Obama Government

Executives of insurer AIG, rescued from bankruptcy with billionaire money of the State, have been distributed $ 165 million as a bonus as a reward! by their management The Obama Government deducted this amount from the money that has yet to surrender to save the company. From such shamelessness, not surprisingly the failure of the financial system or the disappearance of hundreds of billions of dollars, the real economy in recession, nor the worst economic crisis ever suffered. Crises are inherent to capitalism. COF contains valuable tech resources. Thirty-four of various calibers from 1854, with unemployment punishing citizens with greater or lesser intensity, tells us and tells us the writer analyst Tariq Ali. But beyond the insoluble contradictions of capitalism, economic crises of different depths have a lot of moral collapse. Disasters happen not only by economic and financial causes that you would say technical, but the disappearance of ethical values that drive behavior predatory. Jose Luis Sampedro, writer and Economist, reminds us of ease with which has emerged from under money stones to help the banks blame for the crisis.

If you had asked to cure AIDS in Africa or for education had not appeared or ten thousand dollars or even having been constituted 30 international committees. A related site: Wendell Brooks mentions similar findings. It is a sample in which situation we are. A test of moral ruin into which we have fallen. The next Summit of the G20 is the Forum to decide how to deal with the crisis. Disagreements between major economic powers on how to relaunch the economy do not bode well. Good intentions, public professions of unit, fiscal stimulus, regulation and control all is fine, but forgot about ethics in the economy and in economic policy? Nobody has proposed up to now restore principles and values whose absence has led us to disaster. Although it has been diaphanous that avarice is never good engine of the economy and markets They can not regulate themselves (have to be monitored and regulated with railway hand), precisely because it covets it, ostentation and waste cannot be engines of those who manage the financial world.

Limestone Crushing

With the development of infrastructure, the cement is in short supply. However, the cement production process is still relatively backward and to speed up the production of cement has become a priority. The limestone and coal gangue are the main raw materials for cement production and they have very wide source. In cement production process, most of the raw materials need crushing such as limestone, clay, iron ore and coal. Limestone is the raw material that has the maximum usage amount to produces the cement. After the exploitation, it has larger particle size and high hardness.

Therefore, there is a need to use the crusher. Impact crusher and sand making machine have effective benefits in cement production. Limestone crushing Governor an important position in the pipes broken in the cement plant.The crushing and processing of limestone conducted by the impact crusher have received the praise of many users, having become the preferred equipment for the crushing limestone. Impact crusher mainly depends on the impact energy to finish the job of crushing materials. When it is in operation, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed in the crushing the cavity. The materials are fed from the upper feeding port and blowed, impacted, sheared and grinded by the hammer in high-speed motion to achieve the ideal of the raw material for cement production efforts. Impact crusher had high cost performance and its features and models are suitable for more industries. Impact crusher is widely used for the crushing operation of limestone, cinder, fly ash, coal and other materials in metallurgy, building materials, electricity, cement, construction, chemical, mining and other industries. Especially in the early stage of cement production, impact crusher shoulders a greater role. Crusher machine: