing with time stretching sessions for their own benefit, for example, to exhaust the other hand, every little bit of haggling, the exchange rate, etc.

Getting Past The War In Iraq

In surveys, it surpassed the Iraq war, which perhaps has become a kind of uncomfortable noise in the mind of the personage , says Brooks Jackson, director of the Annenberg Political Fact Check. We will get through a dark period, unprecedented in home prices and the price of energy. Nobody knows how far it will reach. The difference between the two major candidates is clear fiscal policy of each. Obama wants tax cuts the Bush administration expire at the end of 2010, as scheduled. His intention is to provide new tax incentives for low-income workers, seniors, students and companies starting their business. When McCain launched his campaign, opposed tax cuts because, he claimed, favored the rich and were a drag on government resources in times of war.

Now, says the cuts should continue, because if finished, will cause an increase in tax burden at a time when the economy is already weakened. McCain also wants to reduce the percentage of the tax on corporate income from 35% to 25%. Obama is in favor of the rebate, but did not specify how much would the reduction. Besides, it increase the tax on capital gains for Americans with annual income of $ 250,000 or more per year, while McCain would maintain current tax rates on capital gains and dividends.En the campaign, Obama said Bush is a fiscal irresponsibility , and that McCain is in the race to meet the third term of George Bush a “only even more irresponsible.

Passport Contract

The contract prescribes the term of the loan (according to the law it does not exceed 1 year, but most pawn shops are usually not credited for more than thirty days), the amount of assessment and credit, as well as the rate on the loan, and the opportunity to order early, including parts, loan repayment or lack of such opportunities. Loan contract formalized by the issuance of collateral pawn ticket, it contains the basic properties of credit information about borrowers. Another instance of mortgaging the ticket is left in a pawnshop. After the time limit specified the loan agreement, the passport and a pledge card, paid the debt with interest and return the item to the owner. If the debt is not repaid, you can make surcharge by paying only the interest during the past period, and extend the contract for another some time.

In any situation, according to the law there is a grace month during which the thing is stored in a pawnshop, and the interest is considered under the old rate, so no fines or extra costs (such as paying for storage) should not be. After the grace period thing is unclaimed and shall be implemented. No additional operations is not carried out because of the loan contract contains a own obligations to the pawnshop. Unclaimed thing is realized through the sale. If the estimated amount exceeds 30 thousand rubles, it is being implemented purely at public auction. And in the ordinary pawn shops of this kind accidents are rare – usually the amount of credit for one thing rarely exceeds 20 000. Upon completion of the implementation of things to the customer requirements pawnshop eliminated, even if the amount received in the sale, not enough for full satisfaction.

History Of Insurance

Insurance – one of the oldest categories of socio-economic relations. Mark Bertolini might disagree with that approach. The origins of the insurance goes into such a distant past that the exact time of its occurrence is not possible. It originated when the society has only were the relations of property and commodity relations. Speaking about the antiquity of this kind of economic relations, often recall the biblical parable of the Egyptian Pharaoh who dreamed of coming out of the Nile waters seven fat cows, and then – seven lean, fat eaten. Summoned to the Pharaoh Joseph decipher this dream as seven fertile years and seven lean and suggested that in good years required reserves in case of lean years. The original meaning of the term "insurance" comes from the root meaning "fear." Various dangers lay in wait for man is always and everywhere.

Fear of fires, floods, raids, bandits and other hazards was quite natural reaction of people. Insurance began to be called the separation of danger (fear) with other people, its transmission stronger. At all times the owner property was worried for his safety and accordingly for their material well-being. It is on this basis, the idea of pecuniary damage through joint layout between the concerned owners property. If every owner tried to repair the damage at his own expense, then he would have to create material or in cash, equal to the value of his property, which, naturally, is not economically justified and ruinous. In fact, it is difficult to imagine in real life owner of a small shoe repair shops, barely make ends meet, but managed to defer an amount equal to the cost of this workshop, contingency.

Get A Loan Easy? Get Rid Of Illusions !

Experts say that the market for consumer credit and express slowly getting back to normal. On the one hand, it is true. On the other – on their own to get a loan these days is very difficult, and even if you do this, you will be strangled by exorbitant interest. Banks actively advertise the ease of obtaining credit and the minimum requirements for the borrower. As a rule, for the paperwork necessary to have Russian citizenship, permanent record and stable job with a level of income sufficient to pay as loan payments and interest. Such conditions are quite manageable for most Russians, but banks do not want to play by their same rules of the game. Advertising promises are radically different from the real market situation. These days, the borrower's check is not just carefully – it literally examined under a microscope.

