Minister Miguel Sebastian

It now appears that the Spanish economy, our future and the well-being of our children are in the hands of China. Praise God. The Deputy Prime Minister of that country, Li Kejiang, has signed contracts for 5.6 billion and promised to buy US 6 billion public debt and whatever is missing. They aren’t surprising, accordingly, the orgiastic rendibues offered from the King until the Minister Miguel Sebastian, Zapatero and the President of Repsol, Antoni Brufau. Only a few decades ago, the Catholic missions still gathered among us funds chinitos pro-poor in fund-raising with piggy banks that mimicked heads with ponytail and touched with mandarin hat.

Often performance that have been able to get those chinitos of yesteryear that return what we now multiplied by one thousand! Ironies aside, speaking of the rapid and steady economic development of the Asian country forgetting the systematic violation of human rights is not usually highlight a fundamental element: the industriousness of its people. This the millions of Eastern emigrants who populate this North American coast attest. Working them day and night, every day of the year, their children manage to enter University and become professionals of prestige. Here, more timidly, begins to have neighborhoods Chinese in our main populations, accessing its citizens even Spanish traditional business. We would do well, therefore, imitate their effort and their spirit of sacrifice, instead of complaining by a welfare state cuts muellemente had accustomed to which we.

David Guetta

David Guetta, whose real name is David Pierre Guetta, is a Frenchman born in Paris, in 1967. Since the beginning, Guetta gave indications of a great envolvement with the world of the badalaes, since the 14 years it organized parties in its bilge. Characteristic for its sort of music house, its first hit of success was in 2005 with single ' ' The Worls is Mine' '. Moreover, diverse artists already had worked with hits produced by this, as Chris Willis, Cozi Costi, Kelly Rowland, Akon, Will I Am, among others. In one of its partnerships of success, David Guetta joined it the group The Black Eyed Peas to produce the song ' ' I Gotta the Feeling' ' of the album ' ' The E.N.D.' ' , whose remixada song also is found in its recent album ' ' One Love' '.

Others two partnerships with the band were firmed with the remixada version of ' ' Boom Boom Pow' ' , that they are ' ' Boom Boom Gueta' ' ' ' Boom Boom Wow' '. Its album of estria ' ' Just the Little More Love' ' it was a success of sales it contains musics as ' ' Just the Little More Love' ' ' ' Love Don? t Let Me Go' '. Already the following album was launched two years later, in 2004, and called ' ' Guetta Blaster' '. Its hit ' ' The World is Mine' ' it was some weeks in the American stops. A great success came folloied of its third album ' ' Pop Life' ' , launched in 2007.

The great prominence of the COMPACT DISC is for ' ' Love Is Gone' ' , well placed music in the stops of diverse places of the world. The room album of the DJ, nominated ' ' One Love' ' , iTunes in 2009 had its official launching for the store, followed for its version in COMPACT DISC few days later. As hit of work of the album, very reverberated ' ' Sexy Chick' ' , it was the heard song more in diverse world-wide stops. The Frenchman participated of turn international ' ' One Love' ' , that it had ticket in Brazil, also. David Guetta is the symbol of the night of the main urban centers. It is practically impossible to leave some ballad and not to find some of its productions. If you want to be more on the inside of musics of success of this DJ, enter in the site and have access to some of its letters of musics listened to in some places of the world therefore although its musics to be in the majority danantes, many are sung by the world all then do not leave to have access the letters of musics of the David Guetta.