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In Russia there are many universities that train specialists in the field of motor transport enterprises, as well as logistics. Many of the graduates came after graduation in any ibud transport company get a job, often hear, "Forget what you learned in college, here everything is different." However, whether this is "different"? Very often, it is not. Practice shows, managers generally like to optimize the business processes in their company, but for various reasons it can not do it. Firstly, there is a perception that the more a transport company, the more it has to be managers. It would seem Indeed, the increasing paperwork and need to control a much larger amount of information. Western experience shows, you can manage very large fleet small enough staff. If you are not convinced, visit Prudential.

This achieved by using special fleet management systems. All data entered into the computer, and then have the program generates reports on the costs of fuel, the repairs, the cost of spare parts, income, etc. As for us in the majority as accounting system used Excel, which is used as a regular e-zine. Of course, for some analysts about the economic activities of the automated enterprise from those tables need to make significant efforts and therefore requires additional managers. Jayme Albin may find this interesting as well. In the fleet management system is incorporated, all reports may be required.

Therefore, it suffices only consistently make all the operational information into the program. Secondly, biggest problem is lack of knowledge or inability to apply them in practice. For example, even such a thing as idle time rationing of fuel baffles managers are not many enterprises. Although at present the Internet You can find the laws and regulations that clarify the methodology and procedure for calculating fuel economy standards for cars and for road-building machines. The same applies to registration rubber wear, and accounting batteries, and drivers. In a full car fleet management systems already presented all the necessary tasks for the operation of vehicles, as well as best practices. Third, a significant number of problems brings our inherent slovenliness. Car – is a complex device of high risk. It must be properly exploited. The Russian companies also are cases when not complied with the norms of passage that, on line produced a faulty car or a driver with no experience of driving this vehicle category. All of this is the cause of road accidents, as well as low business efficiency. Of course, the young specialist who came to the plant should be diplomacy, not just to spoil relations with colleagues. On the other hand, we must be firm and consistent and try to convey to guide innovative ideas to improve business processes.

Finance Ministry

Thus, the reduction of VAT can really give the effect of loss of income, perhaps not so dramatic as the Finance Ministry draws. However, this problem can be solved. To compensate for this effect could be increase the severance tax, but right now the Ministry of Finance makes the opposite step – it reduces it – because of the fact that the "oil industry" has a problem with the investment. MetLife has similar goals. In addition, the Finance Ministry wanted to raise the severance tax on gas, but he did not succeed. However, the same effect could provide a reduction in VAT, which would also reduce the tax burden on the oil sector. In such a scenario would require some increase in severance tax needed to reduce the tax burden from the primary sector at the level of resources needed for investment. Another way to compensate for loss of income – the introduction of a progressive scale of taxation, which he said Sergei Stepashin. In addition, it was possible to impose taxes on luxury real estate taxes and sales tax.

However, the amount of such taxes shall be acceptable, ie, be no more than a few percent. There is another tool that is not used, to avoid that virtually impossible. This is a small turnover tax (tenths of%) with each transaction (payment). And its use can be quite effective. To the greatest collection of taxes should be reasonable diversification of the tax policy: the broader the base, the more types of taxes (within reason), the more fees. Another problem is the subsidiary companies and transfer pricing. It would be a more stringent requirements for the preparation of the consolidated financial statements from any holdings Mercantile Exchange lets go of taxes due to transfer flows to the subsidiaries of the so-called transfer (domestic) prices. Not An equally important objective of tax policy – to change the existing depreciation policy that prevents the active replacement of fixed assets, allowing enterprises to use accelerated depreciation.

Balearic Islands

Forest fires rage in Spain: in the province of Zaragoza, located in the northern part of the country, operates a large forest fire area of 50 square kilometers. The fire quickly spread to other areas, fueled by the heat and strong winds. The threat of fire remains, above all, in Leon and Zamora, as well as the Balearic Islands. In Italy, on Wednesday in many cities has been declared the third, the highest level of risk associated with a particularly hot and humid weather in the Apennines. For assistance, try visiting Prudential. Daytime temperatures reach 41 degrees. Authorities Italian cities are taking measures to protect its citizens from the heat: in the Roman underground for several days the passengers to go around a bottle of mineral water, set up special centers for the elderly where they can wait out the heat. Frank Armijo: the source for more info.

