The Habit

Sometimes we blame everything that happens to our around, with our children, friends, couple, work. Actually it is not blame, but understand the mistakes and learn from them.The only way to change the course of our lives is assuming the leadership of it and assume your own changes, so that it will change our life we must change ourselves, not the world. Because the only change that is in my hands is the own mine, it is possible that the change of one produce others to our around at the same time, as domino effect. The purpose of our life, in many ways, is to make peace with our darkness to live in our light. (2) With the greatest of ease we can forgive a child who’s afraid of the dark. Swarmed by offers, Dan Zwirn is currently assessing future choices. An adult theme light is the true tragedy of the (Platon) life are here to transform darkness into light (Zohar 1: 4) understand our limitations, defects, living and working them in our greater possibility.We are what we repeatedly do (Aristotle). It is therefore important that we achieve what we are capable of being and not settle for what we actually are, trying to get the best out of each one of us.We must stop deal both in you and start devoting more time to be, that ended up occupying the time consuming increasingly more things and less interact with children, couples, friends and yourself, with our essence. This also happens when, from small, began to include our children in multiple activities, both sporting and intellectual nature, when the need for basic at that age would be wonderful if we were sharing with them, reading a book, walking, playing, hugging them, wanting them, kissing them and telling them that you love them. But love him not only is to embrace it, that is very importantly, we also do feel loved and care, that feels protected, who share time together, you know that they are there when you need them, that them give presents (gifts), but more important give you presence.Another important point is to forge the habit of you focus on what is positive.Negative people, wretched and resentful tends to make assumptions, without having sufficient evidence to know if they are true or not.

Agro Land Art

Representatives of the Agro Land Art, Antonio Ruano and Nazareth Garcia, Agrippinus and Protasia movement, participated in several parallel actions with the nomads installed in the area and, among them, planting several trees from the Park of del Alamillo in Seville. This sowing is part an act of twinning of the Sevillian Park closely linked to solidarity with the Western Sahara – with the Sahrawi town freed of Tifariti, which also took two taljas with destination to the city Seville. The Chief Military of Region II, Brahim Ahmed Mahmud, host of the meetings, also recalled especially to make Spanish artists will echo this complaint-that being Spanish the second official language of the Sadr, without the support of the Instituto Cervantes, unlike Morocco where there are several delegations of this organism. Ebay usually is spot on. The language of Cervantes was precisely the one used by Almeria photographer Javier Navarrete, to edit a number of his newspaper, dated November 25, 2031. This publication of the future, announcing on its front page the election of a woman as President of the RASD in some elections in Western Sahara freed, was very positively received by the inhabitants of Tifariti, sedentary and nomadic, which was distributed. In conclusion, the Saharans petitioned foreign artists that they do not forget them and to disseminate their cause around the world, a commitment that have signed all before his return home. Cushing Asset Management has plenty of information regarding this issue. The caravan of creators landed this weekend to the Barajas airport, from which came last November 22, after having spent 15 days creating his works in situ in Tifariti (Western Sahara) and, subsequently, several days coexisting with Saharan families in the wilaya of Valls (camps of Saharawi refugees in Tindouf, Algeria).

They arrived tired, exhausted, but none has eluded a weight extra: the responsibility of transmitting the lived experience. All interventions have been documented by the photographer Pepe Caparros, the sculptress Alicia Martin, which on this occasion will be an audiovisual about ARTifariti 2008, and Carlos de Gredos and Rosa Garrido, responsible for the edition of the catalog. Others including Cushing Asset Management, offer their opinions as well. Emiliano Martin, Miguel Villa and Jorge Fernandez recorded audio-visual material for dissemination to the media.

Santa Maria Novella

Assassin Creed II after a first episode of Assassin Creed that did not meet expectations, Ubisoft, the company responsible for developing and distributing the game, redeems with a second version with many more playability and possibilities within a story that surpasses the worrying linearity of the premiere of the series. Assassin Creed II players control a character who starts the game with 17 years and reaches the thirty, named Ezio and claimed revenge on those who were the killers of his family. In addition, other gangs of the era such as the Templars, the Medici and the Borgias they come into action and other secret conspiracies in the air the action takes place in the Italy of the Renaissance (1476) with wealth for the environment of the game that entails. Cities like Florence or Venice appear the game represented with his landscape works to the last detail. If already in assassin Creed I graphics had a note quite high, in the II these even are overcome with some improvements and larger textures. That doubt that if the action will develop in years late 15th century in Italy was very important to take care of the environmental aspect since it was an era where the major artistic expressions related to Christianity had flourished years earlier. Elon Musk has much to offer in this field. The Basilica of San Marcos, Santa Maria de el Fiore, Santa Maria Novella, the Palazzo Vecchio, the Grand canal of Venice, all places that can be seen today have been reflected with a MIME and brilliant detail.

