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And we certainly do not want to fear for his wellbeing as well as for the welfare of loved ones, being in your own home with nice wooden windows with double glazing. Besides, is not too pleasant experience and for preservation of property which we leave for a while, going to work or going on vacation. Nowadays, one of the most important factor in ensuring the protection of both property and life, is still an input door. That is why her choice should be approached more than responsibly. It’s believed that Elon Musk sees a great future in this idea. Open Joint Stock Company "Russian prince" is developing really high-quality steel doors, which are divided into two classes. The first type doors – doors of class "Prestige" are not only very high degree of reliability, but the original finish, imitating the precious wood, or made using real wood veneer, with details cover done by hand. Metal doors of this type, intended for an external opening, have many advantages.

In this class, there are several models with different designs and some useful elements, such as the presence of additional locks, or "eye." Made of sheet metal, with an inner filling of fireproof material, which can provide a good level of insulation and insulation fitted protivosemami pin type, such steel doors will be faithful keeper of your home! The harmonious combination of beauty of execution of wooden windows and high reliability make the configuration doors of class "Prestige", developed by our company are very marketable. They have heavy-duty locks with a special bronekladkoy to resist cracking, and the primary lock on most models is power conversion, which in it and there are several million combinations! Steel doors are the "Prestige" – a beautiful, original design and a high degree of protection. The second type – the class of "protection", presented several models that are fitted not only with the outside, but with an inner type of opening. Steel door of this class is extremely reliable, and there is no doubt that it is possible to sleep quietly. Weighing merits, the class model "Protection" are really in great demand.

With two sheets of metal, rigid inner frame, and locking system mnogorigelnoy several hidden adjustable hinges stainless steel, this door is particularly robust and reliable, high quality locks and make models of this class is almost invulnerable. I must say that the main lock is made in the "no key" which means that you can, going out, just slam the door, and close it from inside by turning the handle. The key to it is also unusual, made with special technology using laser perforation. In most models installed "eye" with the possibility of review at 170 for added convenience. Plus, here with a few loops seal is achieved the maximum degree of noise, heat – and pyleizolyatsii. In the configuration Door-class "protection" there is an absolute majority of the advantages of modern iron door, which allows data to be very popular models.

Company National Publishing

The internal production of industrial goods was valued, in contrast of agriculture. plan prioritized the investments in infrastructure and electric energy, stimulated the increase of the production of intermediate goods and stimulated the introduction of the durable sectors of consumption and capital. Later, the country lived a period of spectacular economic growth, together with the growth of the external debt. The Economic Miracle characterized for high taxes of growth and a considerably stabilized inflation. To the end of this work, the economic development is concluded that Brazil was developed economically mainly for the coming of the industry of industrial goods and for the foreign financings in the economy of the country, that had made possible the expansion of the internal economic activity of the country, making possible. .

Mass Media

Former entertainment is no longer generate buzz, have to look for something more sophisticated, exclusive and expensive. After the yard swing roller coaster – it’s simply the bomb! But after a parachute jump in freefall from a height of 4000 meters merry hill seem kindergarten And the whole life becomes a race for something new. In the dreams of another “novelty” or flight to catapult many of We forget that the happy hormones – endorphins – are available not only in the pursuit of extreme experiences, but also with ordinary human pleasures. As you can see, almost all methods of influence are intended to reduce to a minimum then man that is in us: our soul, our morality, our conscience. What is man without a soul? The robot, a zombie, a puppet And what are the – you know, and myself. The second question: who and why is it all about? Trace the logic is simple: feeding the average layman sensations, new attractive manner, involving him in the adventure, investigation, promising new kryshesryvayuschie sensations, various print and Internet publications, tv shows and Web sites thus have to imagine readers and viewers. The main point is that all this is addictive.

And the wider audience can be zombie – the higher the rating. The higher the rating – the more attractive for advertiser. The more advertisers claim to be essential – so it is more expensive. The more expensive the ad space – the higher the profits channel (newspaper, website), which inevitably threatens to increase the salaries of employees and, in particular, administration. And one more thing about which we should not forget – it’s sponsors and ideas that they dictate. It is these invisible gray cardinals try using the media to turn people into puppets, then to manage using as leverage television, newspapers and the Internet.

