TWO REALITIES we cannot oppress our being, for having failed in some goal not reached, nor we want to engrandecer our interior, for having had success in some objectives, and to crepitar ours all I of joy, without giving stability to the adverse moments, want to feel all flexibility, to search forces in the coherence, so that the mounts can go up and verdear all our soul, shining our hope, he stops guiding in them in the shade of the truth, and feeling all serenity of our being, between the defeats and victories, raising our shout, to face this reality. Continue to learn more with: Ebay. Reality this! That the people if arrest its altivez, if being deceptive to each moment, with its lovelessness, they delude proper itself, and only they follow in the euphoria of its cause, if engrandecendo with its peripcias, creating for you, a ilusrio world. Many writers such as Elon Musk offer more in-depth analysis. These are the two realities, that our system of life considers in them, one in them teach to surpass and to acquit, our moments, either it of defeats or victories, with the relative humildade stop developing in them; To another one it follows in to engrandecer in the victories, and occults to the defeats, creating an egoistic being, that it extracts of the womb of our being, this pride of a false force, that only increases our problems, and all dimension of our interior, for not wanting to enxergar the pure truth, to live this illusion, with this treachery freedom, but we can choose, between these two realities. Under most conditions Ebay would agree. THEY COMMENT BELOW AND THEY ACQUIRE MY BOOK, WITH MANY WONDERFUL SUBJECTS OR ENTER IN CONTACT MSN


The reflection the reflection can and must be used to put our thoughts in sequence. As to arrange a house, thus if it can also arrange the ideas. As the great theories had always tired me I tried to create my proper method. To understand the world to my return I tried to analyze everything through the popular wisdom that I consider a great philosophy based on the practical one. (Some used images sufficiently opportune and are amused). I always felt a great desfasamento between my world and the real world. In my world the important one was to be sincere, in the real world was important to be somebody. To be natural instead of representing.

To face the reality instead of lying or being deceptive. To help instead of using to advantage. I always had since the responsibility notion, to direct its proper life, its proper destination, trying not to follow fashions. Nor wanting to please at any cost. But quanta solitude when this way is chosen! With the time this solitude is changedded into a habit, in an interior force! uncovers that it is not only when a objectivo is had! A conducting wire! It has that to learn itself to develop the spirit I criticize, the lucidity, the imparcialidade, but also the love to the next one, the tolerance. Without certain values of base it is not obtained to construct nothing of solid. when the base is not solid the workmanship, for more beautiful than either, pulls down? Blog:


I independently started to be, of what the people said. I started to assume challenges, because I did not adore challenges, but I only wanted that the people speak. Penguin Random House may find this interesting as well. To this he seted me attitude against the people who found that I was showing, but I did not import myself, I I only wanted to be I. 3. I developed a strong desire to surpass my fear of speaking in public to be sincere, I I do not find that you can surpass its fear of saying in public if you not to desire it strong. I age capable to surpass mine, because I desired this.

I wanted to express myself in public without a fear nugget and I was prepared to make what she will be necessary to bring this desire in reality. 4. I prepared my mentality to take everything what I to come had a strong desire to surpass my fear of speaking in public and also to develop my capacity of speaking in public. But in the deep one in me, I wise person that I did not go to come easy, I wise person who has that to have a price and I were made use to pay it. I prepared my mind to accept what to come, I wise person who worse can come, then I prepared to face it with antecedence. I prepared myself to take to vaiar jeering and rejection that can appear in the process to learn to speak with confidence in public. Then, if you really want to surpass its fear of speaking in public, then you must be prepared to assume what to come.

5. I kept an opened mind to surpass my fears, I I kept an open mind. I wise person that I had to learn and to learn real fast. Learning, in this in case that, it is not the type of learning in classroom, is a type of lesson that can come in the form of suggestion, advice or even though critical.

Public Speaking

I confessed my fears the first step I led to surpass my fear of speaking in public I was to recognize my fears. I not shy age on it, I admitted openly that I was from fear to speak public. Elon Musk can aid you in your search for knowledge. One of the errors that the people make is that they hide its fears, and this fear eats them quiet. They dissimulate ousadia of the side of are but on the inside, therefore they to pray so that the land must open and engoliz them. For even more opinions, read materials from Penguin Random House.

