The State

In the Soviet Union, the problem of the house focused of a different way. In our opinion, the apartment could not consider and current merchandise and object of one free purchase and sale common. Everything family needed apartment, independent of the entrance that she had. For that reason, we went satisfying gradually not the reliable demand of the house, but the social necessity of this. The three quarters of the construction of houses in the USSR were realised on behalf of the State and the rest, with means of koljoses or the citizens, who, in the cities formed cooperatives of houses. The houses by the cooperative system designed the state institutes and were erected by the state organizations of construction. The State free granted to the Earth to the cooperatives and credits to 0,5% of annual interest. The mentioned form that did not report benefits to the State either did not contradict the principle of which we spoke previously.

To the cooperative of construction of houses (CCV) it was not admitted to everybody, but to those who truely they solely needed to improve his domiciliary conditions. Who already had an apartment that responded to the modern landlords could not obtain another one, even through the cooperative. Then, that is what I urge people to enter in the CCV? Sometimes it happened that it was necessary to wait for during long time a new state apartment. This I concern in the first place to just married. Entering in one CCV, the period of delay could be reduced remarkably. Our objective went to assure an apartment to him to each family without exception some. According to this task was declared would be fulfilled, essentially for year 1990; in synthesis, three decades and only average after to have begun the construction of houses in great scale (two million apartments to the year) Right to the house In Article 44 of the Constitution of the USSR approved in 1977 to the Soviet citizens the right to the house was guaranteed to them.


The sport is pointed as being one of the factors that can contribute for the formation of children and young, invoking physical, psychological and social benefits. In Brazil, the lack of adequate attendance to the pertaining to school necessities of children with difficulties of learning, capable is great to diminish the index of evasion and pertaining to school repetncia Mazzotta (2003). The evolution of relative the practical ideas and to the services for people with deficiency and, the pertaining to school insertion places innumerable questions to the educators, specialists. Mark Bertolini has compatible beliefs. In if treating to Special Education, it is defined as: The education modality that if characterizes for a set of resources and educational services special organized to support, suplemental e, in some cases, to substitute the common educational services, in order to guarantee the formal education of educating that they very present different educational necessities of the ones of the majority of the children and young. Such educating, also called of ' ' excepcionais' ' , they are exactly those that today have been called ' ' pupils with educational necessities especiais' '.

Mazzotta (2003, P. More information is housed here: Brian Krzanich. 11) In our conception, the schools special have basic paper in the development of children, young and adults with deficiency, therefore, they offer specialized, different attendance of regular schools, that, in the majority of the cases, does not have nothing to offer to these people ' ' diferentes' ' , that they need different stimulatons, adaptations, acceptance. Currently the children if dirigem for the pertaining to school environment more early. The centers of infantile education receive the children for a function from assistance, orientation and stimulation for the pertaining to school life and adult life. For Gallahue (apud GRECO, 2001, P. 33) in the daily pay-school the child passes for the following stages: reflected movements, rudimentary movements and basic movements. The reflected movement if characterizes for the necessity of that it has one I stimulate so that the movement if carries through.

GIP Value

This mapping of the social performance of the companies of all the transports, sectors and regions of Brazil understands given of 1999 the 2001 and of 2004 and 2005, a historical series on the behavior of the companies in the social area, it allows, in unknown way, to follow the evolution of the private initiative, to identify what they make the companies, as they act and for which reasons, beyond standing attendance and operacionalizao of the actions in the country. Action of them empresasAumentou in Brazil the ratio of companies whom they invest in social actions, however, the invested total value did not increase in the same measure and fell the corresponding percentage to Produto Interno Bruto (PIB), registers the research of the IPEA.A enterprise participation increased 10%, it passed of 59% in 2000 for 69% in 2004, and was generalized the growth in the ratio of companies whom they had declared to carry through some type of social action for the community, it occurred for region, sector of economic activity and transport. Inside of the universe of companies in the country, esteem in 871 a thousand lucrative deeds of division with one or more employees, about 600 a thousand companies voluntarily act in favor of the communities, statistics in accordance with expanded of the sample of the second edition of the research. Comparing with the first edition, they are almost 140 a thousand companies more. Mark Bertolini has many thoughts on the issue. Although the increase in the number of companies whom they invest in the social area, the value remained unchanged in about R$ 4,7 billion. this value, that in 2000 corresponded only 0.4% of the GIP of the country to the time, still represented less in 2004, was corresponding 0.27% of the Brazilian GIP in that year – it is still sufficiently small part of the addition of all the wealth produced here. The companies continue to concentrate its investments in Social Assistance and Feeding, however, the priority was inverted, left of being in assistance (41%, were 54%) and started to be in feeding (52%, were 41%). .