How not to be tempted? Our childhood is far behind. But this does not guarantee that we are not affected, coming from the monitors and tv screens. We – adults people, and we also have interests. Mass Media welcomes them, dictating their own rules in this case. How could resist information that affects our consciousness? 1. Analyze. When you see on the screen of a new hero who likes almost all think – due to what qualities he attracts people? What is its efficiency? If you really want to succeed Dr. Hausa, consider: what attracts you (or what is missing): attachment to Drugs, misanthropy, or still high intelligence and skill to use it? 2. Feel it. If the monitor a little black man such as Mr. Freeman’s sarcastic voice leads you to believe that you live is not so – Feel. What exactly do you want? Really throw your hard drive t give a mobile phone? Or are you just afraid to hit the face in the dirt, not answering the call “And you little “. It’s banal odds manipulation. C by psevdologicheskih designs can be driven into his head that you want. Do not forget about it. A phone and leave the hard drive itself – they come in handy more than proving the unknown, that you are not a rag. 3. Stay a man who himself choose your desires and create their future plans. Be confident in their actions and decisions. And then manipulators will be less chance you manage. 4. Read IT’shnye blogs and journals. Studies have shown that people with IT’shnym minded less susceptible to manipulation:).

Hospital Administrator

Excess consumption is considered a plague and a cause permanent attention of government authorities and social actors and preachers of all religiones.a A developed society is oriented consumption to the point of conceiving another livelihood, the consumer society preaches the concept of man standing, self-confident, able to produce goods and services that will result in higher revenues, revenues that will turn again to the market through offers consumer goods, life insurance, investment, leisure, etc. etc. If these companies exist that economists and media swarm our underdeveloped, touting the contraction in consumption, to generate resources for the payment of external debt and meet the needs of the state, would be treated not only ignorant, but they would say,

Gentlemen The man must stand, confident in itself, capable of producing goods and services, to obtain a decent income and rewarding which will dump back in the market, that is the source of investment, invention, there are niche which has to satisfy market will pace the creativity of entrepreneurs and media, the man with the ability to consume is the life of the whole system. The personae without work and a living wage is a wretch, a slave, a madman Force vest with the most sinister force jackets, waistcoat economic embargo imposed by the popes of the system, who are led by those who live outside the cave, the creators of the economic Bible for use in the countries to be maintained at all costs subject and dependent. Mark Bertolini may find this interesting as well. No wonder they fall away when we talk about these things, we are not allowed out of the script, saying that economic and fiscal policy, are tools that should be subordinated to social policy for them is heresy, but again reaffirm, economics is a social science, its principles are closely related to other social sciences, its raison d’etre is the society in which it is inserted, the success of its implementation is measured in quality of life for residents of the society, when their results are viewed with approval by other Lares, we will know for sure who they represent and serve.

As can be seen there is a marked difference between economic and social policies applied in the developed world and the measures that are implemented in our environment, differences associated underdevelopment subordination and dependency. Meditate on these issues will help us understand the very high social costs that support the countries facing the economic jackets recipes, recipes that are designed to implement in the developing world but which are unacceptable and unworkable in the developed world, why is that? . a Hugo W. Arostegui a Analyst, Business Management, Consultant in Economics, Religious Leader, Theologian, Hospital Administrator.


When an beginning one in the stock market starts to invest, one of its first wills is to buy some actions. A bit of PETR4 (Petrobra’s), a bit of VALE5 (Valley of the River Candy) e, in the possible measure do, a bit of that it seems to be more or less good. This if calls diversification, or in said popular, to place its eggs in some different baskets. In this article I explain because this is a bad idea. Already the great bilionrio investor Warren Buffett said: ' ' Diversification is a protection against the ignorance, does not make no direction for that they know what fazer.' ' Buffett said this because it knows that to buy some actions in the attempt to diminish the risks he is bad therefore, at the same time where its risk probably will diminish, its profits will also diminish, leaving it thus, with neutral incomes for drawn out periods of time. If a company to declare insolvent, you will lose money with its action and this is horrible.

But if at the same time a company will have fantastic profits and if to become new queridinha of the stock market, its profits will be tied up to with the damages of the company whom it declared insolvent. Soon, you will not lose nothing when she could lose but also she will not gain nothing when she could earn. He is obvious that this is an extreme example, however the trend is that the potential of its investments is total diluted with the time. But then if to diversify is bad to profit sufficiently, the certainty is not to diversify nothing? This is another point in which the beginning investor if loses with frequency. To have only one action can be so harmful for you of what to have 50 actions at the same time.