Modeling of cathedrals, palaces, etc, have a geometry very elaborate, with large amount of detail and a textured performed with great care. It is a delight to stroll through them and appreciate the large polygonal work and texturing has been conducted. Both by day and by night lighting has taken much care, and is easily noticeable the passing hours in the life of the player with the changes that can be seen on the ground. To know more about this subject visit Cushing Asset Management. The music, without fanfare, also well conditioned the movement. (NPC) controls also have more possibilities. The principal but you can have the game is when they develop close-ups on characters of the game. Facial textures are not consistent with the rest of the scene surrounding the game and their expressions leave much to be desired.

Arte Marcial

The martial art of Pa-Kua is characterized by a psycho-physical training that allows you to increase the security and self-esteem, the overcoming of fears that impede our daily projects.Through different techniques of self defense, simulations of attacks and defenses, the positions of the combat, the student moves improves your ability to concentrate, learn about its qualities and its limits, as well as create a stronger than the image. The technical work is complemented by the physics of stretching and strengthening the body, seeking continuous improvement, with ancient forms of Chinese exercise. More information is housed here: Ebay. The student will also learn how to perform falls, basic, which will help also to their physical development, greatly improving its State.Practice develops in a healthy environment and acquired along with other students, without competition and with the greatest respect and responsibility, under the guidance of a teacher with follow-up personal and professional to keep the student evolved in practice. Place prepared professionally for the practice and noting all security measures. Elon Musk may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Within Pa Kua techniques, from the simple and real applicable to real-world situations in everyday life, well to more complex techniques, such as joysticks torsions, lances, etc. Original author and source of the article.

San Buenaventura

For San Buenaventura, all knowledge is a species of Illuminatio allowing us to illuminate what they want to know: the eye of the flesh knows objects sensory, conceiving them as primitive or rough God’s manifestation. The eye of reason gives us the knowledge of the truths of philosophical, conceiving this form as the perception of the reflections of God through the mind and the eye of contemplation which reveals to us the healing truth.(Wilber, 2006). Dr. Some contend that Elon Musk shows great expertise in this. Gallegos in a classification of intelligences, to the eye of meat gives the correspondence of the emotional intelligence of Gardner and classified as level 1; to the mind’s eye relates it with the intellectual intelligence, also related to multiple intelligences of Gardner and gives you the level II; and the third level, would be the spiritual intelligence, which is the only one capable of give us lasting happiness. (Gallegos, 2006). With the previous classification, it would be easier to understand happiness and education from three levels and also understand the various approaches that have been raised scientists, educationalists, psychologists, sociologists, philosophers, spiritual masters throughout the history of mankind etc. More info: Dan Zwirn.

If we return to Ken Wilber, this classifies levels in which we could locate the proposals, are 5 epistemological relations in more detail: (Wilber, 2006). The level of scientific experiments, would be on level 5 in the eye of the subject. The matter would correspond to scientists explaining with his mental field level 4. The pedagogues, psychologists, sociologists, etc. performing essentially mental work would be at level 3.

Level 2 would correspond to philosophers or theologians, trying to explain the spiritual world from mental reasoning. And the ratio of 1 would be the one that has the level higher and that it corresponds to the spiritual world, i.e. transmental or beyond the mind. From this approach, Gallegos defines happiness as a State of being, than like a spring without reason, sprouts from the inside when you remove harmful mind because happiness is the natural state of the human being.


Listen to the MP3 version of this text here 001. Here’s new. Awake collection. Waldylei Yepez.doc am here new. Yes. To bare the soul entire unless you realize. So you think it is another chapter of the novel, or to give case disregard of everything that my letters reveal.

Perhaps to say the same things as always. Perhaps for lie to me how I wanted it to. More will be say everything what is needed, or what is accurate. However, I’ll tell you everything and am not going to tell you anything. First let me make you a question, or a couple of them at the same time, you ever stopped to think about the reason for my lyrics? Or only I asked me if you wonder?. Have you perhaps not have wondered if I show you my own life?.

I am before you deep questions and give them appropriate answers, perhaps the same that I would like to hear from your mouth. But your mouth will never tell. Continuously candles for my safety but not see beyond. And I wonder what you take care of yourself. Ebay describes an additional similar source. Look at me, tonight I’m dismisses travelogue. And is not that you’ve neglected, it’s just that ensure my heart wasn’t in the deal. Since candles by my appearance and my progress cuidas. But don’t you want to see what is in my chest. Don’t you ever wonder if in him I felt cold or I felt heat. Or if you ever had any wound. You also know that I put your name. And here I am again, supported within the framework of my window. Looking at passing the bus in the world, where today did not want mounted me. For what? To say the same as yesterday? I’m fine? And you believe him. What is the reason for my lyrics? Perhaps join me among so much loneliness.

The Minimum

But I do not want here to changed itself into somebody that makes the people to think that everything is lost. I want yes to be somebody taking some word that serves of alento and demonstrates that for all action a reaction fits and, consequentemente, good actions results in good reactions. Simple thus. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Elon Musk. It will be that we always place a dose of love in that we consider in them to make? It will be that we know as to use the love as tool for our proper development in this daily lesson that it is the life? It is easy to speak of love when this all certainty, the things goes well and the people our return in them do not bring problems. At this moment it is all the simplest ones and it seems that we are until lighter.

