Print Spray

The Internet has information about the offset printing method for printing on the balls. Flexography is essentially technologically very similar to the offset, only plate material other type of elastomer (rubber, polyurethane, etc.) Tampo – is a unique printing method – this method is particularly interesting for use on balloons. So how exactly can Tampo make the best quality prints on balls – that advertising symbols and color photographs and drawings, and design copyright images on an inflatable balloon. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ebay. Due to the method of printing – pad printing, advertising balloons represented "a new light " Now you can advertise with the trademark logo photo of the advertised product! It is very important news, because now increases the effectiveness of advertising. The owner of a bright colored ball – absolutely clear and not under compulsion remembers the image of the advertised product (a photo of the product on the ball) The essence of the method of printing Tampo pad printing – from word pad. Swab may be made of different material with properties like rubber – A crude comparison, but still. Current tampons are manufactured from silicone.

Tampons come in various shapes and sizes. Swab is needed to transfer images from stencil to the printed surface. In the case of printing on the balls of the method – tampon – tampon used hollow, allowing the swab to touch on almost half the globe without deformation of the ball. Spraying drawing images on the surface of the ball: To make the balls in intricate designs, manufacturers use all kinds of balls technological solutions, such as, for example – Spray () paint on the ball. The essence of Print Spray balloon is inflated and fixed in the clamps, which are rotated on its axis. In turn, with one or more parties aimed installed dispensers, which are painted on the balls (balls can rotate).

As it turns out the balls with all sorts of patterns Other than standard printing methods: Since imagination has no boundaries and technical capabilities are constantly evolving – there are many interesting ideas and solutions. So such as an image onto a ball can be applied using the printer with several technological change. Also on the balls, you can write markers and charged them with special ink. Apply image on the balls can be at using cut stencils, etc. Accessories. (Every possible equipment and accessories do not have to printing machine relationship. This equipment facilitates preparation and finishing processes in print production: On the accessories you can browse by clicking on the link Accessories for the organization of print on balloons