Public Administration

This flexibility is a proper characteristic of the SRP9. In this direction, administrator must keep control on the registered prices and the practised ones in the market, with the objective to prevent acts of contract for abusive prices and to keep the economic-financial balance, that must be preserved not alone in the SRP as in contracts in general, firmed with the Administration, for being about principle of constitutional nature, consecrated in article 37, interpolated proposition XXI of the CF/8810. In the SRP, the mechanism used for maintenance of the economic-financial balance it is the negotiation. Both the involved parts? Administration and supplier? they can request the revision of the registered prices. The parameter will have to be the price of mercado9.

In accordance with the article 15 of the law of licitations and contracts, the purchases, whenever possible, will have to be processed by means of the SRP5. Jayme Albin oftentimes addresses this issue. When commenting this article, Bittencourt (2006, P. 64) assevera that the SRP is not option and yes one ' ' legal imposition in the use of systematics as rule, adopting other forms only in situations excepcionais' ' 11. Sentence 56/99? Plenary assembly of the Court of Accounts of Unio (TCU) recommends that the SRP? it must be rule: ' ' whenever present one of the permissive hypotheses, to process, preferential, the acquisitions of good for intermediary of the SRP' ' 12. In this direction, the adoption of the SRP in the purchases and act of contract of services of the Public Administration only must be rule, abstaining itself the materials and the services that are not fit in the concept of ' ' goods and services freqentes' ' , as it establishes the article 2 of Decree 3.931/017. The comprometimento of the team are of basic importance so that the process of implantation of the efficient SRP either, becoming necessary that the effort of the involved group is not in such difficult way to discourage.

Average Age

When writing the Manifest classic of the communist party, Marx did not intend to make forecasts regarding the future world-wide economy. However, it visualized the trend of the creation of a globalizado world, without borders for the circulation of good, capital and hand of workmanship: The old feudal organization of the industry, where this circumscribed age the closed corporations, already could not satisfy to the necessities that grew with the opening of new markets. It substituted it to the manufacture. Danske Bank shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The small industrial bourgeoisie supplanted the masters of the corporations; the division of the work between the different corporations disappeared ahead of the division of the work inside of the proper workshop. Filed under: MetLife.

However, the markets extended each time more: the search of merchandises always increased. The proper manufacture became insufficient; then, the vapor and the machinery had revolutionized the industrial production. The great modern industry supplanted the manufacture; the average manufacturing bourgeoisie yielded place to millionaire of the industry, to the heads of true industrial armies, to the bourgeois modern. The great industry created the world-wide market chemical preparation for the discovery of America: the world-wide market prodigiously sped up the development of the commerce, the navigation and the medias for land. This development reacted in turn on the extension of the industry; e, to the measure that the industry, the commerce, the navigation, the railway ways if developed, grew the bourgeoisie, multiplying its capitals and relegating as plain the classrooms bequeathed for the Average Age. (MARX, 2010, p 7) a globalizada society would be harmful to the common citizen, and the prevention of this badly would be given, according to author, through a revolution of the proletariat in desfavor of the bourgeoisie and the subsequent implantation of a socialist regimen.

The Income

It argues that nobody goes to be looking at very for this while the picture of the economy to continue recessivo, same that the exit perspective starts aparecer.’ ‘ The government can continue spending, same losing prescription, until some yellow light if lights signaling that the reason debt the GIP goes to go up in relation to the passed year, what not yet aconteceu’ ‘. According to survey between the federal tributes, the May jib occurred in the Cofins, whose collection shrank R$3,22 billions. After that, it came the IPI, that relieved R$2,14 billions to less. Prudential contains valuable tech resources. The tax burden in 12 months reached 36.46% in March, against 36,56% in the end of 2008. On the other hand the contribution to the INSS was the tribute that greater had collection increase (R$ 4,70 billion).

Prescriptions of trabalhoO president of the IBPT standes out that, exactly with the crisis, she did not have loss of prescription in the case of the referring tributes to the wage-earning work. MetLife insists that this is the case. The Income tax on these incomes presented increase of 0,9% in the first trimester. According to Amaral, the correction of the table and the creation of the aliquot ones of 7,5% and 22,5% since January of this year – factors that not yet reduce the values deducted in contrachecks had affected the collection. Other examples are the prescription of the INSS and of the FGTS. In the two cases, the increases are practically equal: 11.65% and 11.78%, respectively. These numbers show that, although the innumerable resignations after the crisis, the jobs with register in wallet have crescido.

Syndical Relations

The symptoms of the illness had appeared in 2009. At the time, we guide the employee how much to the treatment and the necessity of removal, also to plead acidentrio benefit next to the INSS. It occurs that, as is normal in the case, the friend preferred not to expose itself, was from fear a possible resignation and to suffer persecution in the environment from work. However, after the treatment the worker did not get improvement. Also had to the frantic work and the continuous exposition to the risk factors. Fact that only made to get worse its clinical and professional situation, has seen its decline of production due to illness. After the resignation, one more time we guide Jaqueline to search its rights.