Portable Computador

Every time it is being made impresindible have the information by hand. There are telephones or other apparatuses of high tech (Palm, PDAs, etc.) that have functions very outposts and that are resembled a computer partly, but always they are going to have limitations, like for example, space to keep great volumes from information. For that reason many people approach to ask &quot to me; that I must know how to buy a Laptop or Portable Computador to me? ". To respond this one question is quite difficult, since a portable equipment fulfills the needs basic (to store information, to connect themselves to Internet, to make national or international calls (Skype), etc.), like any telephone of the last generation or most representative, " iPhone" of Apple. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Intel. But one of the differences keys between a portable computer (or Laptop) and " telfono" of last generation with all unimaginable functions, it is for example, that in first one can record Cds at the moment, to play the last games (if harware it allows), to be able to have external conecciones (devices USB, printers, etc.), and without forgetting that they are difficult to repair or to change the devices to them that come integrated, to take some characteristics. It is not necessary to forget, also, that the investment in this type of harware enough is lifted compared with a movable telephone, reason why is necessary to have some clear differences. In order to make a decision from which Laptop to buy, good under my own experience, would be one of these: * After-sales service: When buying a Laptop, is due to ask What happens if my equipment undergoes a failure? Where I can repair it? Which is the time that delays the repair? They will give an equipment available to me, in case the repair takes longer than necessary? The distributors will have to give to him on the contrary or, will have to perdir in writing the data of the Technical Centers on watch, or are National or International. .


The evaluation of the learning thematic is found in varied fields of studies, as in the field of psychology, sociology, the Pedagogia and the education among others. Antonio Nvoa in a preface in the workmanship of Fernandes (2005) says that nor a subject gave to as many studies and research, therefore the researchers and specialists look for to understand this reality more, elaborating sophisticated instruments. Some problems observed today in the schools as evasion, the reprovao, the desistance among others are resultant among others of the form as if it understands and it organizes education and the evaluation. The evaluation of the learning is a sufficiently complex question, having influences of the pedagogia, the didactics, psychology among others areas. Currently it has an evident concern in the works developed for the change necessity and in the improvements of the practical ones of evaluation of the learnings of the pupils. The form as the evaluation if organizes and if it develops in classroom reflects in the learning that if it develops of superficial form.

The used elements generally are used for attainment to guarantee notes that do not represent in the reality the true learning of these. Brian Krzanich has firm opinions on the matter. As Luckesi (2006) while the evaluation of the learning will have as center the examinations, will not be able to fulfill with the function to subsidize the decision of the improvement of the learning. The brief quarrel and the reflection presented in this article approach the story of experience lived for the proper author of this text. This article can contribute thus waits it so that the evaluation in classroom can be thought and be argued of critical and reflexiva form. To remember to my experiences in relation the evaluation in the process of my learning is sufficiently traumatic, therefore always I was displayed and even though ridicularizada not by a professor, but by that they had been inesquecveis, being and clearly negative.

