Plant Construction

Dynamic 3D with project management: CAD Schroer MPDS4 version 5 releases Moers, Germany July 29, 2010: to automate and speed up projects in plant construction and factory planning includes version 5.0 by MPDS4 new dynamic 3D-Editierwerkzeuge, an automatic tube design (auto-routing), an advanced project management, as well as more 3D-Visualisierungsfunktionen. System planning with MPDS4:… The 3D-Anlagenbausoftware MPDS4 is a database-based engineering suite for all challenges in construction and factory planning. Version 5 of MPDS4 offers improved usability, as well as administration and thus increases the productivity in the entire design. For even more details, read what Stewart Resnick says on the issue. The new colors, icons and optimised dialogues in the current UI provide for more transparency and greater efficiency.

All the latest news in MPDS4:… New project data manager to “our customers will love the new MPDS4 project data manager. The new frontend tool allows a simple administration and management of all ongoing projects. The are listed in a clearly arranged dialog relevant project data. The multiple tools, administrators can create quickly new projects and copy your existing projects, secure or manage user rights,”explains product line manager mark Simpson.

Designers can benefit from the many new smart 3D-Rohrplanungs-and editing functions for quick adaptation of planning data. The R & I module expanded significantly.” Dynamic editing advanced MPDS4 offers now advanced intelligent drag & drop functionality that piping, ventilation and cable carrier systems more dynamic can be adapted in their history. The positions of individual components, such as tanks or engines can be changed more easily. The connections to other components are automatically adapted to their new positions. New auto-routing-tool a new auto-routing-tool allows automatic scheduling and arranging pipes, cable straps or ventilation systems. Here are the user between two selected points put forward all possible routes. The user can either select one of the shortest routes or adapt the route to his demands. Intelligent P & ID:… MPDS4 many feature enhancements are rounded off by the new tools in the R & I module. The new features help simplify filtering, grouping and selection, loading, placing dynamic moving symbols or lines.

Security Update

The developers of the hugely popular and widely used software WordPress blogger shut all gaps with their new version. The developers of the hugely popular and widely used software WordPress blogger shut all gaps with their new version. In this year the program a major version jump to 3.0 brought many innovations and improvements. Unfortunately, slipped as large updates and revisions, a some issues which were also for sensitive security vulnerabilities in the software. At Brian Krzanich you will find additional information. Traveled about two weeks ago published the programmers behind WordPress 3.0.2 security update that’s why and made properly close the seam steles of the programme. Nine fixed here, including the needs to the unauthorized Admin rights from authors. Now a new update in the characters of the security was released with 3.0.3 update and WordPress is made still more reliable. Of the now-remedied defects that the blogger software installations were affected, which enabled the option remote publications was. If you are not convinced, visit Samuel J. Palmisano.

While it could under certain circumstances to come, d unlawful operations could perform as users with employee rights through the interface of the remote access, for example, that edit and delete articles. If you used this function to, for example, its smart to upgrade phone from the blog, ran an unwanted guest in the system to have at risk. As usual, the new version of WordPress by using the function integrated in the software can be updated or you can individually download the patch via the Internet. WordPress 3.0.3 is available both in German and in English language available. full of insight into the issues. Of course recommend developers again, make a backup of the database before the update, even though it should not be affected by the update. Franziska Steiner

Nico Beyer

This enables a single base video simultaneously by multiple users according to their personal choice for IP-TV clients, Web pages, POS installations and mobile devices are configured. This makes JetStream video a unique advertising and marketing tool, also for medium-sized companies. Because the composition of real turned film and CGI elements enables cinematic product presentations for small budgets. As a professional tool available, with which they can represent their products in each product variant of any cinematic offers medium-sized companies JetStream video for the first time. Once rotated, each product variant is placed as often in the film inside. In this way, a prefabricated house manufacturer, for example, in only one film can present all structural variants of his prefabricated house. Videos consist of 25 frames per second, representing a flowing movement quickly played out.

