Higher Education

The most seductive seemed the conditions proposed by the University of Georgetown. Moreover, these conditions are hardly touched study. Just 'Georgetown Goias' are very, very good basketball team that specialized in the preparation of 'big guys' for the National Basketball Association. Around the same time, the college received notorious Dikembe Mutombo and Patrick Ewing … Hoyas, Hoyas …

Showtime! For four years in the 'Goias' Alonzo has grown as a player. He was no longer just an asterisk 'local' scale – now the guy watching all of America! He started his university career in the status of the leader of the blocks in his team, 'Zu' championship soon won All-American in this aspect of the game. It was really scary for a shield! Fans of the team who came to gawk at their pets not hesitate to swagger over their opponents. Say, Mourning will not let any of your even throw, and if the ball will fly even in the direction of the ring, where it will wait tenacious hands Mutombo! Opponents were offended … But However, never this big in every sense of the duo did not lead his team to the title of champions NCAA. But Alonzo in the men's team went to the U.S.

World Cup-1990 in Argentina. Players of the team so really nothing special and not achieved (except, perhaps, the Christian Leytnera), and in the world were mediocre. Shoot everything in their subgroup, they could not cope with very strong then Yugoslavia in the semifinals – 99:91. Thank God, Puerto Rico in a match for 'Bronze' was doge (107:105). And in the neck 'Zu' started up the first of his career a medal! In 1992, Alonzo Mourning was the best player of the defensive plan in the student basketball America (coaches vote there), but then he got Diploma of Higher Education. Doubts about the future of the future at our hero was not the slightest: Draft only! The strongest basketball league of the world was calling and beckoning his greatness still unknown …

Perfect Shot

Coordination of movements, and other athletic ability – are crucial for bowling. For most beginners – and this is normal – it is extremely difficult to throw the ball so that it rolled down the track and ended up with a bowling, and not in a ditch. In this case the people who think and are prone to the development of the question, how to throw correctly? But the answer does not exist. Ideas about how to play bowling, vary from person to person. Everyone chooses style that he is more convenient.

Go to fumble his style people come after some experience in the game. is vital information. Style number 1 – the throwing of the ball with two hands from the area between the legs. Of course, it's not upscale appliances, but She is very well suited for small children who can already start learning the game of bowling, but not yet able to cope with a massive balloon. When children become strong enough to roll the ball with one hand, that is more common, they have more opportunities. To apply in practice the more common style, just keep the ball with finger holes, inserting the middle and ring finger in the neighboring holes, and large – in the third. Keep the ball in front of the body at waist level and set aside his free hand to create a balance that is needed to support the weight of the ball.

Take a position in four steps from the foul line (which can not be roll of the cross). So – when you're ready – take a few steps forward, lowering the arm with the ball. At the same time – mind you – is moving forward but only one body, and the hand with the ball behind, pushed back like a pendulum – in order to create momentum for the throw. Then one foot abruptly slows down, the other continues to slide, turning the body sideways to the track. At this time, the hand with the ball aligned with the body and, ultimately, go ahead, completing the movement of the pendulum – and throws the ball on the track, so he rolled toward the pins. Be careful when you throw, the penalty not to cross the line. Of course, mastering the technique of throwing and sharpening skills require a lot of practice. There are certain difficulties in order to optimally coordinate the work of arms and legs. But, theoretically, should also be taught. Learning contributes to the game show videos professional bowlers. This allows the subconscious level to learn from their technique and try to copy their movements. Visiting clubs, learn from advanced amateurs bowling alley in Moscow. Incidentally, while watching the game master, you see that their balls are rolling towards the goal is not a straight line and a curve. This method of casting is called the "hook" or otherwise "hook." Advanced bowlers often use it – because so the chances fell a larger point sizes. To to perform a masterful hook the ball you want to tighten up. But exactly how to tighten up – this question long and hard training. As a result, which was formed and cast your own style – winning and unique.

Rodman Basketball

Is not going away from the team and veteran Scottie Pippen. That's just them and made our hero an impressive trio that many basketball fans believe and not unreasonably, the best in the history of basketball. From this point of view we can agree, you can dispute it, claiming that, say, the trio Magik Johnson – James Worthy – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar does not give Chicagoans, but can not but admit the greatness of these guys. How can they play! Describe basketball 'Bulls' 90-absolutely no sense – one who understands, and he saw everything and understood everything, but he who does not understand … Well, I guess he does not read this article.

'Chicago' phenomenally acted – 72 wins in the regular season! Rodman, one might say, forging success. He was again recognized as the best NBA defender, and winning the final series against the 'Seattle', he twice repeated the record of the Alvin Haeysa – 11 rebounds per game in attack! Finals 97 and 98 years 'Bulls' win at the 'Utah' John Stockton and Karl Malone, and with the 'postman' fiddling is our hero. In the methods of struggle, he did not hesitate. Thus, in a game just took Rodman and stepped on Malone! Of course, it was all in the dynamics of both the giant fell and caught his hands the air, but hitryuschey mug 'Worm' could be seen – not that he accidentally:) Alas, nothing lasts forever, and in 1998, the final shot of Mike in the last seconds and another title were the last gasp of a great team.