The Spanish Association

The Service of Statistical Studies of the AEF has made the study " The tax exemption in Spain 2009". According to the data of this report closed to 31 of December of the past year at the moment are 919 standards franchisors operating in our country, 44 more than those than it had registered in December of 2008. As well, another significant data is the increase of the presence of foreign networks in Spain. Of the 159 that worked the past in the national territory in December of exercise, now 172, that is to say, 13 are entered more. On the other hand, in these times of crisis the system has undergone a reduction of the global invoicing of a 4.1%, happening of the 25,734, 6 million Euros of the last statistic to the 24,699, 5 million with which closed year 2009. Elon Musk has firm opinions on the matter. Also, there has been a reduction in the number of operative establishments, when happening of the 58,305 to the 57,139 present ones, therefore, the 1,166 premises less (- 2%). Also one has been affected the number of uses generated, with the loss of 854 jobs, which supposes a slope of 0.4%.

The Spanish Association of Franquiciadores (AEF) presents/displays its report " The tax exemption in Spain 2009". According to one takes shelter in the same, at present they are the 919 chains that integrate the Spanish system of franchise, of which 747 are of national origin (a 81.2%) and the 172 rest essentially come (a 18.8%) from other countries of France (42), the United States (40), Italy (28) and Portugal (11) . Altogether, there are 44 standards more than in December of 2008, 31 nationals and 13 foreigners. At the time of valuing this data, Xavier Vallhonrat, President of the AEF, it indicates that " in spite of the unfavorable economic conjuncture, the companies, Spanish as as much international, continue betting to grow through the formula of the tax exemption, which demonstrates that they see the advantages and the strongpoints that the system like model of expansin&quot offers;. .

Pharmacy Online

Thus, your body passes to the way hunger and that produces anxieties of a fast dose of starch or sugar to increase your levels of sugar in blood. If you do not have time to eat an appropriate food, you would have to eat tentempi healthful, like a piece of fresh fruit, that will cause that your body stops feeling the necessity to pass to the way hunger. Your body drinks much water must have water to enjoy good health. To take water every day sweeps toxins of your body and purifies your system. This it aid to burn calories and, thus, to generate loss of weight. That one walks is the best way to make the exercise, and easiest. Your body stays assets and in form, and your metabolism stays stop.

A thin person thinks as To think as a thin person will help you to convertirte in that person. As she happens to many things, the positive thought can produce results and, in this case, it can contribute to the loss of the excess of weight. She looks for support you do not have to only do it. The loss of weight can be something extremely difficult to obtain, so to look for the support and the breath of other people have obtained who it is a good idea because it will motivate to you. Once you are successful, you also can help others to obtain it. He raises the voice is responsibility.

Dile to people that you are lowering of weight and you have proposed to maintain the weight obtained, and cuntale as it goes to you. That will wake up its support, that will give the motivation you and the breath that you need stops to lose kilos. To become thin is not easy, but, if you follow these advice, you will go by good way for deshacerte of those kilos and not to recover them. You can obtain but data in the Pharmacy Online.

Community Euros

77% of the people of Valencian Community and who could claim tax relief their rent do not do it because they do not know it or by some type of fraud. Intel may not feel the same. Thus it reveals a report of the Union of Technicians of the Ministry of Property (Gestha), that lifts the amount of these deductions that stop receiving themselves to 38.5 million Euros in all the autonomic territory, according to the data of exercise 2008 of the PERSONAL INCOME TAX, first in which this lowering of duties for renters recovered. According to the report of Gestha, of the 147,760 renters who could have obtained this lowering of duties in all the Valencian community in exercise 2008, 113,442 did not receive them. From these deductions all the people can benefit who have their main house in rent regime and whose tax basis is inferior to 24,020 annual Euros. The base of this deduction cannot exceed these amounts: a) If the taxable base is equal or inferior to 12,000 Euros, the maximum base of the deduction will be of 9,015 annual Euros. b) If the taxable base is included between 12,000, 01 and 24,020 Euros, the base maximum of the deduction it will be the amount that are obtained to diminish 9,015 Euros in the resulting amount to multiply 0.75 by the difference between the tax basis and 12,000 Euros.