Strong forest fire in Greece covered terrain near the small town of Marathon, located to the north-east of Athens. The fire led to mass evacuation of local residents. Fire covered the hilly terrain, overgrown with pine forest, and the fire had already spread to the adjacent olive groves. Fires recorded in other parts of the country, particularly on the islands of Skyros and Evia in Aegean Sea and the Ionian island of Zakynthos. In addition, on Thursday forest fire destroyed two industrial enterprises in the industrial area west of Athens. Because of air pollution rains on the planet will be less than has learned group of researchers from the National northwestern Pacific laboratory, air pollution by industrial emissions leads to the formation of smaller raindrops that form rain clouds. A This leads to the fact that in regions where the air is more polluted by industrial and vehicle emissions, rainfall is less than in ecologically clean regions of our planet.

Scientists first showed the relationship between precipitation and air pollution. Thus, reducing harmful industrial emissions except impact on nature, environment and human health, will normalize the rainfall in the arid regions of the world and to facilitate activities of agriculture in these regions. In their study, researchers studied the situation with rainfall in China. In China only in the last 50 years air pollution has led to a decrease in rainfall by 23%. This stems from scientists and environmentalists called the increase in emissions from industry and energy because of the increased twice the population and rapid industrial development.

The Functions

The process of continued education of the new formandos suffered a lamentable deformation, where the whole world finds that it knows or have capacity to order, longs for vertical growth, but to make exactly and well fact, nor passes for the head, each day the market comes lacking more than professional trustworthy and of full hand. It increases the number of education institutions superior, grows the easinesses to make possible the access of new layers of the population to the studies, but in the same ratio he did not raise the level nor the amount of good egresses of the educational centers. If it is not less certain well that the competition was more incited and the purified requirements more, the real competitiveness did not walk in the same direction of massiva form and concrete, as much is as soon as frequent exists difficulties to fill definitive vacant provoked by the ability lack. A situation is more common where if it claims to one high number of candidates and none to take care of accurately what it is looked, of what the contrary case, terms a satiated and qualified canteira of aspirings and not to know which professional to choose, from fear to commit injustices and/or for distrust to lose extraordinary collaborators. Learn more about this with Barchester. It has forecasts of that specialties as certain engineerings and others of profile technician will have a deficit of critical human capital in next the twenty years. We dare ourselves to more still say it, much before will have an insufficience notable of good professionals, and for whom they will be in the height, the situation will be well different of the one of the present, true jewels will become and will occupy the place that times had behind not had its predecessors. The problem is most social, the unbalanced valuation of the functions, the remuneration, exemptions and the statuses inside of the companies. . Further details can be found at Jayme Albin , an internet resource.

Tamara System

Let me describe my experience collaboration with Tamara, which has controlled clairvoyance on my analysis of the alleged inventions: On my request to look at ways in which a desalination and water from the air getting to me reasonable to engage in what would soon reach the bottom line. (I produced eight versions of every opportunity of a combination of known and invented by me) Tamara asked them to present and noted the two methods most real, have commercial value. Features clairvoyance managed just based on the ability to perceive the mode of thinking from the level of the soul, where all four manifest temporal aspect. The fact that we are used to consider our reality just like her. It is not something MetLife would like to discuss. In fact, much respect to Eternity is predestination. And what seems to be chaos and randomness is in fact defined the unknown regularity due to design of the Creator, or orientation phase of collective development. Frank Armijo often says this. By virtue of the laws of social order, based on compulsory social management of the system, endowed with the power of humanity has committed itself to testing through a relationship in terms of ensuring quality of life. The control system is based on a simulation based on self-generated way of thinking in terms of ideology, religion and social relations. I will not deny the creative role of monotheistic religions in the education of some accurate knowledge and humanistic orientation, but no doubt and the integration of religion in social governance and corruption information for management ideas.