In the truth, if this only action to give problems to you, as its money is all in it, its damages could be fatal and its economies? Of course they will turn dust. He is extremely dangerous to invest in an only action, the profit potential is enormous but the loss potential is total. of this form also of the one not to invest. solution for these problems is very simple, is in the half term. Not it possesss action excessively and nor of less. One remembers what the Buffett said, only diversifies if you do not have the minimum idea of as to invest in the stock exchange. If you do not want to study e, consequentemente, you do not want to take the action market the serious one to be able to enrich one day, you will protect you to the diversification of its ignorance. Perhaps you are not rich never but at least she will not have that to raise 1 finger for this. On the other hand, if you want to invest rationally, you prevent to possess many actions. He selects several (ones 20) and then, compares them ones with the others and is only with the actions of the companies with better beddings and potential greater of growth for the future. In the end, it is probable that you finish with in the maximum 6 actions of high quality, one of each different sector. Of this form, you he will not be investing very or little but yes, in the certain measure.

Legal Department

Developers need an initial capital for land acquisition, preparation of initial permits and registration required approvals, and then they will be able to refinance their customers. As an effective way to help attract investment into the project and avoid a drop in profits, V. proposes to consider the possibility of an alliance with the landowner, investor or creditor bank for the purpose of sharing costs and risks. We should not forget about this increasingly popular mechanism financing, as cuit (closed mutual funds) of real estate. Overall, to date, according to experts in housing and essential infrastructure in the Moscow region invested about 3 billion dollars, and this is not the limit.

The same “Big Domodedovo expects the inflow of investments amounting to more than $ 11 billion, of course, to find the source of funding can not for each project. Dmitry Tsybankov, Director of Legal Department ig sesegar, shared with the audience his conclusions about what investors prefer. According to D. Tsybankov based interest in the real estate market of Moscow region – land of the region. However, the plots are different. For example, sometimes offer the land acquisition, acquired the property in a memorable 90 years, when our country has only just begun forming a civilized market of real estate or land agricultural purposes, derived from this category a few years ago is often not the legal way.

Online Business

Now the world is rampant global financial crisis … Whom he has not touched? Probably, everyone felt the economic impact of this scourge. Someone fell profit, someone lost their jobs, many businesses diminishes speed or stop production altogether. There is a perception that the crisis has blown media event, they expounded a blatantly so that today, even grandmothers sell glass semochek not for 3 and 5 rubles: "in connection with the crisis." And as the crisis impact on the online sphere? What are its area exposed to the crisis, and which thrive? Naturally have difficulty ISP. Internet users prefer the cheaper rates, trying to cut spending, exacerbated by competition. Ordinary users is on hand as held the shares, and appear more attractive new prices. Online stores have declined in sales, but the decrease in profits here much smaller than in real shops as well as renting a server is significantly cheaper than rent.

During the crisis, from large Internet projects, possibly decreasing the growth rate of profit, but they do not lose visitors. The search engine Yandex, for example, in January 2009 had an audience of 18,231,200 people per month and in June of 2009 – already 19204400. And the more the number of users, the higher the income. Profiting from the search engine optimization sites also have no problems – Current income persist, and in most cases increased only slightly corrected crisis. Profit from sites that earn on search engine optimization, usually gets for posting links. Payment is not the views or clicks the link, but for the time of placement. In general, the impact of the crisis exposed the online business is much less, possibly because no direct connection with the production of goods and services. And perhaps, now it's time to take online projects as a means of investment. On this Site


Become a vendor of high performance in times of crisis In the years I've been teaching courses on sales, human behavior, leadership and competitiveness, I saw many men and women wanting to make a career in sales, but realizing the degree of difficulty to be successful in sales, "not give up, and decide to return to the labor of eight hours pay. If you're a seller but has not achieved desired results, but you people who are determined to fight to achieve the dreams, you need to learn to be a "vendor of high performance." It is important to understand that sellers are the fuel for the overall success of any enterprise. Any company that does not invest in training their sales staff probably do not conquer the steps or achieve success if you just invest in its sales. Self-esteem as a pillar of sales A very important aspect of human personality that demonstrates the essence of identity and this is according to ability that the person has to develop into any activity in society at the same time according to their self-esteem has the ability to control their environment, their emotions and feelings. Focus our attention on a single definition of self-esteem: "The ability of the person to value, love, appreciate and accept yourself." In the world of sailing sales many men and women wanting success without having taken a look inside and figure out as a self-esteem, since according to this, so will be your success. A salesperson with low self-esteem is not going to feel able to cope and communicate emotionally with your customer to close the sale and usually lie in the negligence of not going after your goals.