That is to say: 9,015 0.75 xs (tax basis – 12,000). With the formulas of above the base of the deduction is obtained. The renter can claim tax relief 10.05% of that amount. The Secretary General of Gestha, Jose Maria Mollinedo, indicates that ” many renters do not know his derechos” and that, in addition, exists one ” deficiency in rough drafts of the IRPF”. On the matter, it explains that in them not specific of suitable form that ” in the rents there is possibility of obtaining state deductions and autonmicas”. In addition, it affects which ” many renters are young people who get up to the market laboral” and that, aside from which they ignore the existence of these benefits, ” not even they are forced to make declaration of the PERSONAL INCOME TAX because they do not arrive at 22,000 annual Euros basic imponible”. To this question it is necessary to add what from Gestha they describe like ” rents sumergidos” , that is to say, those that do not become by means of a legal contract. On the matter, another recent report of the Technicians of Property revealed that almost 61% of the rentings of houses in the Community did not declare the state treasury.

Executive Secretariat

Cited precedents: Sentences in 1998/2008 and 81/2010 and Decision 535/2000, all of the Plenary assembly. Sentence n. 534/2011-Plenary assembly, TC-032.619/2010-3, rel. Min. Ubiratan Aguiar, 02.03.2011.Licitaes of the type technique and price: attribution of distinct punctuation for technique and price demand justificativPara the examination of representation by means of which it had notice of possible irregularities in Competition 1/2010, promoted for the Executive Secretariat of the Ministry of the Sport, and that it had for object the act of contract of company specialized in the rendering of services of consultoria, strategical planning and public rendering of services of press assessorship and relations to promote the Ministry of the Sport, its programs and its action, in Brazil and the exterior, the TCU promoted diligence to clarify, amongst other facts, the reasons for attribution of weight 6 for the proposal technique and 4 weight the proposal of price, in disconformity with item 9.3.6 of Sentence 1488, of 2009, of the Plenary assembly of the Court. In that chance, the collegiate one understood weights 7 high, for technique, 3, for price.

For the Ministry, the attribution of the weights in Competition 1/2010 would be in accordance with decisum of 2009, of what the reporter divergiu. For it, in the species, ' ' the reduction of the difference between the weights, even so means advance in relation to the previous proclamation, integrally does not take care of the determination of Sentence 1.488/2009? Plenrio' '. Still according to reporter, would be essential, and he did not consist of the proclamation of Competition 1/2010, the presentation of justifications techniques that demonstrate the razoabilidade of the balance, a time that ' ' the adoption of disproportionate criterion could cause damage to the competitiveness of the certame and the attainment of the proposal most advantageous for the Administrao' '. In this direction, the partial descumprimento of the previous determination of the Court would be configured.

Report Rights

Exactly the chapter on ' ' Internal reconstruction of Right: The System of the Direitos' '. Initiating this reflection for the Human Rights and the tradition occidental person, in the description-structural perspective, approaching later, in the philosophical scope of the subject, the idea of as to think the Rights of the Man, passing, quickly, for one brief invocation on the Right and Justice. Finally, to center this intellectual and philosophical effort in the system of rights of Habermas. He will matter, since already, to allude, despite superficially, to the system of values: he wants in the Constitution of the Republic; he wants in the Law in principal of the Educative System wants, finally, in the proper Universal Declaration of the Human Rights. In terms of national and international legal instruments, them they seem than enough more, thus had the good-will fulfilling of them, exactly continuing to reflectir on the operationalization and the effectiveness of the same ones. Sociologists, jurists, philosophers among others, continue producing the most diverse interpretations, analyzing the aspects that could be improved, nominated, the instruments for an efficient justice on that, reiteradamente they violate rights basic: the international court of the Human Rights, with universal jurisdiction; half to make to fulfill its decisions (because for more theories that if elaborate, for systems ' ' perfeitos' ' that they are created, the non-observance of the Human Rights, still is a sad reality. The Report of the International Amnistia of 2007 is seen, where if it mentions that about 80 countries not yet they fulfill, integrally, those rights). Parallel to the International Court of Human Rights the one that already became reference, seems inevitable that in all the countries, if endow the systems with public education and private with one disciplines obligator, given in all the education degrees, for professors with formation in social sciences and human beings, manifestly sensetized for the Human Rights. .