Valdir Oak

Doping themselves, embebedando and prostituindo themselves. Sos values of an individualistic society, that is not worried about what it comes occurring with its children. Mark Bertolini has many thoughts on the issue. It is all good. It takes Reals here, it takes here the key of the car, catches that motorcycle there and it goes if ‘ ‘ divertir’ ‘. The result? All know. Who not yet gave account is alone to go to the cemetaries and houses of recovery and to evidence. It is cause question effect.

It competes what me as father? It is to know that exactly that my son finds bad, to say for it until where it must arrive, exactly he calls that me square, archaic or museum, is to say to it that oldest they desire youngest: longevity. It is to say to it: I am surviving, therefore I obtained to constitute family and the desire that this perpetuates. It was the dream of our grandmothers. of our ancestor. It finds good or, my desire is not that my grandsons absorb these teachings, that will be under its shoulders in retransmitiz them. But, which the values that families of this generation make force in passing to the ones of the future generations? involves school, conviviality, church, all here the institutions that defend and that changes of habits proclaim and that they are pledged in less leaving a world sprayed by atrocities human beings. Waiting that everything if carries through in the future ones, for promises received from the part of God who to all observes. To look for to prevent the cost all that if involves with everything what deformed what of more interesting the normal human being it has inside of itself: THE PROPER LIFE.

To look for to distinguish the certainty from made a mistake. To look for to review its social, human, patriotic, financial, cultural concepts, at last; to evidence where it has made a mistake with more frequency, so that for its acts it obtains to influence in the collective one. But and individually it competes what me? It competes knowing me my duties, recognizing the other people’s rights and instigating in them the mutual respect. As well as them also they will be pledged in instigating so that I perceive my proper deceits. In such a way, we will have a different vision, igualitria. Therefore a society is known that if the REFORMATION if IT DOES NOT TRANSFORM. To search a wise heart age what Salomo, the scholar, the king, son of the biggest king of the history of Israel desired.

Joel Frans Adolph Carlson

The church Assembly of God arrived the Pernambuco, in 1918, through the Swedish missionaries Joel Frans Adolph Carlson and Signe Charlota Carlson, that before coming to our State, had passed a period of time in Belm of Par to perfect the Portuguese language. In 1910, the young Swedish missionaries Gunnar Vingren and Daniel Berg had been sent by God to Brazil after passing a time in the United States. He was in ground American where if he radiated the pentecostal fire cited in Acts of the Apstolos, chapter 2, and that one would even spread for the world reaching in them in the current days, a promise Mr. when affirmed its Disciples, saying: ' ' But, you will receive to be able, when the Espirito Santo to go down on you, and will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, all Judia and Samaria, and until the confines of the Terra' '. Acts of the Apstolos, chapter 1, verse 8. Daniel Berg and Gunnar Vingren had arrived the Belm in the 19 day November of 1910. Until then, they were part of the Church Baptist of America. The Methodist shepherd Justus folloied them to Nelson to the Church Baptist in Belm, it presented and them to the responsible one for the work, shepherd Noble Raymond.

E, thus, the missionaries had started to live in the dependences of the church. The young missionaries had the heart avivado for the Espirito Santo, and prayed without ceasing, of day and night. This fact called the attention some members of the church, that had started to censure them, considering them as fanatic for dedicating as much time to the conjunct. But this did not shake them. With nimbleness and eloquncia, they had continued to nail to the salvation in Christ Jesus and the baptism with the Espirito Santo, always alicerados in the Holy Writs. As result of the conjuncts, some members of that Church Baptist had believed in the truths of the complete Evangelho that the missionaries announced.

Ensinar Kardec Man

It constantly announced to be needing employed working in its farm, but the majority of the people was demonstrated little made use to work in farms in that region. They feared the horrorosas storms that literally swept the farms, causing estragos in the plantations and the local constructions. The search for new used was constant and the refusals that the farmer also received. Certain day, however, a man of stature low, lean, to half age, if approached to the farmer asking: He is looking farmer to you? In reply, the farmer asked then: You are a good farmer? Well ….. I can sleep while the winds blow, I answered the small man …… Although confused with the reply, the farmer, needed new employees, he contracted it. Throughout the first months the man worked well around of the farm, remaining itself busy since the dawn until the one for of the sun, leaving the sufficiently satisfied farmer with the result of its work.

Then, in a cold night, the wind uivou noisily. Scared, the farmer jumped of the bed, grasped a lampio and ran until the lodging of the employees. He shook the small man and he cried out: He raises! A storm is arriving very quickly! We need to moor everything so that the things are not dragged! For the surprise of the farmer, the small man looked at the farmer calmly and said with firm voice: Not Sir! I spoke to it: I can sleep while the winds blow. Infuriated with the reply, the farmer felt itself attemped to fire the small man immediately, however she was necessary to hurry the actions at that moment and to prepare the place for the storm that quickly advanced. He would deal with the employee later. However, when covering the farm, for its amazement, it discovered that all the haystacks were covered with canvas, firmly imprisoned to the ground; the cattle well was protected in the granary, the chickens in the fisheries and all the doors were very well stopped, well closed windows insurances.

Everything very moored well; it swims could be dragged. It was then that the farmer understood, finally, what its employee wanted to say ….. It returned for its bed and it came back to sleep tranquilamente, while the wind blew fort there is. When in we find them well prepared physical and spiritual, it does not have nothing to fear. We can continue sleeping calm while the strong winds blow in our lives!