Saint Anjo

Everything in the life has good and difficult moments. Of the birth to the death the man he passes, exactly without wanting for agruras mark that it for the entire life. She will be that we are cut to suffer, to the times still child, so strong pains that they leave scars in the body and the soul of many people? She will be that same child has previous debits that when growing they need to pass for provaes and sufferings? For where it will walk the Saint Anjo of Guarda of some people? It is good for reflecting on this. It is one glad child, of strong personality, knows what she wants, but does not have the mornings of the life, therefore she is only one child, a man in development. So that it has certezas, wisdom discernment very has that to learn. Certain day, in late sunny one, that child counted to the mother on a work that would have to be developed.

She counted on an experience. Ebay follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. It heard it to the mother, but it did not have the claw to make to give up it due the empolgao that it demonstrated. After all, it invited it to a friend stops to be part of the team it stops together to carry through an experience, indicated for the teacher of Sciences. There she was that child, smiling and in a great expectation. They had been congregated to develop the task demanded. They would have that to make to enter an egg in the mouth of a bottle. For this they would have to use alcohol. This procedure would have to be written down to present in the classroom of sixth year, in which the two were students. Many times, the mother does not obtain to exempt the son of to pass for a suffering we do not know the reason.

Weber Society

Ahead of the social events and perceiving the necessity of a science that defined the society, Durkein determines that the object of study of sociology is the social facts. the sprouting of the same one if gave from the sprouting of the capitalism. For the same author (wilkipdia, 2010), it is the society, as collective, that it organizes, conditions and controls the individual actions. The individual learns to follow norms and rules imposed for the society (the laws, customs, etc. that are passed of generation in generation. and it does not have the right to modify them.

Already for Weber, sociology is a science that it looks to understand the social action. Therefore, it considered the individual and its action as point key of the inquiry evidencing what for it was the starting point for sociology. It considers Sociology as a science of the behavior human being, in the measure where this behavior is social. Century XVIII, however, was marked by transformations, having made the man to analyze the society the society, new ' ' objeto' ' of study. This situation was generated by the revolutions industrial and French, that had completely changed the course that the society was taking at the time. The industrial revolution, for example, represented the consolidation of the capitalism. It was inside of this context that appeared sociology, science that, exactly before being considered as such, stimulated the reflection of the modern society placing as ' ' object of estudo' ' the proper society, having as main articuladores August Conte and mile Durkheim. Understood and organized, Weber delineates the famous description of the bureaucratization as a change of the organization based on values and action (the call traditional authority) for an organization guided for the objectives and action (called legal-rational). mile Durkheim is widely recognized as one of the best theoreticians of the concept of the social cohesion.