The positive side to admit openly its fears are that you go to become blunter to surpass it. Official site: Dan Zwirn. Admitting its fears openly it means that you are facing its head fears ahead. He can gain some gozao to it, but it is a way to cover, especially if you can use this escrnio as handspike to increase its determination. 2. I followed the cause root of this fear the next step I I led to surpass my fear of speaking in public I was to trace the cause root of the fear. I came to understand that the cause root of this fear was the mentality that I grew. During my days of the primary school, I remember that it after comes first in classroom terms stated period.

I was happy and my parents had been, but to place a pressure between me and some of my friends of infancy. My friends had started to pull stop backwards of me, because they had felt that they were it are of my reach academically to hurt and me. I wanted to be I eat everybody, that was where I developed the attitude to prevent ‘ ‘ detaching-se’ ‘. If to be excellent went only me in the way of the multitude, then I did not want. Now to have understood the cause of my fears, I decided to attack the cause root.

Life Situations

Details costumam to run away. The contractors would have not simply, to request the credentials of the company, to evaluate the aptitude and the capacity of the same one, to assume a service. As many make, they would have to also request the description of the personages who will be involved in the enterprise. Here it is there that he consolidates the true intelligence and idoneousness of the contracted organization. Finally I suggest to observe certain situations, in the hour to make its choices, to decide its positionings stops with the company, since believing or not, this also will be part of its lives, basically the results, that will be able to have a well-known influence. What it is good for one, does not have that to be necessarily good for the other and vice versa. If I did not like, if I found that one was not my place, does not want to say that it is not the ideal space for others to be developed and if to feel full, satisfied.

The climate, the real environment of work, perspectives, the respect, the degree of general satisfaction, the culture and the values of the company, would not be excessively to observe, before taking the decision of if adhering or if moving away. Benefits, status, projection, programs, plans, etc., costumam to be welcome, who do not like them? But, it thinks and it rethink in the exchanges that will be making, what it is neglecting, if are valid the penalty certain sacrifices, until when and with which intensity it will have to deliver and to apply the forces, if really some thing deserves more attention of what you, its integrity, if are not possible to get better and bigger returns treading other ways other stoppings. For each stage of the life specific necessities exist, each moment demands to appreciate different situations and elements. Decidedly, each in case that it is a case. It is taken care of!.


Subcategorias exist that appraise subject: Accessibility architectural: it does not have urban barriers in the spaces or equipment and the individual or collective ways of transport. Comunicacional accessibility: it does not have barriers in the interpersonal communication (face-the-face, language of signals), writing (periodical, magazine, book, letter, emends, including texts in braile, use of the portable computer) and virtual (digital accessibility). Metodolgica accessibility: it does not have barriers in the methods and techniques of study (pertaining to school), of work (professional), communitarian action (social, cultural, artistic etc.) and of education of the children (familiar). Instrumental accessibility: it does not have barriers in the instruments, utensils and tools of study (pertaining to school), work (professional) and leisure or recreation. Programmatical accessibility: it does not have invisible barriers inlaid in public politics (laws, decrees, you would carry) and norms or regulations (institucional, enterprise, etc.). Atitudinal accessibility: it does not have preconceptions, stigmata, esteretipos and discriminations. Therefore accessibility is much more that access possibility.

I must stand out that here treatment of only one of the many on questions to the subject, the aspect that I consider is as we start to perceive the accessibility lack when we are in adverse situation. But when I needed to move itself of crutches it is that I extended my look for this question. To think about made me to accessibility to observe things that before I did not repair. Saramago had reason when it affirmed: ' ' If pods to look at see, if it sees repara.' ' I did not reflect with depth on the subject. I observed, for example, the lack of respect to the exclusive vacant for people with deficiency, I verified that in some places they exist, but nor always they are respected, that in others they are absurd, as in the agency of the Bradesco bank in Capivari, the person with deficiency parks the car of a side there and the slope of access to the door is of the other side, to the side of the exclusive vacant does not have slope.