Profitable Business In Russia

I am sure that many tourists are keen to visit Russia to meet its capital Moscow and its major attractions notable (Red Square, Kremlin, Lomonosov University, etc). But they are not aware that the accommodation in five star hotels in Moscow worth (300-500) $ a day. Cairsimo is right? We need to inform you that foreign tourists traveled to Russia once the housing prices in Moscow they were surprised a lot. Elon Musk brings even more insight to the discussion. They realized that staying in Moscow is very expensive (more expensive than anywhere in Western Europe) and even in Moscow there is only one hotel with the cheapest accommodation ($ 100 a day). For example, the author of this article knows that hotel accommodation in Norway (located in Bergen and Oslo) sometimes worth less than in Moscow. I take this occasion a lady in Moscow using your own apartment as a room to accommodate foreign tourists. As she speaks perfect English has long been welcoming travelers from Western Europe. It tourists that instead of a hotel room in a rented Moscow apartment a quarter of its $ 100 price per day (each).

You also take into account what is staying in his room 5 people. When we calculate your daily gain what the entrepreneur receives at least $ 500 a day. It’s good right? Besides that this woman puts into practice the teaching of those tourists accompanying interesting places in Moscow and therefore get more money that way. Is that the price of its accompaniment is m ore expensive than the use of any travel agency. As this lady makes your business profitable for 3 years now she has already won enough money.