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Organize your business by placing it above all activities you need to do on your computer. Daily should propose that, before consulting your e-mail or search for anything, do the most important task which, at that time, require your business to make money. Up to emails or more urgent calls must wait, first meets your business, then that will be your source of income. To do this in a more orderly way, prepare a list of 5 or 6 tasks having slopes to improve your site and your business; prepare it the day before so to sit at your computer, you already know what what to do and avoid hesitation and forgetfulness. If there is hesitation it will be tempted to do nothing, and then there is the Facebook, Twitter, the Messenger or the Google search to de-stress a while. I can assure you that, when you get used to first fulfill the tasks corresponding to improve your business, you will feel a wave of indescribable inner satisfaction; Although the task may have been small, it was something that made you advance one more step in his positive way and this action will provide upbeat mood for the rest of the day. Later, if you want to see how many emails you want, how many pages or sites you want to or chat everything you like. Your task is now accomplished.

Try to do this every day for a month.Already by that time you will have formed a new habit of work whose consequences will be extremely positive and your business will have found that magic moment to boost flight towards success.Concentrate on doing things that increase their chances of victory. Sigua doing it, day after day, month after month. Impose rules and meet their goals. Original author and source of the article

Brazilian Country

THE SUCCESS OF THE SURMOUNTINGS IN BRAZIL Welinton Dos Santos is economist and psicopedagogo The surmountings in Brazil continue growing, same international the economic crisis, did not hinder the development it sector in the country. In the exterior, the growth exists with lesser intensity that the Brazilian. The sector of footwear and personal accessories was what more it grew with increase of invoicing of the order of 44,8% in 2008, exists positive expectations for 2009. In 2008, exactly I shake with it of the financial system, the pursuing grew 19.5% in invoicing and 15.2% in number of nets compared with 2007. The only segment of surmounting that made bitter a retraction was of cleanness and the conservation with fall -1,4%. I also detach the increase, feeding 20%, sport-beauty 25.8%, would hotelaria and tourism 11.8%, clothes 20%, vehicles 31.7%, furniture and decorations 7%, education 3%.

In cri$e real chances appear, but to prevent errors in the management and assembly of a company also is essential, making with that the pursuing of franchising pass to have attractive the still biggest one of reduction of operational risks, technician and financiers in the management of a new business. The warm internal demand and the access of classrooms C and D to the consumption have stimulated the maintenance of investments of the sector. The projections of the ABF Brazilian Association of Franchising is well optimistical for 2009, esteem a 13% growth, considering the factor crisis. It has the possibility of some gaps of the market can be busy for surmountings, the financial stability of the country, the economic policy and the return of the credits, facilitates the search of new entrepreneurs. As Brazil is seen in the exterior as one of the most promising routes of investment of the present time, the attention of nets of international surmountings for the country, tends to increase.

Eurojuris Spain Article

Transcendence which in practice can have such a provision is clear: do you want to this say that if, as collateral for a debt, I get an endorsement of a company of which I am partner (or group of companies) and this is declared in competition, I will lose my endorsement? Will I lose it also if I am Managing Director (general representative) of a company that owed me several concepts that I are secured by bank guarantee? A restrictive reading of the text of article 97.2 would harm the creditor with aval particularly related with the debtor, since it would mean that in any case the judge of the competition without further formalities issue an order declaring extinguished the guarantee granted in his favor. Some authors have criticized that there is a propensity of judges in mercantile to such strict interpretations and argue that, as regards article 97.2, the judge must ponder the circumstances of the case before applying the drastic measure of extinguishing the endorsement. In this sense, cite Martin Aresti considerations: the breadth of situations covered by article 97.2 LC allows you to imagine cases in which its application will put just brake to fraudulent manoeuvres, particularly where the bankrupt is a legal person. Should be avoided, for example, the administrator who has granted loans to the society declared in competition circumvents the consequences which can cause the crisis facing the society about his personal wealth (and in this regard, of which, from their administrator status, is no stranger) demanding that the guarantors of the obligation of refund the fulfillment of the guarantee, thus regaining the credit which holds against the company apart from the competition. But the application of the rule to cases in which there is no appreciating this elusive spirit will lead also to, for example, professional guarantor is released against the partner of good faith who tried to avail themselves of the business by concluding an onerous warranty on the obligation of restitution of the loan granted to the company for this. Unfortunately, the current wording of the quoted article 97.2 not gives rise to one such ponderadora work of the judge, so there is a high risk that this without further annul the guarantee in question. Mariano Jimenez RenedoMariscal & Asociados, AbogadosMiembro of Eurojuris Spain original author and source of the article.


Greetings Sanchez, let me explain something, the first 3 steps 1 – establish the need of information 2 – specify research objectives and the needs of information 3 – determining sources of data are strictly information gathering is impossible to launch a product without the remaining steps, I explain in a simple way, then these 3 steps continue with the ND 4 th which is the compilation; observation, surveys and interviews to name the most common while there is a varied amount of tools that detallare them in future articles. Without this step (as VAS namely know to that segment or TARGET are going to launch launch the product) continue with the 5th design the sample; You need a clear definition on the population that is going to take the sample. If you do not realize this step does LANZARIAS the product to TODA LA population? IMPOSSIBLE is indispensable to this step (unless that is a product of first necessity as some basic basket con some excepciones let’s 6th collect data; The selection, training and control of the interviewers are essential in effective market research studies. These are the most expensive and which some company wants to ignore without knowing that these staff depends on a large percentage of the th product launch success continue with the 7th process data; imagine that data are not processed and we tabulemos and we codify randomly do you think that the result is reliable?, consumer becomes more intelligent and more adapted to technology already up to know of these advertising tricks that were previously unaware continue with the 8 th analyze data; remains indispensable because it is here where your. as marketer or Publisher analyze the pros and cons of this result and finally the 9th since you are going to ignore the present results; There is where explain in detail the steps you followed to get to the final conclusion. Only imagine that some accounts assign you launch or re-launch of a product through its lifecycle and don’t give them these details. I end with this friend Sanchez commenting you that almost 100% of the publicist not likes the marketing by the statistical calculations and analysis, but is one of my goals to create the culture that this tool targets have a higher chance of generating results 100% effective but that creative ability and dedication by which is known to the Publisher. There is something for which I have fought with my students and from what I see in Colombia is equal. (The research syndrome) this without wanting to sound clinical but according to the population of students with whom I have interacted suffer from that. You explain that your concern is for a job which you assigned your teacher wins prestigious (a), do not know the details of this evaluation all this you’ve tried transmit is a personal opinion which I defend, I respect my colleagues from the neighboring country strategies and you I confirm you write I am a marketer greetings, stay in contact original author and source of the article.

