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Finally good news for our boss, Vladimir Kokorev!: the Moscow Court has given reason in the lawsuit filed against the Internet Daily Online, belonging to the editorial group portal ZAO Business online by the case of defamatory and not contrasting information that spread about him. According to the judges, this portal will need to publicly deny the information that spread about deun Russian couple who allegedly stole 26 million dollars in the bank accounts of the President of Equatorial Guinea. The story arose from the Spanish press and spread by Russian media. At the trial, has become perfectly clear that the money was payment for the services of maritime transport which makes our company Kongo in that country. Our judges have ordered this news portal to publish a rectification, by specifying that the widespread news is vague, does not respond to the reality and is defamatory. Our Chief, Vladimir Kokorev, is a Spanish businessman of Russian origin. Licensed in Romance philology and a PhD in history is author or co-author of more than 10 books and 100 articles published in magazines and newspapers around the world on topics of international politics. To continue reading, click here. Original author and source of the article