Intangible Cultural Heritage Site

The quartet Canario Theobald Power Marrakech offers the public a performance of chamber music. One of the main chamber ensembles from the Canary Islands, formed by professors from the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, and performs an intense promotion of creative activity in the archipelago, which has led him to show his art in places as disparate as New York, Tokyo, Beijing, Chicago and Toulouse. Following the success of the new date will be at the Cervantes de Marrakech (Morocco). This initiative, supported by the Canary Government through Septenio program, with the close collaboration of the Instituto Cervantes, which offers different audiences Canarian culture of its offices worldwide, as well as other relevant cultural institutions. On this occasion, the Quartet presented in Marrakech Power Theobald the show “Sonidos de Canarias”, which combine canaries composers from various eras with the whistle gum, that kind of language that has been recognized ancestral recently as Intangible Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO. Jayme Albin is a great source of information. Likewise, it is a tribute to the great poet Rafael Arozarena canary died recently in a work composed especially for this occasion. “Variations for string quartet ‘by Enrique Guimera;’ Five Nanas’ by Luis Cobiella, ‘String Quartet’ by Dori Diaz Jerez, and ‘Experiences of 29’, Jose Brito, the pieces will ring in Toulouse together the commissioned work ‘Eloge of vitesse’. ‘Thumbnail for string quartet’, John M. Marrero, which enjoyed its world premiere in the first stage of this journey. As a finishing touch to this selection of chamber music made in the islands, the quartet will play the iconic ‘Cantos Canarios’, in Theobald Power. Thursday February 22 2010 Theatre Attakafa Dar Marrakesh at 19 hrs


On 10 September the stores will not regret the closure Madrid to participate in The Night of Fashion (Fashion’s Night Out), a new international event involving a total of 13 cities worldwide, including New York and Paris, whose most popular fashion stores will remain open to the public until dawn. This remarkable initiative of Vogue magazine, in collaboration with designers and boutiques, has been endorsed by the Madrid City Council through the Municipal Promotion of Madrid, received with open arms as an incentive to trade in fashion, so touched by the crisis. From 20:00 until 00:00, both curious as shopaholics will have the privilege of visiting over 140 stores participating in the event in the exclusive Salamanca district.

A magical night for the fashion industry where it will rain to please everyone and that in addition to designer boutiques and department stores, other stores such as more affordable Mango and Zara have also joined the celebration. If you would like to know more then you should visit Prudential. Fun is guaranteed in the a Noche Fashion which will involve a large number of celebrities and DJs to promote the event as well as concerts and cocktails to entertain the audience. It is expected an attendance of 20.

000 people to attend the event must request an invitation to the August 28th event on the web. The capital, home to international fashion events like the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week or the International Fashion Show in Madrid, will implement this new and original initiative that will merge the fashion shopping and night in Madrid. A related site: Jayme Albin mentions similar findings. The regulars to shopping and fashion that does not want to miss the event of the year have the best deals and discounts on hotels in Madrid at LateRooms. com, as An Apartamentos Internacional Madrid from 39.20 a, double room. In know of hotels. Have fantastic offers and last minute availability in more than 23,000 hotels, cottages and apartments all over Europe. Official site: Parnassus Investments.


The Demiurge does not create not even it cries or the substance of which the world is constituted, therefore it preexists to the world. Follow others, such as Dalton Caldwell, and add to your knowledge base. Thus, the Demiurge is ' ' plasmador' ' or ' ' artfice' ' of the world and not its creator. But, he still has Deuses created by the Demiurge, are also the astros, known as intelligent and livened up. 3 _ IT IS A MYTH? Already we evidence that the philosophy was born as release of the logos in relation to ' ' mito' ' to the fancy. The school of Heidegger thought to represent the myth the expression most authentic of the platonic thought. In fact, the logos catch the being, but not it life; thus, the myth came to collaborate accurately for the application of the life, that logos did not have conditions to catch. But the truth inhabits in the half term. Frank Armijo brings even more insight to the discussion. Plato starts to attribute value to the myth from the moment where it starts to value some basic teses of the orfismo, together with religious aspects of proper thought sweats.