Fantastic Trip

A trip through the medieval Occitan, is always a rewarding trip, but if you also have a calendar of major activities carried out in Pays Cathare, as they call it, can be an amazing, amazing journey and at the same time, full of great sensations. For starters, we can esciribir on the summer agenda of the Group OC, a creative group of fantastic spectacles, with totally innovative techniques. This group, born in 1999, the hand of Christian Sales and under his direction, has with musicians, dancers, acrobats and a large assortment of specialists of the image and the sound, which achieved a spectacular set of effects with natural and magical scenarios. In his repertoire have a show called Cathares that throughout the summer interpreted in different scenarios and whose agenda is as follows: Friday, July 3 at Mazeres (La Halle) (reserves anticipated to the phone ++ 33 5 61 69 42 04) Sunday, July 12 at the castle of Puilaurens (reserves anticipated to the phone ++ 33 4 68 20) (65 26) Friday, July 17 at gorges (Gorges) of Minerva (reserves anticipated to the phone ++ 33 4 68 91 31 75) Tuesday July 28 in the walls of Nebian (reserves anticipated to the Tel. ++ 33 6 61 18 01 87) from 6th to August 16, at the Cite de Carcassonne (reserves anticipated to the phone ++ 33 4 68 11 59 15) on the other handin many cities and towns of the Pays Cathare, medieval festivals during the summer, including worthy to be witnessed espedtaculos are performed. But it is also this year 2009 it coincides with the 8th centenary of the beginning of the crusade against the Cathars and the country, and this fact is exploited to enhance all acts and activities. Some of the most important are: Carcassonne, the place that everyone should visit, his Cite, declared World Heritage site by UNESCO, is an impressive place for its grandeur and magnificence.

And Now Who Can Defend Us

AND NOW; WHO can defend ourselves by: Tania D. Felix Perez society today is part of an era full of differences. Which often arise from injustices, which as defined by some authors or philosophers are necessary for good organization. The political elite is part of the large corporations that dominate the world in general since they exist although it is represented differently in every place, peoples, countries, States, ranches, etc. all have one of their own. However most of these are written by people who had or has one of the most common terms of our times; capital, which can be defined as money, culture, force, influences etc. Those who lead us to the cherished power.

But why only they have opportunities to Excel?, Sera that are unique with their intelligence?, what makes us totally back us conformists?. Currently the society According to their opinions and acts is totally unhappy but at the same time, you can not prove it, since we are victims of the already so common favors chains linked by those who have the power; media, politicians, drug traffickers, etc already using fear as a main strategy speech l violence. I.e. you have, can and is the only one that is worth. The father gives you the post to their children and these who should be, leaving the interests General (of citizens) as a hook to what you personally want to get. We are always comparing ourselves with those who have more, forgetting those who every day suffer from working, eating or sleeping with dignity and who dream to have opportunity to attend school. Far reach?, where are the values?, will be arriving to become extinct? , When we will stop thinking in power, if most of us? It is acting according to their convenience?, and now who can defend us?. Original author and source of the article.


They may 2006 for these two countries will subscribe with Bolivia, eight cooperation agreements in various areas that would strengthen to the Bolivarian alternative for the Americas (ALBA), part of the agreements that have been negotiated were referred to cooperation in the field of health and education. They will also subscribe understandings, to develop joint projects, in charge of State-owned enterprises of hydrocarbons. In January 2007 in Caracas the integration in all directions between Venezuela and Cuba it was strengthened today by a group of agreements in the areas of transport, communications, finance, agriculture, mining, industry, tourism and energy, signed in the presence of President Hugo Chavez and the Vice-President of the Council of State of Cuba, Carlos Lage, among the documents are those that promote the creation of 12 joint ventures. The importance of the agreements signed by both countries emphasizes investments in the steel industry, and especially in the production of stainless steel, which currently Cuba imports and may not do so with the help of Cuban nickel, other documents have to do with the production of rice in Venezuela to export to Cuba and a credit to improve the rail networks of the Isla.Venezuela and Cuba signed in December 2007 14 cooperation agreements in strategic areasfour of the agreement correspond to the area energy, three are for the bilateral financing, while the remainder are for the mining, food production, local development and industrial projects, equally, the Constitution is agreed on three joint ventures: mortars Artemis S.A., cement Santiago S.A. and the bi-national society of integration Socialist, Cuvenpeq S.A, whose statutes are contained in another agreement. Energy agreements will allow the increase of the Santiago de Cuba refinery refining capacity, as well as the development of the manufacturing industries of petrochemistry in this city. They will also allow the expansion of the chemical and petrochemical industry in the localities of Ciego de avila, Nuevitas and large Sagua and of the petrochemical in the province of Cienfuegos.