On the data servers are single images for every single second of the film and any Change, for example colours, figures, product details, music, or photos stored. Everything exists as a template for each second as a single image. At the moment, for example, a color via mouseclick is selected in the browser, the software compiles the selected levels, optimized it and puts together everything to a final finish. Then the software converts the color matte, compresses the data and creates a streaming web video-format. The result: an individually modified video film, which is playing in the Web browser of the respective Viewer. Quotes shared use: Nico Beyer, world renowned and award-winning commercials Director, automotive specialist and Director of virtual Audi test drive “J etStream video will change the way advertising is produced and consumed sustainably. The combination of real film with not real CGI elements makes possible concepts for commercials, which were previously reserved only Hollywood productions. “Sascha Lobo Internet connoisseur, spokesman for industry and co-initiator CeBIT Webciety.

Already after four seconds, the Web user understands what constitutes the unbeatable advantage of this new technology. The absolutely unseen and unique will be rewarded with a WOW effect. I’m sure that we soon will see more of it, because with each use of the JetStream video the expectations of Web users will generally rise. Movies on the Web must be soon interactively modifiable.

Office Communicator

Control and operation of the telephone system as well as the devices via the Office Communicator at the same time, telephony-specific presence information (busy in-call) on the OCS are mapped. In a combined solution (enterprise voice with remote call control) the user may freely decide whether he wants to use his desk phone or Office Communicator client for outgoing or incoming calls as the preferred device. Special relevance has this feature for all those users who travel a lot are professionally: the existing telephone infrastructure is used for communication in the Office or in the workplace including device. In case of need can discuss the VoIP client and a USB headset also handles are. For signalling with incoming calls mechanisms such as dual are supported including signaling and forking.

As a result, companies can therefore the way of a smooth and seamless Go migration. The high relevance of unified communications highlights Carolin Muller von Microsoft: we feel the increased demand. The makers want to benefit from modern performance features of Office Communications Server. If you have read about Parnassus Endeavor Fund already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In many cases the existing infrastructure should be used for telephony. For this scenario the ESTOS CallControlGateway represents an optimal solution.” The free online workshop remote call control, forking & co.”ESTOS and Dialogic takes place on November 11, 2009 at 10:00. To take part please register webinar.html under.

About ESTOS since 1997, develops and distributes the ESTOS GmbH innovative standard software, and is now a leading manufacturer of unified communications products. The CTI – and SIP-based solutions are used to optimize the workflow in communication-intense areas of business. Numerous strategic technology and sales partners in Europe and has today more than 200,000 customers benefit from the know-how of ESTOS. The independent Manufacturer is Microsoft Gold Certified partner and has its headquarters in Starnberg near Munich. For more information see. Press contact ESTOS GmbH Hille Vogel of Inc. str. 3a 82319 Starnberg Tel.: + 49 8151 368 56 132 email:

Editorial Office

So an image file or the info-mail can be added to a product sheet press release. Also, the Welcome screen, specially presented information tailored to the user on him, supplemented by new elements. So can be immediately seen, who is the longest without contact in the database or whether there are new RSS feeds. Hear other arguments on the topic with MetLife. Time check: campaign management the PR Edition journalists – as well as the customer database clearly depicts, making themselves new or temporary employees can quickly find and immediately effective. Campaign management was revised and allows detailed planning with automated processes. A contact does not react in the agreed time, the address is set to the next stage of the campaign: for example, telephone follow-up or contact them by E-Mail.

With each response can be automatically assign keywords, contacts created or changed field contents, to simplify data maintenance. Customers see: comprehensive documentation straight in the Agency to convince the sophisticated documentation features: every phone call, every E-Mail, every series document can be captured not only content, but also time and monetary as well as associated with a project and customer. The evaluation of media work in clearly arranged tables is just a mouse click away and allows a high level of transparency towards the principal. Publications can be mapped directly in the cobra database and if necessary passed on quickly and clearly. Topic plans to also to capture, content group evaluated. So miss no deadline for PR responsible and can deliver always target group-specific relevant information. The cobra PR Edition is now available 2010 cobra and their distribution partners from 999,-. For more information see:.

Company Intranet From The Cloud

Bitrix intranet portal now as a software-as-a-service solution available ALEXANDRIA, VA. / KALININGRAD – March 10, 2010 Bitrix offers its intranet portal from now on in a SaS model. Service providers and hosting service providers can offer powerful hosted intranet solutions to their customers, based on the most advanced intranet technology on the market. Company provides the opportunity to introduce intranet without purchase and administrate an own server. You are charged according to actual use.