Relevant factors such as: age and sex man, his marital status, the presence of liquid assets, stability and duration of professional activity, the frequency of job changes, credit history, the level of monthly costs and much more. By Essentially, lenders take into account every detail, and for this reason, the number of failures under consideration by the client applications is constantly growing. At the moment, the share of exemption forms 60-70% of total number of applications for loans. This means that the desired amount received less than half of people applying to banks. Reached the point that banks denied credit based on the scope of professional activities of the borrower. In particular, if you work in construction or retail trade, then the loan can be forgotten. If you want to get out of this unfair terms, do not try to beat my head against the wall. To overcome bureaucratic and distrust banks own you are unlikely, however, as to reduce the interest rate. But the specialized mortgage centers in this situation can have a very good help, because they not only help the borrower borrow, but also picked up for him the best credit program that most directly affects the value of monthly payments.

Discount Cards

What is a discount card? "- A similar question today can be heard more often. The reason for it is that such cards had already introduced many hypermarkets, department stores and companies, and many clients they have successfully enjoy. But, unfortunately, some buyers are still not very well have information on this issue. This was the occasion for writing this article to tell you more about discount cards, thus answering Your questions and allay some doubts. Discount cards – is primarily an opportunity to save a civilized manner. In many countries the use of loyalty cards has long been a daily occurrence, but to us it has come relatively recently. These cards look different. Most often it is a plastic card equipped with a barcode.

Also it may just be paper card, which indicates what kind of discount you get. But it is important note that the discount cards guarantee a discount only in strict compliance with all rules governing their use. For example, the card must be present prior to calculate the final amount, and even more so before been knocked out cashier's check. Likewise, often discount discount cards are not applicable in times of stock sales and the seller can not be combined with other discount cards. There are several types of discount cards, which work certain principles. Let us try to figure them out: – The most common standard discount card that provides a fixed discount percentage of the amount of payment. Such a map can be obtained free, such as making a purchase at a certain sum, by taking part in a promotion or as a gift from the company.

The Inventory

Use of reserve sub-account reflected a debit of 471 correspondence with the credit sub-accounts: – 661 – the amount of accrued vacation and compensation for unused vacation days – 651, 652, 653, 656 – the amount of accrued vacation or compensation for contributions to social insurance funds. Not always reserve the amount of accrued vacation leave and cover the amount falling on their social contributions. Particularly often such a situation occurs in the summer, when employees go on leave en masse. In this case, it is important Remember: you can not use the pool more than it has been accrued. For this reason, there can be a debit balance on the sub-account 471.

Sum leave (and social contributions) are not covered by a reserve, to be assessed due to costs reporting period. Inventory reserves as we noted above, the provision for vacation pay is collateral. According to paragraph 18 of R (s) will ensure the balance of 1911 are reviewed at each balance sheet date and, if necessary adjusted (decreased or increased). At the same time, according to another document – 11.10 Instruction number 69 – inventory reserves for future expenses and payments is to test the validity of the balance of the sums on the date of inventory, conformity to the approved administrative head of enterprise document list created reserves. As we see, P (s) A 11 provides that the review of provision for vacation pay to spend each balance sheet date, and the instruction number 69 – the date of the inventory, ie, once a year.

How To Keep Your Job In Times Of Crisis

Before the experts declared that the country had entered a recession, there were signs that hard times lay ahead. Now that the unemployment rate is getting higher, many wonder how to keep their jobs in times of crisis. Here are some steps to help you cope with the crisis. ca.html’>–262––262––262–ca.html–262–ca.html desk. Do not just what their job description says: those who work with enthusiasm are more likely to keep their jobs, the value they bring to the company. Get training constantly Stay updated with regard to their profession. Find resources outside the company who can help improve your performance. Stay busy: If you are talking passes next to the water fountain or drinking coffee, it is likely that his name appears on the next round of layoffs. Offer help to their superiors or colleagues: When they get orders to cut staff, it is advisable that you contact your boss and colleagues and ask them how you can help.

This way someone will see it as flexible who is interested in the company forward. Never ask your boss about job security: Do not become anxious about job insecurity. They can be identified as weak for a team in difficult times. Postpone your vacation: In times of crisis is not the time to not be present at work. Employee “but dissatisfied? a “If you are looking for another job so be careful. Do not give signs of dissatisfaction or seeking employment using the resources of the employer. Constantly evaluate their work a “Ask yourself if you meet the objectives of the company, consider if there tasks that can improve or if it can be innovative to achieve goals that benefit the company. to visit our website and explore a different way to generate income from your own home.