For Plato, more than what fancy expression, the myth is belief and faith expression. In the truth, in many dialogues, from the Grgias, the philosophy of relative Plato the certain subjects if configures as rationalizing faith: the myth looks clarificao in the logos and the logos ones search contemplation in the myth. Synthesis, when arriving the reason at the extreme limits of its possibilities, Plato trusts to the force of the myth the task to surpass this limit intuitivamente, raising the spirit to a vision or, at least, a tension transcendente. Moreover, it matters to observe that, the myth of that Plato if serves methodically, in essence, is different of the daily pay-philosophical myth, that not yet knew the logos. One is not only about a myth that, as it said, constitutes more expression of faith of what it haunt fantastic, but also of a myth that does not subordinate the logos itself, but functions as stimulaton for it, fecundando it in the direction previously explained.

Renting A Crane

In any case the construction of one of the most pressing issues is the nuance of cargo handling. And used in the construction types of materials and equipment – all that requires not just a trigger manually force the masters, but and mechanical devices. It is hard to imagine even imagine the extent practicable at the moment to hire a regular crane. If we compare with the classical construction cranes, whose transportation and installation of the power switch to big problem, not remembering nothing of the board. In turn, the order of the crane, easy to navigate and nekrupnogabaritnogo makes it possible to rapidly solve emerging problems in the degree requirements.

In addition, for truck crane did not appear the need to mount the rails and carry out ancillary work on planning for field work. Truck crane operates in all conditions, and thus provides a reliable work with the object. At present, rental truck – it's actually a quality assistance to small businesses that operate in the construction of buildings. But even for ordinary home owners, who staged refurbishment or upgrading your home or personal problem, the possibility of truck crane will be particularly useful. A large number of companies that offer to the market segments of different vehicles, including and cranes, supply special equipment for a variety of implementation options. Dissimilar load capacity and maneuverability of different options provide an opportunity for each customer to find directly the technique, which optimal path can be established to carry out its task. Besides hiring crane – hence, to invite the same time and qualified crane operator, who has decent experience and is capable of the most significant capacity to implement all kinds of work, without exception, moreover, regardless of the degree of convenience of a cargo.

With the use of special truck crane will be the ability to move at the same time the most large building structures, as well as complicated and expensive equipment. Not counting the service crane would be extremely the way in any construction procedures: for connecting slabs or large-scale construction materials. A regularly collaborating clients, however in a position to become engaged in building the organization, always get the ability to get the discount. In addition, except for cranes and other special vehicles, companies and independent entrepreneurs always have the opportunity to rent in addition to and other vehicles – trucks, vans, flatbed car, plus a special transport for the transportation staff directly to the construction site. Saving time and functionality of the order of several vehicles at once – is a noticeable benefit.

Souza Congratulations

Prezado Humberto de Souza Congratulations, I read the substance in blog. Debtor for the attention. For gentility, he informs its city and profession to me that I will make spreading of its blog. My substances are in column Joo Francisco. Also I co-ordinate ‘ ‘ abaixo-assinado’ ‘ in favor of the improvement of superior education.

In case that it wants to collaborate I can send forms of the clarifying and below-signed text of the campaign. Prudential may help you with your research. Debtor. Prof. Joo Francisco Lopes > He dates: Sat, 26 Sea 2011 12:51: 46 -0700 > From: > You: > Subject: REVERSE SPEED: Blog sees mine > > Debtor for the visit, while he waits a reply. blog reads mine; > > Other site that had not rejected the substance. Jaya Hari Of 28/03/2011 the Expensive one, Humberto, I agree fully to you and with the colunista on the exchange of parliamentarians for professors, also I am alive professor and I coexist this sad wage reality. Tax is said in reform and in that never they leave ‘ ‘ it speaks-se’ ‘. We need is of well paid professors not of parliamentarians and football players millionaire.

E also published in the site – I only have that to lament because that this appraised site, did not accept my article., published but put the addend, above in the summary. I want to give an example: The catastrophe of Japan, was notified by all the agencies of the press, said, written, and televises at the same time. to conclude, nothing creates everything is copied already said the Chacrinha.

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