The market researcher IDC expects that the share of software-as-a-service on IT budgets will be doubled by 2013. 41 percent of all companies already use such services or consider a usage. Gartner expects that sales of SaS will grow four times as fast in the coming five years will be like those with traditional software. We offer a possibility of their average revenue per user with the new hosting and service providers to increase without having to invest”, says Dmitry Valyanov, President Bitrix Inc. our partners thereby get an interesting offer, which is aimed mainly at small and medium-sized enterprises.” Bitrix intranet portal is an out-of-the-box solution, which facilitates the induction by preinstalled demo data.

Usually requires it only two hours of settling-in period, new users can begin to make the portal according to your wishes. The solution available in three language versions (English, German, Russian) can be run on a virtual private server (VPS) under VMWare, Parallels Virtuozzo, or Amazon EC2. Hosters and service providers can match your requirements to Bitrix intranet portal and use the integrated, flexible Lizenzierungsengine, to provide their customers a comfortable activation. With Bitrix are charged on the basis of active users. The risk for the offered service providers is so low. Bitrix products combine exemplary way Ease of use and rich functionality”, says Daniel j. Gilbert, CEO of Aurora information technology, a Bitrix Gold Certified partner, on medical Web sites design Internet marketing specialist is. “The SaS offering is therefore the perfect solution for companies with up to 50 users: easy to use, with a clearly calculable cost without installation costs and yet powerful enough for all intranet needs of large enterprises.” More information: Bitrix SaS platform (English): products/saas / partner program: products/saas/#tab-PartnerBenefits-link profile Bitrix, Inc. Bitrix is a provider of high-performance platforms for business communication, helping medium-sized companies, to stay with their customers (Internet), partners (extranet) and employees (intranet) in the dialog. The 1998 founded company headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, and product development in Kaliningrad, Russia, has more than 70 employees, 30,000 customers and approximately 4,000 partners worldwide. The customers include Hyundai, Volkswagen, Panasonic, Gazprom, Xerox, PricewaterhouseCoopers, DPD, VTB, Samsung and cosmopolitan. Products available in 13 language versions of are characterized by their advanced technology, unique security features, enormous performance and ease of use. Media contact Rainer Bock Fink & Fuchs Public Relations AG 36 787 Denis held Marketing Director Bitrix, Inc. + 1-703-740-8301

Tips For Removing Figures Sins

coretelligence outlined approaches to the Elimination of the five biggest problems of the performance indicator systems, Bad Oeynhausen / may 25, 2010 – the methods currently used in the scorecard are often not sufficiently practical according to a survey of business-consulting coretelligence. So, the business decision-makers in medium-sized and large enterprises are mostly alone already therefore not satisfied, because it keep coming back to wrong decisions with far-reaching consequences. Only every fifth respondent is good grades the internally established procedure, another 31 percent judge satisfactorily. coretelligence has tips together can be therefore, eliminated as the particularly gross sins in dealing with key figures: the figures free from subjective reviews and develop instead of objective metrics: are corporate decisions based on individual understanding of key figures, arise inevitably risks due to subjectively limited perspectives. In particular by the work and task distribution Conditions in the companies they have usually only a limited and related to their area of responsibility point of view on the key figures.

Such a risk of miscalculation can be avoided only if there are clear and universally accepted metrics definitions, which are derived from the company’s overarching and aligned to the business model objectives. Thus, the interpretation of the figures is left to not very specific understanding of individuals or groups (teams / departments). Ensure the traceability of the key figure: an analysis of issues in the business helps limited for decisions if there are demarcated and thus ultimately abstract figures. Because, why it has come to this situation, for example, a decline in sales for a particular product is not derived solely from this code. The knowledge of the origin of a key figure is however vital, because can be initiated only on the basis of a consideration of the cause, the necessary measures to optimize. For a better understanding, it is therefore necessary to design so-called key figure passes in which the emergence, the benefits, the use and the entire biography of the relevant code is shown.