Fourth Xmen Movie

Bacon brothers: film star Kevin Bacon with his brother Michael plus top band for the first time on tour in Germany (thk) an international movie star to be touched. That he is, proves Kevin Bacon (“footloose, flatliners, JFK crime scene of Dallas, a matter of honor”, Apollo 13″, Mystic River”, Frost/Nixon) during his current tour. “Six months before he as Sebastian Shaw in the fantasy action film X-men: first class” (directed by: Claudia-Schiffer husband Matthew Vaughn) terror spread, the actor is reflected worldwide in January for the first time throughout Germany up close and from a completely different side: as a singer/guitarist. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Sarah Bloom Raskin. “Together with his older brother Michael, a film composer, and a star-studded band plays the husband of Kyra Sedgwick (the closer”, VOX) songs from six Studio albums including the latest CD-new year’s day “(hypertension music/Soulfood music distribution). For the latter, their first in this country published phonogram, the bacon brothers received “consistently positive reviews: KulturNews praised the crisp Mainstreamrock with funky corners and edges, catchy melodies and sensual playful arrangements”. eclipsed found in the earthy or countryrockigen, compelling sound”allusions to Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Winwood, beach boys and Jack Johnson.

And the RCN magazine summed up that this disc as opposed to that of Kevin Costner is cool, creative and listenable”. Hear other arguments on the topic with rusty holzer. The Bacon (both vocals, guitar) serve the melodic good mood mix of folk, rock, soul and pop”(girlfriend) live together with guitarist IRA Siegel (Steve Winwood, Whitney Houston, Cher), bass/vocalist Paul Guzzone and drummer Frank Vilardi (Suzanne Vega, Curtis Stigers, Rod Stewart). The two brothers, who since 1997 publish plates and America far occur, with her band for the first time in Germany be held in January 2011. Tickets for these concerts, the the-Fixx singer/pianist CY Curnin with excerpts from his solo albums solar minimum”and the just released the Returning Sun”(both hypertension music) will open, cost around 30 euros (plus fees). They are available at the ticket offices.

Lyrics System Of A Down – Byob

'Barbarism – but Barbara's their destiny' to say about the Bush family. First Lady Barbara Bush and her daughter Dubois. That is, a metaphor for the atrocities for which the Bush dynasty is responsible. 'Victory lap for the sake of new cases' this other countries must kneel, crouch in front of the U.S. to get a piece of Iraq's oil reserves. "Marching in front of hypocrisy, through computer-hypnosis" Soldiers listen to the hypocritical Bush's speech justifying the need for War. "Without us, you are vulnerable you feed us lies from the tablecloth." The soldiers defend the government listened to and read the lies through the media.

'Lets go to a party, great time we spend. " The invasion of Iraq is positioned as an entertainment event for the soldiers, so they went into the army. 'Dancing on the sand in the desert sun under an explosive fire. " This means the war in Iraq under the flashes of bombs. 'Roses on their knees' – so-called soldiers and warriors, aimed at protect humanity from the demons, monsters and evil spirits. The company was established by the gods in the 17th – 18th century. It included men, angels, elves, and even some demons.

'In the mouth the withered Moses' – Moses led the Jewish people in the desert of Babylon (Present-day Iraq). Dryness of the desert or non-existent now dried up river is compared with his withered lips. 'All at Fort Knox will disappear by our desire to' In Fort Knox kept the money the United States. The government stole the money – taxes, paid by honest citizens of the United States, and spend it on war. 'Sitting in a puddle of oil screaming "freedom". " This is – an ironic look at the fact that civilian vehicles in Iraq, was organized by funds from the sale of oil under the pretext of Operation Iraqi Freedom. "Rock out! For now the hour! * We are not fascists! * '- The words of the Government that the United States – a country of freedom. 'Why do not presidents fight themselves? Why do they always send the poor? " A scene from the film Moore Fahrenheit 9 / 11, where it requires the government to send in a war of their own sons. Sent to war as socially disadvantaged people, the poor, to reduce unemployment in the country.

Callanta – Travesty From Berlin –

Twin power to the Prideweek in Berlin – travesty at it BBs best! The Berlin brat Callanta has found the water for themselves. She would like to present that day on the water routes from Berlin singing telegrams, which she earns her money, basically. Schlager and popular song, these songs loves are expected the travesty asterisk. On the occasion of the Christopher Street day BBs 2010 is to see it as boarding-hostess on the Spree River be. Together with well-known colleagues want the little sister of transvestite star Sable C. the spree to the Cook bring. This event is traditionally held within the framework of the Prideweek.

Callanta will ride on the MS spree Lady and mood at the Hansa bridge. More info BBs and boarding passes for this spectacle under: another tip while the Prideweek is the town feast in the Schoneberger Kiez. On Sunday (June 13, 2010), Kiki’s big sister for the third time will be a Miniconcert for the makers of the Prideradio. Like followed Sable C. of the invitation and on the stage of by 18: 00 and 18:25 hrs to see. (Martin Luther / Fugger – Strasse) It presents songs from her jazz & swing repertoire. Visiting Sable would forward really. Who prefer alone or on an event of its own to book the twins for themselves, can contact the respective homepage. It would be for Callanta and Sable C..