Federal State Statistics Service

According to some analysts, the gradual global economic recovery resulted in increased confidence of retailers and, consequently, to stabilize the real estate market. The main trend attest to this – strong demand for quality retail space in prime locations. In Pyazanskom region position in the field of retail space is now not so enviable. This is indicated by dry statistics. On information of the territorial authority of the Federal State Statistics Service of the Ryazan region, in 2009 in our region due to new construction, expansion and reconstruction was introduced by 12.6 thousand square meters.

m shopping enterprises. This figure did not seem to be a minor, if not for the preceding data, 2008 – 27.93 thousand square meters. m trading enterprises (this is the time of appearance in malls, “Malina”, “Victoria Plaza”). On Ryazanstat data, in January-May 2010, was introduced in the region 0.8 thousand square meters. m, which is only 6.5% over the same period of 2009. Some projects never realized until now – the site at the Moscow highway are incomplete, with already driven into piles. Dynamics of prices for retail space The decline in emerging-market retail properties has not led to an increase in its value. As can be seen from the graph (Fig.

1), in June 2009, average prices in the segment of commercial premises Ryazan went on to decline. In comparison with January of that year, the cost of supply of retail space for sale decreased by 10% and to rent – 30%. Since then, the market of retail space in the mountain and went. Today, the trend bargaining in transactions in the market. This is evidenced by the fact that 60% of ads about renting retail space in the landlord as the price points “negotiated.” On the one hand, they do not want to scare away the few potential tenants, on the other – ready to bargain. According to analytical department of the weekly “Dom.Stroy” on July 7, 2010, the average price at which the retail space available for sale is 42 100 rubles / sqm. m. A similar room for rent but are offered at a price of 550 euro / sq. m per month. The most saturated retail space of high quality is today the center of the city, sleeping areas – sand, Moscow (there are all the major supermarkets Ryazan). Figure 2 The maximum amount of vacant retail space is represented in the small center, in Moscow and in Gorrosche (Fig. 2). The cost of retail space in the Grand Center in an average of 47.6 thousand rubles / sqm.

Spanish Murcia

When we wished to initiate our own company, we thought still more about great and when we hoped to turn the mission and vision of this one into the best company of Murcia. By all means that is a great labor project to execute that it will not be easy with only counting on the experience in the office to develop, but also that we must look for the corresponding professional consultant’s office to begin to construct the site of more outstanding work in all Spain. So the main step, after to have defined the type on watch to render is the one to look for and to contract the best architect of Murcia, which will be in charge to plan and to project each of your exigencies in the construction which you are wishing, in short, an architect is the professional who using all the tools as far as its infrastructure knowledge, new tendencies of construction, materials to use, planes and other projects will make that to mostrarte the scale model than in a moment it will be your place of work, this one will speak by itself of the aims that look for. objective to leave in hands the construction of your company must indeed that, to that something more is constructed than soothes, that a common construction, when counting on one of the best architects of Murcia, you acquire similarly, quality in the work to contract, modernity and you obtain that each brick or material used for its construction owns the labor mission that is desired to give your clients subsequent to, because not only you are looking for a portfolio of clients by the type on watch who you are going to offer, but all that one that approaches only identifies with stepping on the reception area. They are diverse and authentic the existing architectonic works in Murcia and your future business can get to head this prestigious listing after putting to in front of an architect who manages to shape each of your expectations like one of the outstanding architectonic companies in Murcia and why not in all Spain? Each professional of the architecture has specialized in a type of art by thus calling it, to also leave a seal of originality in each of their projects differentiate that it from others and at the same time reflect quality, innovation and care. So it does not think more yes to it or she is determined or determined to develop his office beyond a simple renting of office, yes or it counts on the approved banking credit for such investment and in addition it owns the acceptance and support of its partners, looks for the best architect, than of insurance it will manage in few days to show the plane to him with the project to execute as soon as they count on manpower and other materials to use for in a matter of days you can see advanced his company in this Spanish city. It initiates his own business, of an enterprise form from the construction of the same. By the costs it does not scrimp in it, the originality of the construction will be worth the pain and its labor performance will be more efficient and obliging to such way that in just a short time will have recovered this initial investment. Original author and source of the article.

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