Mural Design

Interior decoration allows to give the room the uniqueness and individuality. Artistic works such as paintings, stained glass, mosaics, executed by the artist-made, organically blend into the design interior. Interior painting can be varying degrees of difficulty – from easy, hardly noticeable ornament or fine line drawing to serious work, with complex promising solutions, multi- compositions with complex angles and careful attention to detail. It is not that simple painting worse complicated, it's just another The various technologies used in the painting, allow to achieve different visual effects – such things as texture and structure can help an artist to create unique works of art. Art painting can be performed by different technologies. In addition to traditional painting on the prepared surface of a wall or ceiling, is widely applied technology when the painting is done on an art canvas, with subsequent assembly (gluing) on the spot. This technology is useful and good because the artist has the opportunity to work on the painting in the studio / workshop, which will positively affect the quality of work. Also, the artist does not cause inconvenience to the customer a permanent presence at the facility.

Width produced artistic canvas in 2 meters and a length of 50 meters is usually sufficient for small jobs, if footage does not allow painting without joints, required width recruited several strips of canvas with subsequent incorporation Tint and joints. If the work is done neatly and professionally, joints are not visible. This technology is also useful in cases where the living room or actively used since installation takes much less time, than the work on the painting. Art canvas consists of a foundation fabric of linen, x-b, and other types of fibers coated with a special primer. All materials are natural and not toxic. Canvas has a little of their own texture, which, however, is not intrusive and creates a little extra visual effect. Modern acrylic paints used for painting, also non-toxic, dries quickly and does not smell Immersed.

Diluted with water at work, after polymerization, they are extremely resistant to external influences, both chemical and mechanical. Very comfortable and recently frequently used tool was the artist's airbrush. Airbrush – is tool for the accurate ink supply pressurized air. Tiny particles of paint, spray airbrush creates the possibility of transferring smooth color transitions – stretch marks. A thin layer of paint, applied with airbrush has a pronounced texture component as compared to application of paint by conventional methods, so widely used in airbrush art painting cars and other situations where texture is not desirable.