It got certified medical finding with the license of the work and the diagnosis of all the treatment made since 2009. With this in hands, was directed it the unit of the INSS, where was evidenced the labor incapacity with causal nexus? the work? being granted the benefit acidentrio. With this documentation, we look the department of Syndical Relations of the bank and obtain to reintegrate trabalhadora' '. e) Third-party claims: The INSS comes promoting innumerable actions based on article 120 of Law 8,213/91, that it makes use on thus the called Third-party claim. These come increasing in number, as it is evidenced in the site of the AGU, in substance published in 28/03/2011, authorship of Fernando Maciel (7): ' ' In face of the economic-social relevance of the subject, the INSS, for intermediary of Office of the attorney general-Generality Federal (PGF), comes implementing an institucional position of proactive character, represented for the intensification of the filling of a suit of the acidentrias third-party claims. It is registered that, in the period of 1991 2007, in Brazil they had the 2007 been filed a suit 223 actions, what it represents an annual average of 14 the fillings of a suit.

Racial Equality

How much bigger the escolaridade level, minor would be in the distance enters the incomes of the not black blacks and; however, a fact ' ' curioso' ' it was verified in this analysis: the blacks with incomplete complete and superior education average had had 4,5% profits and the not black ones had had 12,6% addition; for the blacks with superior education it had reduction of 9,7% and for the not black addition of 1,4%. That is, even though with qualification, however the insertion difficulty persists productive however me the remuneration for the given works. Soon, still it has very work for the Secretariat of Politics of Promotion of the Racial Equality? SEPPIR. The promotion of actions continued with the three governmental spheres (federal, state and municipal) already is sufficiently intense, significant and coesa, but the attempt of improvement in the quality of life of a population that inherits the escravistas stigmata, doubtlessly, is not an easy task. In the area of work, job and income, this fight for the equity is still bigger. After all, ' ' the work market is a relation of being able that it refers to, permeia and involves all the forms and spheres of the life social' '.

(Claus Offe, 1985) At last, the promotion, the accompaniment and the evaluation of affirmative actions urge face to the favorable reality of the market of work for the blacks in Brazil. To fight this shameful and precarious social situation must be the uninterrupted fight of the politics of promotion of the racial equality. After all, paraphrasing the epigraph of the group Carioca Farofa, this etnia that made and makes history, that insurance this country in the arm, that fought (and still fight) subtle and bravely for justice and respect she is not worthy to continue being the meat cheapest of the market. REFERENCES BORGES, ngela. Market of work: more than one decade of precarizao. In: DRUCK, Favour. FRANC, Tnia (org). The loss of the corporate name of the work: terceirizao and precarizao.

They are Pulo: Boitempo, 2007. OAK, Jose Murilo of. Citizenship in Brazil: the long way. 5 ed. Rio De Janeiro: Brazilian civilization, 2004. OFFE, Claus. Disorganized capitalism: transformations contemporaries of the work and the politics. So Paulo: Brasiliense, 1985. SANTANA, Olvia. Available in. Access in: 06.12.10 I KNOW (Supervision of Economic and Social Studies of the Bahia). Available in. Access in: 11.12.10

Company National Publishing

The internal production of industrial goods was valued, in contrast of agriculture. plan prioritized the investments in infrastructure and electric energy, stimulated the increase of the production of intermediate goods and stimulated the introduction of the durable sectors of consumption and capital. Later, the country lived a period of spectacular economic growth, together with the growth of the external debt. The Economic Miracle characterized for high taxes of growth and a considerably stabilized inflation. To the end of this work, the economic development is concluded that Brazil was developed economically mainly for the coming of the industry of industrial goods and for the foreign financings in the economy of the country, that had made possible the expansion of the internal economic activity of the country, making possible. .


When an beginning one in the stock market starts to invest, one of its first wills is to buy some actions. A bit of PETR4 (Petrobra’s), a bit of VALE5 (Valley of the River Candy) e, in the possible measure do, a bit of that it seems to be more or less good. This if calls diversification, or in said popular, to place its eggs in some different baskets. In this article I explain because this is a bad idea. Already the great bilionrio investor Warren Buffett said: ' ' Diversification is a protection against the ignorance, does not make no direction for that they know what fazer.' ' Buffett said this because it knows that to buy some actions in the attempt to diminish the risks he is bad therefore, at the same time where its risk probably will diminish, its profits will also diminish, leaving it thus, with neutral incomes for drawn out periods of time. If a company to declare insolvent, you will lose money with its action and this is horrible.

But if at the same time a company will have fantastic profits and if to become new queridinha of the stock market, its profits will be tied up to with the damages of the company whom it declared insolvent. Soon, you will not lose nothing when she could lose but also she will not gain nothing when she could earn. He is obvious that this is an extreme example, however the trend is that the potential of its investments is total diluted with the time. But then if to diversify is bad to profit sufficiently, the certainty is not to diversify nothing? This is another point in which the beginning investor if loses with frequency. To have only one action can be so harmful for you of what to have 50 actions at the same time.

