The Habit

Sometimes we blame everything that happens to our around, with our children, friends, couple, work. Actually it is not blame, but understand the mistakes and learn from them.The only way to change the course of our lives is assuming the leadership of it and assume your own changes, so that it will change our life we must change ourselves, not the world. Because the only change that is in my hands is the own mine, it is possible that the change of one produce others to our around at the same time, as domino effect. The purpose of our life, in many ways, is to make peace with our darkness to live in our light. (2) With the greatest of ease we can forgive a child who’s afraid of the dark. An adult theme light is the true tragedy of the (Platon) life are here to transform darkness into light (Zohar 1: 4) understand our limitations, defects, living and working them in our greater possibility.We are what we repeatedly do (Aristotle). It is therefore important that we achieve what we are capable of being and not settle for what we actually are, trying to get the best out of each one of us.We must stop deal both in you and start devoting more time to be, that ended up occupying the time consuming increasingly more things and less interact with children, couples, friends and yourself, with our essence. This also happens when, from small, began to include our children in multiple activities, both sporting and intellectual nature, when the need for basic at that age would be wonderful if we were sharing with them, reading a book, walking, playing, hugging them, wanting them, kissing them and telling them that you love them. But love him not only is to embrace it, that is very importantly, we also do feel loved and care, that feels protected, who share time together, you know that they are there when you need them, that them give presents (gifts), but more important give you presence.Another important point is to forge the habit of you focus on what is positive.Negative people, wretched and resentful tends to make assumptions, without having sufficient evidence to know if they are true or not.


In the origins of the Internet, the first computers to implement the protocols were those of the University of Berkeley. This implementation took place in a variant of the Unix operating system called BSD Unix. It soon became programming clear that developers need a simple and effective way to write programs can intercommunicate with each other. This need gave birth to the first specification and implementation of sockets, also on Unix. Today, the sockets are implemented as libraries of programming for a multitude of operating systems, simplifying the task of programmers.

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Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer has announced that a test version of the U.S. software Titans Windows 7 operating system will be available worldwide on Friday.
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News Analysis. Tonight, Microsoft CEO’s keynote stage innovation inherited long belonging to chairman Bill Gates. Steve Ballmer was certainly attractive.<


The reflection the reflection can and must be used to put our thoughts in sequence. As to arrange a house, thus if it can also arrange the ideas. As the great theories had always tired me I tried to create my proper method. To understand the world to my return I tried to analyze everything through the popular wisdom that I consider a great philosophy based on the practical one. (Some used images sufficiently opportune and are amused). I always felt a great desfasamento between my world and the real world. In my world the important one was to be sincere, in the real world was important to be somebody. To be natural instead of representing.

To face the reality instead of lying or being deceptive. To help instead of using to advantage. I always had since the responsibility notion, to direct its proper life, its proper destination, trying not to follow fashions. Nor wanting to please at any cost. But quanta solitude when this way is chosen! With the time this solitude is changedded into a habit, in an interior force! uncovers that it is not only when a objectivo is had! A conducting wire! It has that to learn itself to develop the spirit I criticize, the lucidity, the imparcialidade, but also the love to the next one, the tolerance. Without certain values of base it is not obtained to construct nothing of solid. when the base is not solid the workmanship, for more beautiful than either, pulls down? Blog:

Black Banner

Problem of black banner has long engaged scholars of mathematics and physics all over the world. But only in the last few months, this information was disseminated among ordinary internet users, it is almost zahlestnuv whole. I am often asked what a “black banner, is not it someone’s joke or scientific innuendo – I think not. From a scientific point of view, the existence of ‘black banner’ was caused by the development of quantum physics and mathematicians have proved the theory of the existence of particles, dubbed “anahrony” – which can to mix back in time. In other words, a banner composed of these particles (perhaps, in part, or even completely), moves back in time! Black it is called, most likely because of the mystical rather than rational considerations (in this convergent views of most scientists), but more on that later. But beyond that begins the disagreement even the most eminent of them. Who created it? Where he came from and where it goes? The stories of those who clicked on it. All of this in our next article..

Calculator Coupe

Our object example: a calculator-in closets where implemented fairly detailed count the size of even the smallest details wardrobe, according to their indent say from the door. The calculator is available a variety of options: number of sliding drawers dvereykolichestvo colors pokrasovkolichestvo yaschikovVybor option 'niche' or 'Full shkaf'Nalichie potolkNalichie polNalichie back stenkiKolichestvo polokKolichestvo rod for hangers as well as – in a convenient near the tips, float rates / prices for which are counted the cost of wardrobe. Wardrobe – confidently and firmly settled in everyday life, becoming a little if not 'everyday' part of the interior of most apartments. And it's not only that the closets – a fashionable interior solution, as this is primarily an acceptable price. This type of furniture came from America. Built-in or freestanding wardrobe – will use all useful area of your apartment, as efficiently as possible. The site offers potential customers the following services: design development, design, cabinet kupeizgotovlenie closets, using modern oborudovaniedostavka in Kiev and its suburbs, as well as professional installation service you domagarantiynoe kupeindividualnye cabinet options (picture on the mirror for example) In addition, the site has – a form to send 'order wardrobe' of the selected dimensions and parameters. All the selections, as well as cost are automatically placed in the order form, and the visitor can only enter your name, phone number and comments, if any, show imeyutsya.Effektivnost statistics for the last 3 months from the date of posting the calculator-in closets on site through the forms of Appeals' order wardrobe ': 0Kolichestvo visitors: 38 829Kolichestvo visits to the' cabinet Calculator Coupe '312Kolichestvo access the site through this page 118 During this same time came mnogozvonkov, from clients. Conclusions: The calculator wardrobes online vosstrebovan not as it might seem at first glance. Resort to it relatively low percentage of visitors … Based on the analysis – you need a separate advertising campaign for this calculator raskurtki-compartment boxes, because the percentage of the market, who needs a calculator is very low, and for his 'Uplift the masses' and the popularity among the visitors – must take a long time.


It searched clear and valid answers universally, but it believed that these answers could not be searched empirically? as they said the sofistas. They would have of being found in the reason. Thus, the bases of the truth and the virtuous behavior must be searched in our conscience. The man would need, first, to know it exactly itself (Cabral, 2006). He developed a method of search of the truth divided at two moments: irony and maiutica. For the irony it was recognized proper ignorance, and for the maiutica it could conceive proper ideas. This method was applied by means of dialogues in the squares of Atenas, of where it questioned the politics and the moral of there (Nunes, 1986). As punishment for having vexado the powerful ones in these dialogues carried through in the squares of Atenas, it was condemned to the death for the ingestion of cicuta (Bergman, 2004).

2.3PLATO Son of Athenian rich parents, was pupil notable of Scrates and suffered a great disillusion when its teacher was condemned to the ingestion of cicuta (Nunes, 1986). Its philosophical research, even so come back toward a practical and moral reality, if did not limit to the antropolgico field, as Scrates, but also the Metaphysical and cosmological field was extended to it (Cabral, 2006). To the forty years of age it established the Academy, where it conceived the Theory of Ideas. In accordance with Plato, the substance? Real? of the universe they are what it called of forms (ideas), and not it particular and physical manifestation ahead of our directions. These ideas would exist in a superior world, to the part of the perception human being (World of the Ideas, or Ideal). What we perceive by means of the five sensible ones it would be only the imperfect copy of these Ideas (Bergman, 2004). To demonstrate the acquisition of knowledge, it wrote the alegoria of the cave, in its book? The Republic.