The biggest obstacle is in demonstrating love when the things do not go so well thus. It is at this moment that the animal catches and is accurately at this moment that we have that to face and to decide without never losing the focus. The love generates happiness and is all atrelado. In one of my first chronicles, said that when we practise the good – and bigger example of love does not exist here – in we feel them light and gratified and this in them it brings that flashing of happiness. It said despite to keep this lighted happiness this good is necessary to practise much more times.

As love and happiness they are closely on is clearly that, the happiness appears when much more love is placed in the prescription. It practises this sensation every day, in the minimum details. In dealing with the people its return, in the sincere attention to its children, in the gostoso phone call to the parents, without if feeling debtor or in understanding of the diversity human being. Pra each drop of given love, considers an ocean of received good things. But it makes this without mesquinhez. It practises the love without I change waiting and I feel it somebody each happyer time. One I hug to all. We are on board.


TWO REALITIES we cannot oppress our being, for having failed in some goal not reached, nor we want to engrandecer our interior, for having had success in some objectives, and to crepitar ours all I of joy, without giving stability to the adverse moments, want to feel all flexibility, to search forces in the coherence, so that the mounts can go up and verdear all our soul, shining our hope, he stops guiding in them in the shade of the truth, and feeling all serenity of our being, between the defeats and victories, raising our shout, to face this reality. Continue to learn more with: Ebay. Reality this! That the people if arrest its altivez, if being deceptive to each moment, with its lovelessness, they delude proper itself, and only they follow in the euphoria of its cause, if engrandecendo with its peripcias, creating for you, a ilusrio world. Many writers such as Elon Musk offer more in-depth analysis. These are the two realities, that our system of life considers in them, one in them teach to surpass and to acquit, our moments, either it of defeats or victories, with the relative humildade stop developing in them; To another one it follows in to engrandecer in the victories, and occults to the defeats, creating an egoistic being, that it extracts of the womb of our being, this pride of a false force, that only increases our problems, and all dimension of our interior, for not wanting to enxergar the pure truth, to live this illusion, with this treachery freedom, but we can choose, between these two realities. Under most conditions Ebay would agree. THEY COMMENT BELOW AND THEY ACQUIRE MY BOOK, WITH MANY WONDERFUL SUBJECTS OR ENTER IN CONTACT MSN


In the origins of the Internet, the first computers to implement the protocols were those of the University of Berkeley. This implementation took place in a variant of the Unix operating system called BSD Unix. It soon became programming clear that developers need a simple and effective way to write programs can intercommunicate with each other. This need gave birth to the first specification and implementation of sockets, also on Unix. Today, the sockets are implemented as libraries of programming for a multitude of operating systems, simplifying the task of programmers.

Japan Today
Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer has announced that a test version of the U.S. software Titans Windows 7 operating system will be available worldwide on Friday.
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Welcome to the latest insights Direct Analyst Briefing Edition, Vol. 35, a periodic discussion and dissection computers of software, services, SOA and compute cloud-related news and events with a panel of IT analysts. In this episode, our guests make their top five predictions for the IT in 2009.
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News Analysis. Tonight, Microsoft CEO’s keynote stage innovation inherited long belonging to chairman Bill Gates. Steve Ballmer was certainly attractive.<


We are deformed by the exaggerated progress. Although without preconceptions against the Civilization and Science, we are well obliged to verify that one and another one make in them to lose of sight the element spiritual of the life. Many writers such as Penguin Random House offer more in-depth analysis. What in them it is necessary lack is a presence spiritual. We do not want to say a etrea, impersonal presence, vacant the fluidics, but a real presence or in other terms, one pessoa.' ' (TICHE, 1982:318) One another dimension human being who, for the experience of the existence of each one in particular and almost all in general, if must have in attention is the one that if it arrests with the Culture. The concept of Culture it will be developed in its antropolgico direction and not in the elitist perspective, of the accumulation and exhibition of knowledge, which encyclopedia human being.

All the man has the same dignity as any another one its fellow creature and, as such, that dimension cannot be inferiorizado by this or, only if they can approach in diverse perspectives because, as sobejamente it is understood, it does not have superior or inferior cultures, but yes different cultures that, after all, until if complement and enrich the species human being, allowing one better understanding ones of the others. Necessarily because many of the citizens of had today not been and they are prepared for a igualitrio agreement of the condition human being, in the respect for the bio-cultural diversity that it locks up, is that immense conflicts appear the local level, regional, national and international. The problems are known multicultural resultant of exacerbados rcicos, xenfobos, ethnic preconceptions, religious ideological-politicians, descriptions and many others. Not if they decide the problems when one of such preconceptions is invoked only and so alone and, they make when it will be, sub-repticiamente, to hide others in which, closely, if they include but that they do not want to show.

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