Bistro Young Entrepreneurs

Tips and tricks for young entrepreneurs in the catering trade, young entrepreneurs in the field of catering or hospitality industry often don’t wonder if they open their own Bistro or restaurant. The most common problem is that one needs to balance shortages because of delivery problems, which can clutter the whole schedule shortly before the opening. The best project planning can include any contingency. In such situations, simply only one is possible. Rest can preserve and not to bring the concept. Only with a cool head you can resolve difficulties in air. An equally difficult task represents the financing of basic equipment in the dining facility.

Often, it is the furniture of its predecessor. But if here, the concepts of the old restaurants do not match with the new, then that can prove to be as negative. Because the device gives the restaurant its specific flair. The concept of a store brings a certain expectation in the minds of the guests finally. A Example: There is a French restaurant on the corner. From the outside, it gives the impression that he gets here good French cheese, delicious baguettes, a good wine and feeling a bit in France. But then he enters the store and discovered Bavarian country flags or pictures of Berlin, the expectations are not met. The result is that the guest most likely again.

To avoid this the appropriate body of the restaurant should be identical with the concept of a store. No one buys gaping emptiness in the guest room. A new opening should be announced well also in your environment. Who would like to try it with a quiet opening, will quickly realize that this is useful really only at very large shopping centres. Who ever heed these tips, I’m a lot to the success of his restaurants.


The value of change in organizations and enterprises the genuine item of every entrepreneur is the successful leadership of his company. The shops should run well, ideally so well that falls as much profit from the transactions. Success measures accordingly to the economic success and is represented as monetary income. The objective of profit maximization subjects in all areas of management: services must be better and cheaper than those of its competitors. The competition is poorly positioned and ideally weakened.

Within the company employees have qualified and cheap, work equipment adequately and counteracted. The product finally knows the price as a criterion sales first, quality and costs are low. The unique feature of such a company is cost efficiency in every area. This purely commercial orientation the entrepreneurs in the past guaranteed high yields and economic success. His customers are satisfied and his Staff happy on the job.

Since the financial and economic crisis shows but that economic success is based not only on indicators. Moral and environmental values appear more and more to the fore. Of employees requires not just his salary from his work: he wants to also be valued and recognized know his work as a performance. He wants to realize himself and his personal contribution to a larger whole. He wants to be part of a company that shows openness and humanity him over, as a private person. And he would like to include any company that meets these requirements do not. Also the point of view of the customer has changed: the product should be not only cheap. The quality of increasingly plays a role, especially the sustainability and compatibility of the materials used. Services must be not only useful, but fairly and transparently communicated. In addition, interested in the customer now that Production circumstances: He’s asking for information about possible environmental impacts and any exploitation of employees and resources. The entrepreneur faces combined with a social value change. Ecologically poor products and immoral services of morally dubious companies find fewer customers and employees than in the past. It is the company thus economically worse off and the numbers are not so as in the past. The moral limitations of the boardroom can damage a company and even ruin. The economic success of a company depends so now his emotional success. The entrepreneurial challenge is to accept them and to respond to the change in values: responsibility, communication and transparency are key terms of new competencies. Appreciation of the needs and demands of employees and customers is the Royal Road to success. Contact: Josef Gregurek, m.a. junior consultant Simplylive consulting Managing Director: Ulrich Burgrave Hochriesstrasse 2 83620 Feldkirchen-Westerham Tel.: 08063 – 9 73 55 95 fax.: 08063 – 9 73 92 64 facebook: simplylive consulting that consulting firm simplylive has made it his mission to support companies and they agree on new challenges. The client receives through the experts of simplylive a comprehensive range of advice: rational and emotional management consulting work together at simplylive. The Simplylive consulting is a company headquartered in the District of Rosenheim, in the heart of Upper Bavaria and is a reliable partner of medium-sized service providers and professionals.