In the truth, if this only action to give problems to you, as its money is all in it, its damages could be fatal and its economies? Of course they will turn dust. He is extremely dangerous to invest in an only action, the profit potential is enormous but the loss potential is total. of this form also of the one not to invest. solution for these problems is very simple, is in the half term. Not it possesss action excessively and nor of less. One remembers what the Buffett said, only diversifies if you do not have the minimum idea of as to invest in the stock exchange. If you do not want to study e, consequentemente, you do not want to take the action market the serious one to be able to enrich one day, you will protect you to the diversification of its ignorance. Perhaps you are not rich never but at least she will not have that to raise 1 finger for this. On the other hand, if you want to invest rationally, you prevent to possess many actions. He selects several (ones 20) and then, compares them ones with the others and is only with the actions of the companies with better beddings and potential greater of growth for the future. In the end, it is probable that you finish with in the maximum 6 actions of high quality, one of each different sector. Of this form, you he will not be investing very or little but yes, in the certain measure.

Economic Development

Considering as definition of that the growth of a economy can be mensurado by the increase of some factors as force of work, national prescription saved and onslaught (capital reserve), and technological perfectioning, or of a simpler and quantitative form, for the addition of goods and services produced for a nation and divided by the total of inhabitants. On the other hand economic development has as characteristic more qualitative, therefore it is the form that the income of a nation is distributed between its inhabitants, that is, the way as the produced resources return the society are in form of basic services as health, education, job, or generating the welfare as increase of the income, reduction of the hunger, poverty, amongst other things. This is the great challenge of the capitalism, a time that I eat we can see has an enormous precipice separating growth and development and an enormous inaquality in the income distribution, therefore bigger part of the gotten resources is concentrated with few, if we divided the south world in two parts and north, the first one would be with 80% of the financial resources, being inhabited for only 20% of the total population of the planet while second she would be proportionally inverse, must stand out that in comparison the other times it had a same improvement that little significant in the distribution of income, but in comparison with the growth of the nations still is very little. We conclude that growth is something quantitative, related with the capacity of production of a nation, whereas development is something more qualitative, on to the way as the income is distributed enters the inhabitants generating welfare, however we must stand out that a nation can grow and economically not be developed, but it does not obtain to develop itself without growing evidencing the existing dependence between as and the first one..

Contraction Point

When some signals of retrocession are observed are arrived the contraction. This in general unchains wild race in the administrations, either in the companies, the government, the alternative businesses and each one search, trying to all protect the cost of the avalanche that if designates. A process of analysis and studies is initiated, thus searching one better norteamento for the necessary changes, acting as antidotes against the recess, all try to mold themselves and to leave unharmed. through this check up of ideas, the individuals, in general, goes if adaptando to survive satisfactorily, but, unhappyly, nor all obtain. However, exactly with as many pertinent studies, it is not known of where comes the cause, where if it originated. Studious they point as reasons, especially, the deceleration of the market, the decrease of the commercial activity, the decline of the tax of economic growth, the shrinking of the economy, at last, always in this same line. However, we know that previous to everything this had a cause – great and exemplary conclusions of studious they are most certain – but, in do not show the reality to them of its origin, only the unchained effect, far from being the beginning of all this recessivo process.

To study the cause and its origin is the main and nevrlgico point. We go to understand a little! Everything is initiated with proper human being and its action. For example, the lack of idoneousness, extreme and desregrados moral, behaviors. At last, continuously the human being search to so only get to be able, status, ownerships, the domain on the other in detriment of whatsoever, without measuring consequences. This yes is the first cause of these wild disequilibria, bringing as many difficulties, therefore, it goes compromising, businesses, commerce, groups, companies, corporations, cities, states, countries, and finally, the outcome is globalizado. Worse it is that for many until lack what for a table.


To make money with an idea for Internet How to know if an Idea is Commercially viable in Internet? Analyses FODA the small opportunities are the beginning of great companies. Demstenes 352 a. C. In the traditional trade a technique exists that denominates analysis FODA. FODA is apcope of: Strengths, Opportunities, Weaknesses and Threats.

These words are used to establish strategies and the viability of the companies in relation to the market and to the demand for a product or service. You can apply analysis FODA in your business online she wishes when it, but she is recommended to do it when its business still is an idea; this way we will have the advantage of knowing how viable is an idea to take it to the field of the businesses in Internet without of having established you rule more important to confront the commercial project without failing before the niche of chosen market and its particularitities. In order to make analysis FODA it only must take a pencil and a paper (or the notepad of its PC) and to write down its idea, next must place: Strengths: In this description it will have to indicate as they are those Strengths on which it will count its business online. They can be varied, from the fast attention to its own experience. Basically, one is how original, different and applicable it is its idea with respect to which already they exist. (Cercirese of which their idea is sufficiently creative, innovating, jeopardizes with the ethically sensible quality and to be able to soon resist it with the other points of the analysis) Opportunities: The basic questions of this description are: What opportunities of success have this idea? Where? Exists market? In order to respond them it must face the idea of his business from all the possible perspective, to managing to clarify the opportunities that it will have and offer before the chosen niche.